Deprogramming Children After Global Warming Scam…

Deprogramming Children After Global Warming Scam ^ | December 11, 2009 | Roger F. Gay

Posted on Friday, December 11, 2009 7:53:28 AM by RogerFGay

The opening film at the Copenhagen “climate meeting” was an apt reminder of the long-term damage done by global warming propagandists. A little girl has nightmares about being alone in a desert where her life is threatened by floods and hurricanes.Al Gore’s sci-fi horror fantasy in documentary style – An Inconvenient Truth – has been shown to school children, as young as 4 years old, around the world for years. Lesson plans aimed to convince children that the threat was real and that anyone doubting the message was wrong. They intentionally frightened children into emotional and psychological trauma.

Closing the Copenhagen film, many children repeated the phrase; “Please help save the world.” Now parents and teachers are faced with the sticky question of how that should be done. How can we deprogram millions of children the world over without allowing the experience to leave permanent psychological scars?

Teachers were put in the position of effectively turning children against their wiser parents. Now that we have to tell them that their teachers were wrong, will they ever trust teachers again?

Efforts to politically indoctrinate and manipulate school children are not new but they have intensified in the west in recent years. Parents in the old Soviet Bloc at least had enough experience before its fall to have some wisdom on dealing with it. Westerners however, are newbies.

There may be some good news mixed with the bad. Interviews with people who grew up in Communist controlled countries yielded claims that many recognized much of the propaganda and tended to ignore it. There was a certain comradeship in playing ignorant, ignoring selected homework, and making sure that the grading curve for indoctrination lessons was very low.

In other words, indoctrination efforts often back-fired. Students of a certain age tended to understand they were being lied to. Family bonds remained strong or strengthened as they learned not to believe the propagandists. You and me against the world, mom and dad.

At least some of the bad news is really rather obvious. An errant Political Class is still working to make fools of the world’s adults by continuing their indoctrination and legislative efforts. The much publicized Copenhagen meeting is testament to our lack of control over the bad people whose intentions include harming children.

Normal democratic process have broken down, nearly completely. “Due process of law” has become so distorted that no formal mechanism remains to provide a stronger and more permanent solution to the problem. Parents are in the tricky position of explaining that while we didn’t screw up the climate, we have allowed political institutions to crumble by hoisting the “bad people” into positions of power. We are terribly sorry and it’s something we need to fix.




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2 Responses to Deprogramming Children After Global Warming Scam…

  1. Gunny G says:

    “Deprogramming Children After Global Warming Scam…”

    It will be with us forever…just like all those phony e-mail stories we keep getting even after being de-snoped!

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