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Barack Hussein Obama: An Al-Qaeda Approved President

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Barack Hussein Obama: An Al-Qaeda Approved President
The Conservative Camp ^ | December 29, 2009 | Robert Ditmar

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 4:35:05 PM by The Conservative Camp

On Christmas Day, just as Northwest Flight 253 crossed over the Detroit River at the point where Canadian airspace ends and U.S. airspace begins, a Nigerian Muslim, with verifiable Al Qaeda ties, attempted to ignite an explosive chemical mix with the intention of bringing down the plane and violently killing all 278 passengers and 11 crew members on board. Within hours of this attempted terrorist act of war upon American “infidels,” dispatches from Al-Qaeda confirmed what the Nigerian would-be murderer had already confessed to the FBI; that the bomber, whose name is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, had been trained in the use of detonating the explosive PETN by Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen. This is the same type of explosive that Al Qaeda terrorist Richard Reid had used in his attempt to down a Miami-bound airliner over the Atlantic in 2001. Had it not been for the heroic actions of some passengers on board the aircraft, there could have been a horrible outcome, with the death of all on board and a swath of death and destruction on the ground of Metropolitan Detroit.

So how is it that President Obama waited until December 28 to make a response to this incident? Furthermore, why is this President so concerned about giving these Islamist murderers the protections of our U.S. Constitution by treating this act of war like a simple bank hold-up? Consider his following remarks during his response;

“Here’s what we know so far: On Christmas Day, Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was en route from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit. As the plane made its final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a passenger allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device on his body, setting off a fire.

Thanks to the quick and heroic actions of passengers and crew, the suspect was immediately subdued, the fire was put out, and the plane landed safely. The suspect is now in custody and has been charged with attempting to destroy an aircraft.

A full investigation has been launched into this attempted act of terrorism, and we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.”

Notice that Obama uses legal boilerplate terms such as “allegedly” and “suspect,” to describe the terrorist and the atrocity that he attempted. There was nothing “alleged” about what Abdulmutallab attempted over Detroit. Further in his remarks, Obama said;

“Finally, the American people should remain vigilant, but also be confident. Those plotting against us seek not only to undermine our security, but also the open society and the values that we cherish as Americans. This incident, like several that have preceded it, demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist.”

There was nothing isolated about this attempted attack on our country and the West in general. This terrorist was on a list of known and named Islamist radicals who were not allowed entry into the United States. This terrorist’s own father, a high ranking member of a Nigerian financial institution, even tried to warn authorities in the West, and the United States in particular, about the concern he had of his son’s radical indoctrination and flirtations with known Islamists terror groups. The authorities in the Netherlands even alerted U.S. officials of the passenger list, apparently with no objection from American security officials. Topping all of this is the revelation that two of the Al-Qaeda leaders involved in this latest plot were once Gitmo terrorist detainees who were eventually released from the detention center, only to return to their jihadist roots to focus on murdering innocent civilians. And finally, Al-Qaeda has openly confirmed that they were behind this man’s training, funding and equipment.

Misleading statements that Obama made on Monday are absurd in their context, not only because they further endanger our nation from the very real threat of a very real and evil enemy by intentionally keeping Americans in the dark about the true nature of radical Islamist doctrine, but they also encourage our enemies in Al Qaeda and the Islamist world to continue plotting attacks and murder by demonstrating our inability to treat these attempts as the acts of war they really are. By acting like each attack is now an “isolated criminal act” by a “crazed” or “disenfranchised youth,” instead of an act by a large terrorist organization completely dedicated and hell-bent on all of our destruction in the name of Islam, Obama, Holder and Napolitano are telling our enemies that we will not fight back when they make war on us. We will simply arrest these “criminals,” and “not rest until all the crooks are brought to justice.” It really makes you feel secure knowing that this President, who seems almost sympathetic to these Islamist terrorists, decides to let Eric Holder’s Justice Department take the lead in fighting the War on Terror, now morphed into Obama’s “Overseas Contingency for the Prevention of Tragic Man-Caused Disasters.”

There is no doubt that most Muslims are peaceful and just want to go on living their lives. But as several others have highlighted, even though most Muslims are not radical or terrorists, almost every act of terrorism in the world today is perpetrated by practitioners of radical Islam. These radical Islamists, unfortunately, are hurting not only the “infidels” to whom they seek to “cleanse” from the world, they also hurt peaceful, law-abiding Muslims who want nothing to do with aims of the violent jihadists, namely, the globe ruled under Islamic Sharia Law.

