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White House confirms receipt of Nathan Deal letter questioning birthplace of Barack Obama

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  • White House confirms receipt of Nathan Deal letter questioning birthplace of Barack Obama

    Monday, January 25, 2010 8:32:34 PM · by Libloather · 22 replies · 510+ views

    AJC ^ | 1/08/10 | Jim Galloway
    White House confirms receipt of Nathan Deal letter questioning birthplace of Barack Obama9:36 am January 8, 2010, by Jim Galloway The White House on Thursday confirmed receipt of a letter from U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal that formally asks Barack Obama to address questions about his place of birth – and thus, whether he is qualified to be president. The letter arrived Dec. 10. Beyond that, no one is willing to say much. According to my AJC colleague Bob Keefe in Washington, Todd Smith, Deal’s chief of staff, likewise confirmed that the letter had been sent. But neither Smith nor his…
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Quo Warranto is being filed today in DC (re: Taitz v Obama)

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  • Quo Warranto is being filed today in DC (re: Taitz v Obama)

    Monday, January 25, 2010 8:56:50 PM · by rxsid · 8 replies

    Google Docs ^ | 1/25/2010 | Taitz
    Quo Warranto is being filed today in DC UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Dr. ORLY TAITZ, PRO SE Plaintiffv. Barack Hussein Obama, Defendant. Jurisdiction The court has jurisdiction under DC statute §§16-3501- 16-3503. Federal court is proper as diversity between the parties exist and the case revolves around the Federal Question of eligibility of the President under Quo Warranto.Parties [snip] From birth and until now Mr. Obama had citizenship of and allegiance to three other nations: Great Britain, Kenya and Indonesia.Standing Taitz is an attorney and has submitted request to Attorney General Eric Holder and US attorney…
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Video: Rep. Michele Bachmann: The Tea Party People Will Become Dominant Members of Republican Party

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Morris confirms Dem plan to pass Obamacare with letter promising to add radical additions afterward

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NO Rules for Radicals – VERY Cool short rock vid

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NO Rules for Radicals – VERY Cool short rock vid ^ | 01/25/10 | Joe Dan

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010 7:38:27 PM by mumblinbuffalo

This kicks.  You’ll see.  The end is just smokin.  Enjoy.


This should be shared…

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More Proof That Obama is a Pathological Narcissist

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  • More Proof That Obama is a Pathological Narcissist

    Monday, January 25, 2010 7:39:04 PM · by ezfindit

    CDS ^ | 1/25/2010 | B. Chrysostom
    Ever since the November 2008 election, many conservatives have correctly criticized Barack Obama as a pathological narcissist. What other forty-something year-old do you know who has written two autobiographical books before achieving anything meaningful in their lives? The warning signs have always been there through his entire campaign and well into President Obama’s first year in the White House.
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Obama Can’t Tap Voter Anger Because It’s Directed at Him

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Obama Can’t Tap Voter Anger Because It’s Directed at Him
U.S. News & World Report ^ | January 25, 2010 | Peter Roff

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010 6:35:32 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

Now that the voters in Massachusetts have put him on the ropes, President Barack Obama is spoiling for a fight. Speaking last week in Elyria, Ohio, the president, the New York Times reported, used some version of the word “fight” more than 20 times as he railed against the big banks, Wall Street, joblessness, and the economic downturn that has hit the nation hard.

As a newly-minted populist, Obama is hoping to win back the support of the independents and the “Reagan Democrats” who, over his first year in the White House, have become steadily less enthusiastic about his performance in office. The president, as the numbers reflect, has been losing the support of the center. On Monday, the Gallup organization released a new survey that shows the nation’s first postpartisan president is an extremely polarizing figure despite an average job approval rating of 57 percent for his first year in office. Underneath that, however, is a lot of bad news.

He came into office seeking to unite the country, and his initial approval ratings ranked among the best for post-World War II presidents, including an average of 41 percent approval from Republicans in his first week in office. But he quickly lost most of his Republican support, with his approval rating among Republicans dropping below 30 percent in mid-February and below 20 percent in August. Throughout the year, his approval rating among Democrats exceeded 80 percent, and it showed little decline even as his overall approval rating fell from the mid-60s to roughly 50 percent.

The fact that the president continues to run strong among Democrats, which the White House political operation must certainly regard as good news, is tempered by his poor showing among the overall electorate. The latest Gallup presidential job approval numbers have the streams about to cross, with 48 percent of those surveyed approving of his performance and 47 percent disapproving.

Taking these two sets of data together, the high marks he gets from better than three quarters of Democrats means that, while retaining the support of the left, he is losing the right and, more importantly, the center.

The new populism unveiled in Ohio–which will almost certainly be a key refrain in Wednesday’s State of the Union address–is an effort to win back the allegiance of those voters who have been deserting the president in droves. By positioning himself as someone who “fights” and will keep fighting for the little guy, Obama is attempting to tap into the anger among the electorate that helped propel Scott Brown into the Senate. The problem for Obama is that he fails to understand that much of that anger is directed directly at him.

It is now generally agreed that, as a candidate for president, Obama failed to define himself as a liberal–but it is as a liberal he has attempted to govern. He has attempted to tax, he has spent, and he has regulated in ways that threaten livelihoods and which run counter to Main Street common sense. The sense of alienation that produces among voters is not transient; it endures and it is costly.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to govern the country from either the left or the right alone. The center, as political consultant Dick Morris has written, is the “vital” part of the electorate. By losing it, Bush drove the Republicans into minority status. Without the center it is highly unlikely Obama can do much better.

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