Craig Maus: Gods and Generals…

(Original 1st Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 2:56 AM
Subject: Gods & Generals)
Dear Confederates and Fellow Patriots (bcc herein),
General Robert E. Lee

General Robert E. Lee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘It will not be the first time that Washington has visited itself upon another’s Nation within the contiguous boundaries of this original Republic.
But now they feed upon what little remains of their own Social Democracy for the remaining sustenance that supports their insastiable thirst for total domain.
I believe we are entering the morning mist of the final Battle that will decide the fate of this Christian Republic once and for all.’
“All the South has ever desired was that the Union, as established by our Forefathers, should be preserved, and that the Government, as originally organized, should be administered in Purity and Truth.”
General Robert E. Lee, 5 January 1866
….and, as most of you know, and just prior to his death several years after he said this and after witnessing the lies, usurpation & ReConstruction at the hands of the Federals, he then said :
“I would have preferred to have died with my men, holding my sword in my right hand rather than witnessing what they (the Federals) have done too us.”
I have visited just about every Battlefield in this land and,  at each,  I have felt an eerie & growing uneasiness.
From Ft. Donnellson overlooking the River; to Vicksburg at the Heights; Shiloh and the Bloody Pond; Chickamauga and, of course, Gettysburg to name but a few.
From early dawn at each, to late afternoons, in all weather conditions and in all seasons.
The blood letting at each of these Battlefields was enormous and beyond the general comprehension of most Americans because the magnitude of these engagements has yet to be shared and spoken of in American Classroom’s.
I suppose one reason among many, if ‘shared’, is that they would trigger a thought process within the minds of our youth that the Federals do not want comprehended… thus exposing the vast conspiracy of lies, exploitation and distortions they have withheld from the American Public over these145 years since the War For Southern Independence concluded.
They have put much time, effort & lots of our money into their fictional accounts for the War while systematically dumbing down the people from the real truths in order for them never to be spoken of or heard again.
The amount of blood that resonates within the soil at each of these Battlefields, in which unimaginable horrific engagements & mass death occurred, cannot be easily erased by the Federal Scribe whose hands have re-written OUR History.
He who became the bastard victor, is he who is now your overseer, & in whom profound profits are being realized from this re-write of History.
God will NOT permit the enormity of these occurrences to be rendered casualties of a perverted mindset who believes the Trinity can be compromised by mortal men.
They are those same men and women who call themselves Federal’s whose virtues delight in extolling their ‘5-pieces of silver’ at the expense of every un-suspecting American.
They have gone largely un-challenged in the creation of their modern-day Babylon and have committed this once-great nation, under God, all but invisible and derelict.
In a penchant for ‘Change’, driven in large part by a latitude of laziness, many turned the convenient cheek, choosing instead to select the easy way while omitting &  ignoring their responsibility as individuals in simple matters dealing with everyday basics relating to right & wrong as our Lord asked of us.
As such, we have allowed the evil incarnate of the Beast himself to become our master, embracing the Golden Calf as the measure of merit and forgetting every tangible element that made us great and different to begin with.
The Federals have driven God from us using ‘social proliferation’,  skillfully designed, to accelerate their mantle of despotism.
And with open eyes, we allowed them to do this.
The price that will be extracted from us all will indeed be a heavy toll.
We knew once the elementary differences between good and bad, but God has always shown us the resulting carnage that comes when simplicity and common sense is over ridden by greed and human frailty.
We have lost our way as a nation and choose the easy way once too often.
I cannot help but feel that dark and ominous days lay ahead for what is left of America.
A conflict of major proportions is looming and unless we remember our values and beliefs, and at once, the price we will all pay for the transgressions the Federals have deposited with us, will be extreme beyond comprehension.
No one will escape the resulting carnage.
The time has indeed arrived wherein every Man and Women across this land will have to take a stand.
There is NO substitute between right and that which is obviously and clearly most wrong!
The evil that occupies Washington has been in the making for some time.
It has NO conscience and lives in a surreal world of pretense intent on devouring the soul of this land, using it’s people to accomplish it’s nefarious ends.
They sit upon their own mantle, fashioned much like the Golden Calf.
A mantle that knows no sympathy, has no heart, and has not the welfare of you, I, our children or grandchildren in mind.
The Federals have become their own self-fulfilling prophecy, carved from those very Battlefields of old in which they believe they buried the Christian Republic.
Lincoln embraced Socialism and is the Founding Father of today’s Federal blight that he laid upon this land following The War For Southern Independence.
Obama is but merely the long extension and end result of that which was cast many years ago.
And, like Lincoln, he too has surrounded himself with a very disturbing group of people whose mindsets are identical & whose purpose’s are NOT the value’s upon which this great Republic was founded.
I look back often times at those great Confederates who subscribed to God’s written word who fought indeed for a noble Cause that, despite Washington’s attempts to rip it from our hearts, remains with us.
They were simple men who got up in the morning, worked until their calluses bled and never asked or believed they deserved anything other than what they received from their own efforts.
That was once the character of this Nation!  That principal bound us all together….. UNTIL the evil unveiled itself and decided to have its way……because we were in the way!
It was once a strength second to NONE!
It was a simple characteristic that did NOT allow for empty excuses through which the despot would drive his armies in the name of ‘Socialism’.
No country is without mistakes.
No land is without criticism.
But I believe God judges us all on how we overcome our human weakness & errors.
We have ALL suffered from time to time.
The evil within this world does not ostracize any from this most basic fact.
However, it is as a collective measure via right or wrong that the human element will prosper…..or fail….. if & when the most basic and elementary practices of human decency are either remembered, or forgotten……or allowed to be deposited into the hands of ‘Officials’ because we have become simply ‘too busy’ or preoccupied to pay attention any more.
The Federal’s have become the agent of the Beast.
They engineered & conspired to re-write this country’s purpose while systematically demonizing every element and entity that has ‘called them out’,  through a vilification process accompanied with a
well-designed & masterfully planned script, intended to render most within this country blind and ignorant of their origin.
I have often said that unless ‘we know where we have been, how can we ever expect to know where we are going’ ?
To that end, every single personage and distinct symbol of our Beloved Confederacy has been maligned by them!
They have instituted & choreographed, over time, Revisionist History, extolling the merits of their conquest while introducing & using Social Re-engineering much like the Spartans used the Trojan Horse to gain entry into &, subsequently over throw what was once was an ‘Impregnable & Invincible Republic’.
Thus, their on-going penchant for self-gain and purpose perseveres, going un-contested & un-noticed.
The Christian Confederate Army defended the Southern Nation in an attempt to retain our Constitutional identity.
It was NOT within the realm or acceptance of the Confederacy to even contemplate an invasion of the North, because it was fully understood that God would NOT sanctify such an un-holy incursion.
The Confederacy fought to defend themselves because they knew full well what the Beast Lincoln was up to & why.
Our flags were representative of ALL that we believed in, from the First Stainless, to the Second and the Third.
Our Battle Flag was our Christian Battle Flag,  and clearly defined the Character, Mission & Purpose of the Men who represnted it in Battle & the Nation they were defending!
It represented the Cross of St. Andrew-  the Scottish Saint impaled by the Romans upon a cartwheel in an X-fashion.
And today it, along with our men and women of that time have been DELIBERATELY defiled within the Federals’ Public School’s…..cast out and politicized in the name of political expediency just as the Federals have cast out God, The Almighty.
There comes a time in everyone’s life when you know you must Take A Stand.
That time is NOW!
If you deliberately decide to remain blind to everything that has been put asunder and sacrificed at The Alter of Political Correctness, God will damn you.

