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Get Ready For the All Seeing National ID Card ~ by Laurie Roth

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Get Ready For the All Seeing National ID Card
Obama, Schumer and Graham say and believe that forcing this card on all workers would stop new illegal aliens from coming here to work because they couldn’t get work without a card. The magical thing is that this president and congress are boldly pushing amnesty for the 20-40 million illegal aliens already living here so they need not worry about this new working card……
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March 12, 2010

Reforming the Way Public Employees Are Paid
Today, public employees in Oregon enjoy the best fringe benefit packages money can buy and, in addition to high salaries and first class fringe benefits, they routinely retire making more money in their pension than when they worked full time. Seriously. In 1994, I sponsored a measure to protect Oregon taxpayers by reining in the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) and ending the unrealistic eight-percent-guaranteed rate of return on the PERS investments……..
by Bill Sizemore
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Pentagon Shooter Pot Scandal Grows
Left-wing California politicians have been talking about legalizing and taxing marijuana to save the state from bankruptcy. But thanks to the state’s most notorious pothead, Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell, that vision may now go up in smoke. Bedell’s easy access to “medical marijuana” in California is quickly becoming a scandal that threatens the well-funded movement to increase access to the weed by legalizing it statewide—and perhaps nationwide……..
by Cliff Kincaid
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