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Full body scanners; it’s just common sense
By Arthur Weinreb
The use of full body scanners in the world’s major airports will not guarantee that another terrorist attack involving an aircraft will never happen. But, if used properly the scanner might have found the materials that the undiebomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, concealed. It may have even deterred him from doing what he did in the first place. Nevertheless there is no shortage of arguments coming from those on the left that these scanners should not be used.


A Very Useful Timeline of Climategate
By Dr. Tim Ball
The leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) are a treasure trove of information if you know climate science, the evolution since 1998, and the characters involved. The attached document was produced by Mohib Ibrahim who produces professional timeline charts and was first displayed at JoNovaʼs wonderful web site. here.


The EU – Using Law For its Own Ends
By Barry Napier
As I keep saying – It happens all the time. Once you give an inch to those who want power, they’ll take a mile. European countries in the EU already know this to their cost… many times a week, as the EU grinds out law after law after law. And it is all done by force.


Obama’s Deception: Health Care, C-SPAN, and Other Broken Promises
By Dr. Paul Murdock
How many of you would let your children, business partners, employees, or friends be consistently dishonest? Would you pay for a product that you had not seen or researched? Would you purchase a product if you knew the company was incompetent and could not deliver quality? I think not. Yet here in America we do exactly that.


U.S. flight diverted, escorted by F-15 fighters due to suspicious passenger
By Doug Hagmann
imageA suspicious incident took place yesterday aboard Hawaiian Airlines Flight 39 that is being incorrectly portrayed by some in the media, causing some people to claim that the airline crew over reacted due to the near bombing of a passenger aircraft on Christmas Day.  While the media’s handling of the incident is not the story, the “spin” could be, but I will leave that for a future topic. For now, let’s look at the incident.


Depoliticizing the Weather Forecasters
By Dr. Tim Ball
imageBureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.—Mary McCarthy

Exploitation by governments of global warming as a vehicle to take control requires drastic reaction. As climate became a political issue, bureaucrats in all countries expanded their role, became political and excluded independent experts. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) was set up for the political purpose of proving human CO2 emanating from developed nations was causing global warming.


Scott Brown’s Run for the Senate
By Jim O’Neill
imageShe does not want to meet with me, one-on-one, because I personally believe she’s afraid to show that her policies are so out of touch with the citizens of Massachusetts who are footing the bill for the out-of-control spending in Washington.”—Scott Brown criticizing opponent Martha Coakley (Dem-MA)

There’s a real possibility that “The People’s Collective of Massachusetts” might elect a conservative Republican to fill the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s vacant Congressional seat.  Will wonders never cease. Massachusetts is next door to Vermont (Motto: “You Will Be Assimilated”), so the area is not renowned for its patriotism, conservatism, or sanity. The fact that Scott Brown is even in the running says volumes about how well the Obama agenda is going down with the local electorate. Not well at all, one suspects.


To National security advisor: Don’t “tweak” terrorism, confront it!
By Judi McLeod
imageCut White House national security advisor James Jones in as part of the Obama administration’s shock-a-day style of operation.

Americans,  says this retired 4-star Marine General,  will feel “a certain shock” when they read an account being released later today of the missed clues that could have prevented the “alleged” Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane. (Susan Page, USA Today, Jan. 7, 2010).


American Politics

Unions to Rake in $19 Billion Per Year From Obamacare

By Warner Todd Huston
$19 billion in likely dues money that these unions will get when helathcare is taken over by the federal government

The Causes of Unemployment

By Phyllis Schlafly
Outsourcing, Insourcing, Two tier economies

A 12 Step Program for Destroying a National Party – A Handbook by Michael Steele

By Yomin Postelnik
Shocking buffoonery of a chairman who has displayed a level of ineptitude

Sen. Ben Nelson: Say, Maybe We Shudda Waited on Healthcare ‘Reform’

By Warner Todd Huston
Connecticut’s Senator Chris Dodd is only the latest heavy hitter Democrat that is looking for an “exit strategy”

Presidents security address displays an unwillingness to keep america safe

By Move America Forward
The blame does rest with the President for creating an atmosphere in his Administration where no one wants to offend anyone – not even a terrorist

BREAKING NEWS! President Obama Declares War on al-Qaeda!