If you turn your back on Him, and everything that EVERY Christian Confederate fought to preserve, He will be unrepentant towards you.
As He is our protector and resides within each of us, so to must we be the pylons of our faith and do likewise in the interests of our families.
We remaining Confederates, like our Brothers before us,  still stand between that same Federal Beast & their desired obliteration of us.
We Confederates know them better than they know themselves & it is to this end they seek our total destruction.
It is…..1860 once again!
You cannot compromise with evil and it is evil that resides & permeates in that cesspool on the Potomac.
This Nation has been compromised beyond repair and I respectfully suggest that we must ‘Go Back To The Future’, to that time and place in which God’s Laws were recognized and upon which the Original Constitution and Declaration of Independence were based.
They may be old by age, but the language within them remains every bit as fresh & new as when they were first written…. And they have become more applicable today than ever before.
President Davis, a Constitutional scholar and devout Christian Man knew full well the consequences if he were to have signed Letters of Surrender to the Federal’s.
He, like many others of that time, knew full well that what Lincoln’s Marauder’s did was wrong, evil and without legal basis.
There, in those Laws that guided us before 1865 is where our Salvation lays.
Turn those brass buckles upside down once again that read, US……and you will see that it reads SN- for the Southern Nation…..the still, LEGAL DeJure Government of the
Southern Confederacy.
Illegal might does NOT make right!
And neither does the Laws written by the Federal’s justifying their illegal Invasion of our Country after the War make them any more right!
The Battlefields of old and the many hundreds of thousands that died upon them for a belief in God and Country cannot be ignored.
The Blood of our PATRIOTS was once associated with the moral equivalency of everything that was near and dear to us ALL.
Essentially, it is the ‘Mirror of our Being’-  it is the ‘Reflection of Our Soul’s’.
Our personal Freedom’s were NEVER to have been compromised or approached by ANY sitting Government.
That was NEVER a ‘Line’ that they were to come near or ever contemplate crossing.
NOT then, NOT now, NOT ever!
But the Federal’s have decided to cross it…..and now we must choose the side we will DEFEND!
There was merit and purpose for those who fought beneath the starry-eyed Cross, a Flag whose purity and beauty REPRESENTED THE TRUTH of purpose and the Defense of Liberty and Freedom…..a Flag that the Federal’s have PERPETUALLY DEMONIZED through deliberate lie’s and un-holy distortions.
When will YOU say NO MORE, EVERMORE, and take a stand with us Confederates?
Upon the Great Seal of The Confederacy is George Washington and beneath him is inscribed the Latin words- Deo Vindice- God Will Vindicate!
Does anyone seriously believe that the Christian South then, as today, represented an un-holy Cause that the Federal’s have made it out to be?
Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson were inarguably two of the most devout Christian Confederate Soldiers who ever fought.
Does anyone seriously believe they would have taken any side other than that which was God’s side?
Who do you believe-  our Confederate Patriot’s of yesteryear, or the Federal’s whose apathy and wanton disdain for your individuality is consuming you faster & greater than any pandemic imaginable?
On which side will your stand be made?
Perhaps God is giving us ALL one last chance for redemption…. and perhaps the decision we make today will finally decide the fate of this Nation once and for all!
The choice is clearly in our YOUR  hands now!
So Goes The Christian South……So WILL Go This Nation!
When the South Lost, So Too Did This Entire Nation….but Only We Confederates Knew it at The Time!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,


humble president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporter’s for the  Restoration of the Legal Government of the South-  The Confederate States of America!
Will You JOIN Us Now?
Deo Vindice!
When Government Becomes Absolute, the People Must Become Resolute!


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