You are encouraged to read as much as possible about the material plans to engender circumstances for taking over, circumstances that to the ignorant will seem justified and plausible.

From: doc <.com> (ZEROPOINTER) 

From: Ralph (ralph@teaminfinity.com) Subject: Re: Foreign Troops

Here is some of what I have. I will send more if you remind me. Also please 

look at BORDER XXI. Please share whatever you have.

What you are about to read I obtained from David J. Smith who can be 
reached at 1420 West Ross, Waxahachie Texas 75165. Would love more details 
from anyone who has them and VERIFICATION. ralph@TeamInfinity.com I 

basically have paraphrased what I saw on a raw Satellite broadcast of 
David's over 6 months ago. The reason I bring it up now is that as time has 
passed David's report herein paraphrased by me only seems to ring more and 

more true with COSCO border 21, Panama canal being controled by chinese, 
Luftwaffe in NEw Mexico etc etc. The details in the paraphrase by me of 
david's work are quite alarming to say the least. please excuse the 

spelling and grammatical probs, I wish we all had more time. Toodleloo, 

11/94 Hawaian Islands:

State S.W.A.T. team, against orders, came out to investigate 4 Russian 
Generals conducting military maneavers involving Russian secret Speksnaz 

forces, Nepalese Gurkas all over the 5 Hawaian Islands.

Speksnaz are highly trained forces who specialize in nuclear power, 
electrical power, and communications sabotage, and infiltration.

Speksnaz for several years have been seen coming into US via Alaska, first 

one at a time, then 10 at atime, now, 100s at a time, to preassigned jobs 
here in the US.

JFK in 1961 and 62, signed into law State Department Document 7277, a three 
step plan to completely and generally disarm the United States, we are now 

in step 2.

9/2/1992 - George Bush said: "US is prepared to make available our bases 
and lands for multinational field exercises. " Formerly defunct Fort Dix, 
in New Jersey is turned over for use by the United Nations and converted 

into a base for UN "Peace" keeping training. There are signs on the base 
pointing to a Prisoner of War Compound. I have seen video of this. Brand 
new razor wire on the ground surrounds many parts of this UN base.

UN Charter - No such thing as "Peace Keeping" forces. They have the 
EXCLUSIVE "right" to declare ware anywhere in the world. Peace Keepers or 
War Mongerers ? If they have all the guns who can make war against the 

beast. (see rev 13:4). No one can of course.

Fort Dix NJ, is a 50 sq mile base handed over to the United Nations 
Organization to train foreign troops there RENT FREE !!

There are 19,000 United Nations Organization Troops in Fort Polk Louisiana, 

French and Pakastani, 2 Battalions of Russian soldiers, on war footing 
according to an insider of that compound who told his parents, who also 
says this same compound has VAST underground facilities storing equipment 

and other materiel.

NAPA California Sentinel reports 50,000 National Guard and United Nations 
Organization Troops based near Barstow California. Forces are held on stand 
by in case of rioting in Los Angeles area.

There are 40,000 United Nations Organization Foreign troops based near 
Sacremento California. Thes anti american Foriegn Soldiers are based nearby 
in El Dorado National Forest.

Southern California, another hot bead of United Nations Organization 

military activity, bases more than 40,000 United Nations Organization 
Troops in San Diego, another 22,000 combat ready UN troops stationed just 
south of Los Angeles.

Thousands of Russian troops are stationed in secret military bases in 

Nevada, people have heard of Area 51 and there are other areas. They are 
under the auspices of the United Nations Organization, and a special 
instruction manual has already been written and passed out for russian 

soldiers in the United States. It teaches them how to do door to door 
siezures and searches and the correct procedure for weapons siezure. The 
manual is written for the russians.

Can there be any doubt why the TROJAN horse, the united Nations, is on the 

soil of America ? It was placed here to takeover, subvert our soveriegnty 
for world government. The ONLY way they could get troops and equipment on 
American soil was through the United Nations Organization.

Supposedly, by brainwashing the American people to believe that it was an 
organization to bring world peace instead of world tyranny and slavery.

There is a 43,000 man United NAtions Organization battle group whihc is 

stationed in the Texas Pan Handle by Oklahoma and New Mexico, Anchorage 
Alaska has 14,000 United NAtions Troops dispersed throughout the area. And 
more are coming in every week. These Antiamerican soldiers wear black 

uniforms, they usually drive dark unmarked military vehicles.

United Nations Organization Gurka troops from Nepal can be found near 
Yakima Washington. These are very ruthless individuals known to be 
merciless killers. They are stationed at a U.S. military reservation known 

as the Yakima Firing Range.

A 20,000 man contingent, once again UN Troops were kept in a state of alert 
during the Ruby Ridge siege on the Weaver family in Idaho. The plan was to 
have them to join with the US Marshalls if called upon by their bosses. Why 

should our US leaders TREASONOUSLY offer to house and equip a hostile 
standing United NAtions Organization Standing army on an American Military 
base ? It's because NO ONE has called it treason against the people of this 

country. This opened the flood gates for 10s of thousands of Foreign troops 
to pour into our country because no one says anything against it.

