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Birther claptrap deserves out reproach Atlanta Journal Constitution ^ | 4/29/2010 | Loren Collins

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Birther claptrap deserves out reproach
Atlanta Journal Constitution ^ | 4/29/2010 | Loren Collins

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 7:27:34 PM by curiosity

Now, eight years later, three Georgia legislators are indulging the fantasies of a new contingent of conspiracy theorists who believe in a different cover-up. These conspiracy theorists, or “birthers,” refuse to accept the constitutional eligibility of President Barack Obama, under the hypothesis that he might not have been born in Honolulu, and that he instead may have engaged in a five-decade-long ruse before his secret foreign birth was exposed via fabricated rumors spread by fringe bloggers with no evidence late in the campaign.

The conspiracists’ favored theory is that Obama’s mother left her Honolulu home and traveled halfway around the planet to give birth in the Third World nation of Kenya in 1961. To some people, it is apparently easier to believe that our first African-American president was actually born in Africa than to believe that he was born at the local Honolulu hospital.

When his birthplace was publicly questioned in June 2008, the Obama campaign promptly published his certification of live birth online, clearly identifying his place of birth as “Honolulu, Hawaii.”

When online conspiracists said that was a digital forgery, visited campaign headquarters and took multiple photographs of the document.

When conspiracists demanded extrinsic evidence, two contemporary birth announcements were located in Hawaiian newspapers. And when they demanded even more, Hawaii’s vital records registrar issued a public statement saying that the president’s original vital records confirm his birth in Hawaii.

(By contrast, what evidence did you ever see that Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Ark.? Can you even name the state George W. Bush was born in?)

Yet the conspiracists remain unsatisfied. And so do, apparently, at least three Georgia politicians. In late 2009, gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal announced that he was writing a letter to Obama asking where he could find evidence of Obama’s eligibility. It seems Deal is either inexplicably ignorant of all the evidence cited above, or considers it insufficient. Even more inexplicably, Deal refuses to release a copy of his letter for Georgia voters to see what nonsense he wrote.

More recently, when Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) was asked in an interview if he could simply say that the president is an American citizen, Broun responded “I don’t know.” Then, when given the opportunity to clear the air in a follow-up interview, Broun only dug himself deeper into denialist territory. Asked “Do you believe the president’s citizenship is in question?” Broun gave a long, rambling reply, eventually concluding with “I don’t know, nobody knows for sure, we’ve not seen any documentation one way or the other.”

As illustrated above, this is an outright lie. Broun has not only allied himself with denialists, but has chosen to further entrench himself with them even when given the opportunity to back away.

Finally, state Rep. Mark Hatfield (R-Waycross) recently introduced House Bill 1516. Had it passed, it would have required presidential candidates to provide evidence of their constitutional eligibility in order to appear on Georgia ballots. In the abstract, such a requirement is perfectly reasonable.

But Hatfield’s real intent shines through in the details. Hatfield does not propose that his fellow General Assembly members should prove their eligibility under the Georgia Constitution, nor that our statewide elected officials, such as the governor, should do so. Nor does he propose the same standard of proof for our federal representatives and senators.

Hatfield’s bill does not even demand documentation from vice presidential candidates, who have the same eligibility standards as the president. Most astonishingly, Hatfield proposes nothing to ensure the constitutional eligibility of any third-party presidential candidates; his bill covers only Republicans and Democrats.

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The Big Alienation wsj ^ | 4/30/10 | Peggy Noonan

April 30, 2010 1 comment

The Big Alienation
wsj ^ | 4/30/10 | Peggy Noonan

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 4:17:49 PM by Nachum

We are at a remarkable moment. We have an open, 2,000-mile border to our south, and the entity with the power to enforce the law and impose safety and order will not do it. Wall Street collapsed, taking Main Street’s money with it, and the government can’t really figure out what to do about it because the government itself was deeply implicated in the crash, and both political parties are full of people whose political careers have been made possible by Wall Street contributions. Meanwhile we pass huge laws, bills so comprehensive, omnibus and transformative that no one knows what’s in them and no one—literally, no one—knows how exactly they will be executed or interpreted. Citizens search for new laws online, pore over them at night, and come away knowing no more than they did before they typed “dot-gov.”

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States’ Rights (and Wrongs) – How about this: Your state can legalize “breathing while…”

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States’ Rights (and Wrongs) – How about this: Your state can legalize “breathing while…”
NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE ^ | April 30, 2010 | Jonah Goldberg

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 4:01:57 PM by neverdem

States’ Rights (and Wrongs)

How about this: Your state can legalize “breathing while undocumented” if my state can legalize “breathing while uninsured.”

