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A Resounding Defense of the First Amendment: ‘Congress Shall Make No Law’

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Obama can’t take our guns, so he’s got his UN and international stooges trying: we can’t let them

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  • Obama can’t take our guns, so he’s got his UN and international stooges trying: we can’t let them

    Saturday, January 23, 2010 2:42:53 PM · by jmaroneps37 · 14 replies · 405+ views

    The Collins Report ^ | January 23, 2010 | Suzanne Eovaldi
    Stealthy but well funded United Nations maneuvers to strip American citizens of their legal right to keep and bear arms are well underway. The UN agenda is to push countries to adopt a universally binding treaty that would supersede our U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. A very important video by NRA investigative reporter Ginny Simone explaining this threat has been removed from youtube, but you can still access it at or on the NRA web site. Simone takes viewers to the London headquarters of IANSA-International Action Network for Small Arms- a global network to stop “proliferation and misuse of small…
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Chrysler Bankruptcy: Donofrio: Defense Distracting Over “Psychoanalyzed” Birther Allegations

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Chrysler Bankruptcy: Donofrio: Defense Distracting Over “Psychoanalyzed” Birther Allegations
The Right Side of Life ^ | 01/23/2010 | Phil

Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2010 1:13:59 PM by Phil_GA

In what is a blogosphere exclusive, attorney Leo Donofrio, in conjunction with attorney Stephen Pidgeon, have filed a Response to Debtor’s (Defense’) Objection to Reconsider the Court’s Objection.

This particular bankruptcy suit — originally broke by Portland Civil Rights Examiner’s Dianna Cotter — involves 21 ex-Chrysler dealers who believe that the Judge involved with the case, Robert J. Gonzalez, committed an unintentional fraud by misinterpreting Fiat’s executive, Alfredo Altavilla’s statement that restructuring had to occur before the Fiat purchase of Chrysler could occur. The Judge said that the restructuring did not occur when it did, despite the testimony of Mr. Altavilla (saying that such a restructure did not need to occur), resulting in the loss of hundreds of Chrysler dealership businesses.


As Leo Donofrio pointed out in an email to The Right Side of Life, the Defense decided to inject a bit of Alinsky-ite tactic by specifically referencing Messr. Donofrio’s and Pidgeon’s past litigation concerning presidential eligibility as the basis for why they have waited to bring such a petition now…


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Alinsky: Pants on the Ground!

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Alinsky: Pants on the Ground!

Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2010 11:37:17 AM by eeevil conservative

Alinsky VS Paine

Two fellow FREEPers have joined together to do a series of threads on Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals VS Thomas Paine Common Sense.

The concept is much like a cyber book club; for those who have read the books, those who might start, or even those who cannot find the time, but want to learn.

The tentative start date will be Monday, January 25th, 2010. The template we will start with will be that I will start with the very beginning of Rules for Radicals. I will write a little about the intro, and prologue of the book. Then others can comment. You can share your own thoughts, ask questions, but we will all contribute. I am not a professor on Alinsky, I did not teach it to college students like Obama, but I have read the book, and have noticed things I feel are worth pointing out. I am sure others have things to share, or will have things to share as well.

The following day, Kerretarded will share Thomas Paine writings in contrast with the Saul Alinsky writings. This should be a good starting ground for us to be able to have discussions with others, where we are not only able to attack Alinsky’s tactics and message, but also offer the message of freedom that our nation was birthed from.

Anyone interested in being included on the ping list for this series- please contact me via FREEPmail. I doubt we will be able to do this 7 days a week- but we will shoot for 5 days a week, M-F.

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The Audacity of the First Amendment

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  • The Audacity of the First Amendment

    Saturday, January 23, 2010 9:50:48 AM · by TheNewPundit

    I’m A Pundit Too ^ | 1/22/2010 | doug ragan
    What is worse about Obama’s message today? That he obviously wants to change the US Constitution, or that he thinks we are all stupid? I want to share with you the email i received from Barack Obama’s Organizing for America. Yesterday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations can spend freely in federal elections. It’s a green light for a new stampede of special interest money in our politics, giving their lobbyists even more power in Washington. Now, every candidate who fights for change could face limitless attacks from corporate special interests like health insurance companies and Wall Street…
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The Revolutionary Holocaust – Live Free, Or Die

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If you missed it yesterday, here is the full documentary
(6 parts, about 45 minutes of viewing time, but worth it)
-Wade Post
The Revolutionary Holocaust – Live Free, Or Die

Now, Here’s A Great Dog Story!

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Moscow’s stray dogs

By Susanne Sternthal

Published: January 16 2010 00:04 | Last updated: January 16 2010 00:04

A stray dog on the platform of a Moscow metro station

Russians can go nutty when it comes to dogs. Consider the incident a few years ago that involved Yulia Romanova, a 22-year-old model. On a winter evening, Romanova was returning with her beloved Staffordshire terrier from a visit to a designer who specialises in kitting out canine Muscovites in the latest fashions. The terrier was sporting a new green camouflage jacket as he walked with his owner through the crowded Mendeleyevskaya metro station. There they encountered Malchik, a black stray who had made the station his home, guarding it against drunks and other dogs. Malchik barked at the pair, defending his territory. But instead of walking away, Romanova reached into her pink rucksack, pulled out a kitchen knife and, in front of rush-hour commuters, stabbed Malchik to death.

A bronze statue of Malchik, a stray dog in Moscow
The statue of Malchik erected by well-wishers after his death

Romanova was arrested, tried and underwent a year of psychiatric treatment. Typically for Russia, this horror story was countered by a wellspring of sympathy for Moscow’s strays. A bronze statue of Malchik, paid for by donations, now stands at the entrance of Mendeleyevskaya station. It has become a symbol for the 35,000 stray dogs that roam Russia’s capital – about 84 dogs per square mile. You see them everywhere. They lie around in the courtyards of apartment complexes, wander near markets and kiosks, and sleep inside metro stations and pedestrian passageways. You can hear them barking and howling at night. And the strays on Moscow’s streets do not look anything like the purebreds preferred by status-conscious Muscovites. They look like a breed apart.

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