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Obama Sedition/Treason Trial in N.Y.– 14-19 May 2010

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Obama Sedition/Treason Trial in N.Y.– 14-19 May 2010
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Posted on Sunday, March 07, 2010 8:04:42 PM by Man50D

Amazing. The Rev. James David Manning, a very outspoken Harlem, NY Conservative Pastor, will do what Congress, Courts, Electoral College, Attorneys-General, Secretaries of State, Prosecutors, State Legislatures (so far), both major political parties and the “Mainstream Media” will NOT do: seriously question Obama’s eligibility to be “President” of the USA.

He is putting Obama on trial, near Obama’s “alma mater,” Columbia U., for sedition and treason. Of course, this proceeding will have no legal weight, but the event’s huge visibility will create the high likeihood of extremely embarrassing and even incriminating information being released worldwide.

Dozens of cases have been filed against Obama and enablers, related to his ineligibility to be President. All but a few have been dismissed on technicalities related to standing and jurisdiction. Some of these dismissals are highly irregular. None have been heard on their merits. Three serious cases that I know of, two of which are appeals, are now active.

We hear that The American Grand Jury, Orly Taitz and others may be involved in this project.

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and the May 14, 2010 trial commencement.

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