Russian NAval transport ships have been spotted numerous times in the Gulf 

of California. Part of the Russian fleet is anchored with 4 floating dry 
docks near Gulf Port Mississippi. 4 Russian subs are docked with normal 
shipping in Alabama's Mobile Bay. These are equipped with 22 

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and each of these can hit 10 different 
targets in the United States.

United States Service Personell are seeing foreign troops on military bases 
all over the nation. There are foreign military personnel on our bases and 

foreign troop movement and activity is going on in the Gulf of Mexico 
coastal region west of Gulf Port in Mississippi near the border of 
Louisiana, to be exact, United NAtions Organization troops wear vietnamese 

style uniforms, no insignias or emblems in some areas, these soldiers ride 
armed guard on barges going north of the Gulf up the Pearl River. the Pearl 
River is a river that one would cross to get to Alabama or Florida from 

that area. These barges are loaded with military equipment vehicles and 
supplies, their destination is the HUGE NASA Test Facility which borders 
the Pearl River. United Nations Organization mercanaries, all of whom 

despise Americans such as you and me, because they are not in general 
Christian or moral, and have no conscious will to stop any orders against 
the American people who might be Christian or moral. They are quartered and 

undergoing special training at the NASA facility attached to the Pearl 
River. Included are Russian, East German, Koreans and other nationalities. 
The Spotlight newspaer obtained several years ago irrefutable evidence, 

photographs, 100 of photographs, showing THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of foreign 
military vehicles and armour going ALL over the United States, including 
vehiles being used by the UN. We even have film footage we have taken 

ourselves in Gulf Port Mississippi, and Beumont Texas, showing United 
NAtions Organization vehicles on trucks being transported in this country.

Our president Bill Clinton, has signed Executive Orders as well as other 

presidents before him, giving very wide ranging powers to the United 
Nations Organizationto command our military forces. This means the National 
Security Council has now delegated these powers to the United NAtions 

Organization. Bill Clinton signed on July 15, 1996, Executive Order 13010. 
Within the context of this Exective Order it states VERY CLEARLY that if 
there is ANY type of emergency whatsover of terrorism, especially like a 

black out of electricity, that DOD has all the powers of the president. 
Well our nation basiclly has 9 separate power grids like TVA (Tennessee 
Valley Authority) that supply all the electrical power in the US. So 9 key 

positions need to be taken out and we will have the conditions necessary 
for take over by law. (Who forgot about the massive power outs that 
occurred last year in the West ?)

100s of Railroad flat cars bearing Russian military vehicles and armour and 

even some United NAtions Organization vehicles (painted white with UN 
letters) all over America, especially Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, 
Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nashville Tennessee, along Interstate 24, west 

of NAshville we recieved two calls telling us of HUGE fuselages with UN 
letters heading toward a military base. So yes they are all over.

In Mississippi, 100s of Russian built military vehicles obtained from what 

was East Germany are, according to officials on the base (we attempted to 
tape the facilities when we were confronted by an official who explained to 
us the specifics herein) the vehicles were being refurbished under the 

auspices of the United Nations Organization. Without doubt. This MASSIVE 
depot in Gulf Port Mississippi, behind barbed wire, anybody can go there 
can see it from Highway 49, 6-8 miles north of Interstate 10.

20 miles of newly built road lead directly from this MASSIVE depot directly 
into NASA's Stennis Space Center. WHY ? Every American needs to know why. 
Why are our representatives silent ? Many of the vehicles have been spotted 

(we have pictures) are for chemical and biological warfare purposes. Why 
when this is banned by treaty ?


El Jeffe, El Capiton, Generalissimo Klintonista speaks out about the US 


"When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical 
Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of 
individual freedom to Americans ..."

"And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom. When 

personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it. That's what 
we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the public housing 
projects, about how we're going to have weapon sweeps and more things like 

that to try to make people safer in their communities."

President Bill Clinton, 3-22-94, MTV's "Enough is Enough"

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary 

Americans ..."

Bill Clinton (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993, page 2A)

Why cant any of these be considered a violation of the oath of office to 
uphold the Constitution and qualify as TREASON !!



ralph@TeamInfinity.com (I can get you SAPF films/tapes/materials, "Harry's 
War" the suppressed film, Tragedy & Hope the book, US/UN/DontTreadonMe 
FLAGS, bumperstickers YardSigns & T-Shirts, inquire)



This correspondence in NO WAY represents Save A Patriot Fellowship (SAPF), 
but feel free to contact them thru RALPH & Andrew C. Earp 1-800-677-1207 

ext. 1800 RALPH and ANDREW C. EARP Andrew C. Earp is NATIONAL DIRECTOR of 

Let me know if you want to receive email on a regular basis

CALL 703-904-7770 ask for document 777 

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