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October 24, 2009

Give a Man a Fish
No one is ever going to convince a far-left liberal to see the sense in conservatism and true capitalism. We are always going to look like evil, capitalist pigs and nothing we can do will ever change their hearts, minds or feelings about conservatism. They don’t get the simple principle, “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.”……..
by Dianne Linderman
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Another Citizenship Case Dismissed – What Next?
I’m not a lawyer and have no legal training. But, after all the failed attempts and the citing of a Quo Warranto in the Rodearmel v Clinton case by the defendants, I believe going for a Quo Warranto is appropriate and necessary. §16-3501 was written specifically for this situation to put an end to a constitutional crisis that grows in scope everyday. While waiting for the January 26, 2010, trial (Barnett v Obama) and the appeal in Kerchner v Obama, I hope a Quo Warranto complaint will be filed with the DC Court as soon as…….
by Devvy Kidd

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Drunks Are Not Funny
Having struggled myself with alcohol in years past and losing a parent to it, I didn’t find the video to be “hilarious” at all. And, considering God’s Word on the matter, Christians would do well to not laugh at another’s sin and revel in their misery and bondage – especially those who themselves have been delivered from it……
by Paul Proctor

Is Eli Lilly Milking Cancer by Promoting AND Treating It?
According to Burroughs, FDA investigators figured out that Lilly researchers secretly pumped up a heifer—a young female cow—with male hormones, so that the transgendered animal would act like a male and be attracted to the cows in heat. Lilly followed the letter of the law by not using a bull, but well, you can decide if you want to trust these guys.Eventually, Lilly and two other companies withdrew their products, leaving Monsanto’s brand of rbGH as the only one that got approved and marketed……
by Jeffrey Smith

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