I’ve got a proposal for you. I’d call it a “modest proposal” but, thanks to Jonathan Swift, when writers say that, it means they’re about to propose something absolutely bonkers to make a satirical point along the lines of “Let’s eat Irish babies!” or “Joe Biden should be president!”

My proposal might still be crazy, but it’s not satire.

Okay, okay, I can tell you’re keen to hear it.

But wait. First, a peeve.

(Beck) The One Thing 4/29 CRIME INC. (The $10 TRILLION Dollar Heist??)

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(Beck) The One Thing 4/29 CRIME INC. (The $10 TRILLION Dollar Heist??)
Fox News/Glenn Beck ^ | 4/29/10 | Fox News/Glenn Beck

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 4:04:38 PM by Painesright

This is a rush transcript from “Glenn Beck,” April 29, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

GLENN BECK, HOST: America, this is so important. This should be on the front page of every paper, but it won’t be. And when I’m done with it, you ask yourself why.

And you watch — you watch — all the blogs and everything else will just make cheap shots at me. Go ahead. Go ahead. Look how fat he is, look how stupid, look at his hair, look at the blackboards. Whatever. How about we talk about the content on the blackboards, OK?

We left the Chicago Climate Exchange story — I’m trying to show how the entire government is turning in to “Crime Inc.”

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Obama stonewalls release of White House visitor logs

April 30, 2010 1 comment

Obama stonewalls release of White House visitor logs
Examiner ^ | 4/30/10 | Jim Kouri

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 3:06:16 PM by pissant

“Only the Obama administration could offer to release pre-scrubbed White House visitor logs while withholding tens of thousands of other records and call it transparency. President Obama has violated his campaign promises of openness and transparency. We hope the court will do what it has done on previous occasions and uphold FOIA law.”

The Obama Justice Department advanced the erroneous claim in an April 21, 2010, court filing that Secret Service logs of White House visitors are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), according to a report released Wednesday by legal watchdog group Judicial Watch.

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Alex Jones Reaches Out To Military Being Trained To Target Americans As Domestic Terrorists

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– Prison –

Alex Jones Reaches Out To Military Being Trained To Target Americans As Domestic Terrorists

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Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 30, 2010

RELATED: U.S. Army Trains To Confront Tea Party ‘Terrorists’ [2]

In this video, Alex explains how over a decade of law enforcement and military training to take on the American people is now coming to a head with recent revelations concerning how the Army in Kentucky has been running exercises focused around confronting Tea Party members who are described as terrorists, and taking them to concentration camps.

The controversy surrounding the MIAC report has now been outstripped with the news that middle class Americans protesting the out of control taxes and big government are now the number one target for Homeland Security and the U.S. Military.

Gun-owning veterans are also a primary target of drills that revolve around disarming and arresting mass numbers of peaceful Americans.


Alex Jones Reaches Out To Military Being Trained To Target  Americans As Domestic Terrorists 140410banner4[3]

Alex also reaches out to military and law enforcement in light of the fact that he personally is being cited as the primary target of this new offensive to demonize and eventually incarcerate politically active Americans as domestic terrorists.

Alex goes firmly on the record to state that he is non-violent and will never commit violence against anyone, nor will he encourage anyone else to do so.

Alex points out that it’s completely illegal to have the military engaged in domestic law enforcement and spying on the American people, but that false flag domestic terror attacks which will be blamed on the American people are being prepared in order to justify de facto martial law.

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thepostemail ^ | 4/30/2010 | Neil Turner

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 2:12:35 PM by rxsid

Apr. 30, 2010

After meeting “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio-endorsed candidate for San Diego Sheriff, Jay LaSeur, I had the opportunity to tell LeSeur of the evidence (repeated often throughout the evening) to be presented at the trial. When I asked Jay if he would prosecute Obama when the Grand Jury returned indictments against him, San Diego’s next Sheriff responded, “Absolutely!”

I distributed many flyers and sent several photos to radio show host Roger Hedgecock, who had asked for photos from tea parties around the country.

Finally, I asked a question of CA Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Naritelli:

As Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the CA National Guard, would you be willing to follow the lead of several other near and border-state candidates and demand that Mr. Obama, as Commander-in-Chief of our military, show proof that he is Constitutionally eligible to be Commander-in-Chief, and if he is not, then will you return all of our National Guard troops to California and deploy them on the border to defend us from the illegal alien invasion?

“Absolutely!” said Candidate Naritelli. “Not only that, but I will secure our borders, and will even call out the local ‘Minutemen’ to help in this endeavor.”

An ABC reporter was handed a copy of the C.I.A. COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition and Treason TRIAL flyer and then asked if ABC would be covering the trial in New York City in May. She said “Absolutely,” then looked in greater detail at the flyer and said: “I don’t know about that one.”

The evidence which I have been told will be presented at the trial in New York is as follows:

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