By John Lillpop
How refreshing to hear Obama discuss a major crisis without blaming George W. Bush

Intelligence, Armed Forces a Single Team, Say President and Military Chief

By Jim Kouri
We’ve worked with the CIA and other agencies extensively since these wars started

Forget “two strikes”  It was three strikes a long time ago, Obama

By Dr. Laurie Roth
Dream on oh deluded one! It is time to profile Muslims

Another Trillion Dollar Mistake in the Offing, Mr. President?

By John Lillpop
On the heels of the trillion dollar stimulus mistake, your administration and the Congress are closing in on what is called health care reform

American Freedom

New Hampshire Makes to Outlaw Federal Agents?

By Warner Todd Huston
HB1285 is another one of those laws that exempts all firearms and firearms accessories

Payola – Obama, Pelosi, Reid Style!

By Ron Ewart
Nationalizing of the Health Care Industry of America, Other People’s Money

In Worst Economy In Decades Oregon Considers Massive Tax Hike

By Warner Todd Huston
Left-wing state government has decided in its inestimable wisdom to launch the largest tax hike on the business community

American Life

America’s Photo Gallery

By Editor
America in Pictures

Some Cultures Aren’t ‘Just as Good as Ours’

By Warner Todd Huston
Despite the rapturous claims of multiculturalists everywhere, all cultures are not equal

Obama Nazifies Christmas

By Editor
The President has already tried to de-Christ Christmas in at least two instances

Chicago Cops Propose to Discard Entrance Exam to Increase Minority Hires

By Jerry A. Kane
it actually sounds too stupid to be true

War on Terror

al Qaeda has the initiative in attacking US national security

By Dr. Walid Phares
Lesson number one: In this terror war, the jihadists have the upper hand

Iran Uprising

Advocating Human Rights within the Islamic Republic in Iran?

By Sayeh Hassan
Islamic Republic and Human Rights


In Search of the “Triple Threat” Investing Opportunity

By Kent Lucas, Editor, Taipan Daily
The most powerful stance in basketball is called the “triple threat.” Taipan Publishing Group’s Editor Kent Lucas explains how the “triple threat” concept also applies to investing.

TSA Security Measures Show Insanity of Government

By Justice Litle
The government response to the attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 shows just how incompetent – and dangerous – bureaucrats really are. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised!

Global Warming – ClimateGate

Obama backs off Copenhagen aid promise

By Steve Milloy
Don’t believe President Obama

Climategate: Who’s in denial now?

By Troy Media
Climategate has blazed across the internet, blogosphere, and social networking sites

Fiddling while Asia burns

By Viv Forbes
The Asian smog is not caused by carbon dioxide

The Drudge of Denial

By Editor
Morano says climate scientists are in the “fear-promoting business”

Not by Fire but by Ice

By Alan Caruba
North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux

Energy – The Environment

Inhofe Says EPA Proposal Will Keep Americans Out of Work, Threaten Economic Recovery

By EPW Blog
Ozone Proposal Likely To Hobble Local Communities in Oklahoma, Across the Nation

Media, Media Bias

Quote Of The Day

By Bob Parks
This was deliberately done in order to put the Obama Administration in such a vice grip


Embattled Napolitano Promises Aviation Security Upgrades

By Jim Kouri
DHS has made to the President for improving the technology and procedures used to protect aircraft and travelers from acts of terrorism


B’nai Brith Canada outraged by antisemitic blood libel in Canadian Muslim paper

By Online
Accusing Jews of bringing into Israel “some 25,000 Ukrainian children” in order to harvest their organs


Sheena the boxer saved with CPR

By Charles Adler
A boxer has been rescued by his neighbor. The Boxer is a breed of Dog. The neighbour is a breed of Canadian Hero


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