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Anatomy Of a Failing Presidency

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  • Anatomy Of a Failing Presidency

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010 6:23:24 PM · by Ron C. · 2 replies · 165+ views

    The Fillmore Gazette ^ | Geoffrey P. Hunt
    Barack Obama is on track to have the most spectacularly failed presidency since Woodrow Wilson. In the modern era, we’ve seen several failed presidencies–led by Jimmy Carter and LBJ. Failed presidents have one strong common trait– they are repudiated, in the vernacular, spat out. Of course, LBJ wisely took the exit ramp early, avoiding a shove into oncoming traffic by his own party. Richard Nixon indeed resigned in disgrace, yet his reputation as a statesman has been partially restored by his triumphant overture to China 20. –click here for full article.
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WorldNet Daily ^ | March 01, 2010

Posted on Tuesday, March 02, 2010 5:02:10 PM by USALiberty

As Barack Obama’s approval ratings continue to plummet, the tea party movement explodes and Democrats lose election after election – even in Massachusetts – one giant question looms large for Team Obama: How to stay in power?

The answer to that question can be found in the groundbreaking March issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “STEALING THE NEXT ELECTION.”

This game-changing special report is summarized in its long subtitle: “Amnesty, universal voter registration, felons voting, operatives planted: Team Obama’s strategy for maintaining permanent power.”

(Excerpt)

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CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up ~ Rev Dr JamesD. Manning

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CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up

Rev Dr JamesD. Manning

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Hon. James David Manning says Barack Hussein “Long Legged Mack Daddy” Obama was a C.I.A operative who used Columbia University as a cover to go to Pakistan in 1981 when the CIA and the Taliban work…


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The Future of…the Hot Dog?

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  • The Future of…the Hot Dog?

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010 4:28:37 PM · by JoeProBono

    popsci ^ | 03.01.2010 | Clay Dillow
    According to both common sense and the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are two truths about hot dogs which neither science nor industry can afford to ignore: kids love hot dogs, and hot dogs are the perfect size and shape for a child to choke on. To wit: “If you were to take the best engineers in the world and asked them to design a perfect plug for a child’s airway, you couldn’t do better than a hot dog,” one AAP doctor said. As such, the hot dog is in need of a redesign. So the folks at Fast Company…
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U.S. Attorneys’ Office moves to dismiss Orly Taitz’s Quo Warranto case

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  • U.S. Attorneys’ Office moves to dismiss Orly Taitz’s Quo Warranto case

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010 4:15:47 PM · by BuckeyeTexan

    U.S. District Court for D.C. ^ | 02/26/2010 | U.S. Attorneys’ Office
    U.S. Attorneys with the Department of Justice have moved to dismiss Orly Taitz’s Quo Warranto case for lack of jurisdiction. Additionally, the U.S. Attorneys’ Office asserts that any judicial or bar sanctions against Dr. Taitz are the consequences of her own actions. “Although, to Defendant’s knowledge, this is Dr. Taitz’s first case in which she serves as Plaintiff, this is not her first bite at the apple, or even her second: she has unsuccessfully represented plaintiffs in at least three judicial districts seeking to raise similar claims. In each of these cases, the United States district courts have declined to…
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Obama’s Boss Scolds Him in Public

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  • Obama’s Boss Scolds Him in Public

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010 12:34:04 PM · by jazminerose · 15 replies · 425+ views ^ | 3/2/10 | Joy Tiz
    Frustrated by the president’s inability to follow simple instructions, Obama’s boss, unrepentant Nazi collaborator, George Soros has resorted to chiding Obama in public. Soros criticized Obama’s incompetence in enacting vital parts of the Soros agenda , including government takeover of the banks. Soros carped that the government should have taken over U.S. banks rather than bailing them out. He also asserted that the American people would have been happier if the federal government had socialized the entire banking system. Bailing out the banks and allowing them to “earn their way out of the hole” was the wrong solution, according to…
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Individual mandate insurance is unconstitutional (Obama will violate our Constitutional Rights)

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  • Individual mandate insurance is unconstitutional (Obama will violate our Constitutional Rights)

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010 11:49:27 AM · by tobyhill · 15 replies · 385+ views

    Politico ^ | 10/20/2009 | KEN KLUKOWSKI
    The Senate Finance Committee-passed health care bill includes an “individual mandate” that Americans must buy an insurance policy or pay a fine, an approach that tracks President Barack Obama’s health care proposals. But if enacted into law, this mandate would be glaringly unconstitutional. That’s because those refusing to get insurance would be subject to a fine, and refusing to pay would be a misdemeanor crime, punishable by another fine or even jail time. States wield what is called police power: the authority to make laws for the health, safety and morality of their people. The federal government, on the other…
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