Until the majority of peaceful Muslims stand up to the radicals that poison their religion and our world, they will all be stereotyped by non-Muslims as part of the problem. That may be unfair, yet it is also unfair that non-Muslims must continue to live in a state of constant fear and inconvenience of politically-correct strip searches and lines in airports out of fear of “racial profiling” those who come from a background that is historically and typically Islamic. When an eighty-year-old, white-haired Caucasian grandmother is pulled aside for a targeted strip search by Department of Homeland Security agents so there is no appearance of “profiling” a singular group, we have crossed the politically correct path to insanity in this country.

President Obama’s policies against our national security structure, including his reversion to treating a real shooting war more as a pre-9/11 Clintonian mindset as nothing more than a “law-enforcement” problem, have simply emboldened Al Qaeda and their allies once again. There is no doubt that this president’s total disregard for reality and his pursuit of a politically correct Utopia will bring on another disastrous atrocity against the United States at the hands of Al Qaeda. Maybe we Americans will then finally wake up to the reality that we do have a real enemy who wants us destroyed. Maybe at that point, we will finally become serious about getting the job of winning the War on Islamist Fascism instead of pursuing idiotic politically-correct policies. Maybe then we will finally put our national interests, i.e. survival, ahead of trying to become “loved” by the “international community” and the United Nations.

Until that day, however, there can be no doubt that Al Qaeda has found the perfect ally in the White House with whom they can work. Barack Hussein Obama seems to have the Al Qaeda “stamp of approval.”

Stay alert when you fly the friendly skies.








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Taking down Obama’s ‘do not disturb’ sign

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  • Taking down Obama’s ‘do not disturb’ sign

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 2:59:30 PM · by jazusamo · 1 replies · 52+ views

    American Thinker ^ | Decemeber 29, 2009 | Carol Brown
    It took Obama three days before he spoke to the nation about the attempted terrorist attack — an attack that would have killed a plane full of innocent people and that may have crashed into downtown Detroit killing who knows how many more. Instead, Obama played golf. To make matters worse, it appeared he only bothered to address the country when, as reported in the New York Times, his administration was criticized: “President Obama emerged from Hawaiian seclusion on Monday to try to quell gathering criticism of his administration’s handling of the thwarted Christmas Day bombing of an American…
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America Under Barack Obama

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America Under Barack Obama
OLDSPEAK ^ | DECEMBER 29, 2009 | swampsniper

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 3:00:52 PM by SWAMPSNIPER

“I try to avoid hyperbole, but I think Obama is possibly the most dangerous and destructive president we have ever had.”—Nat Hentoff

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VIDEOS: RONALD REAGAN vs. Barack Obama! The Reagan-Obama Debates

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VIDEOS: RONALD REAGAN vs. Barack Obama! The Reagan-Obama Debates
Schiffer for Congress ^ | December 28, 2009 | Paul Schiffer (and Ronald Reagan)

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 2:53:25 PM by Moseley

A series of videos of RONALD REAGAN exposing the errors in Barack Obama’s socialist policies.

What is amazing is that nothing has changed.

Reagan warned as early as 1967 of exactly what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelsoi, and Harry Reid are doing today.

It’s the same old scam.


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Political Correctness is the Number One Weapon of Islamist Terrorists

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  • Political Correctness is the Number One Weapon of Islamist Terrorists

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 2:09:49 PM · by Shellybenoit · 3 replies · 37+ views

    Radar/NY Post/The Lid ^ | 12/29/09 | The Lid
    If, God Forbid, we are not victorious in this global war against Islamist terrorism, it will not be because we lost, it will be because we committed suicide, death by political correctness. Of course it is important to make sure to be fair and not to target a particular group, but it is also important to realize that WE did not single out Muslims in this war, the Islamist Terrorists did. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are good decent people, but the overwhelming majority of terrorists that have attacked the United States and her allies are Islamists, a radical theology…
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Obama had close ties to top Saudi adviser at early age

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  • Obama had close ties to top Saudi adviser at early age

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 2:11:40 PM · by tutstar

    newsmax ^ | Wednesday, 03 Sep 2008 | Ken Timmerman
    New evidence has emerged that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was closely associated as early as age 25 to a key adviser to a Saudi billionaire who had mentored the founding members of the Black Panthers. In a videotaped interview this year on New York’s all news cable channel NY1, a prominent African-American businessman and political figure made the curious disclosures about Obama. (See Video Clip Below) Percy Sutton, the former borough president of Manhattan, off-handedly revealed the unusual circumstances about his first encounter with the young Obama. “I was introduced to (Obama) by a friend who was raising money…

Obama had close ties to top Saudi adviser at early age

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The *New World Order* has now arrived…. (More from SDE)

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