Old Picture Foretells Our Future Under President Obama

Old Picture Foretells Our Future Under President Obama
New York Times ^ | May 21, 2008 | NY Times

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The author, Fareed Zakaria, fortells was interviewed (emphasis added).

“As Mr. Zakaria sees it, the “economic dysfunctions in America today” are the product not of “deep inefficiencies within the American economy,” but of specific government policies — which could be reformed “quickly and relatively easily” to put the country on a more stable footing. “A set of sensible reforms could be enacted tomorrow,” he says, “to trim wasteful spending and subsidies, increase savings, expand training in science and technology, secure pensions, create a workable immigration process and achieve significant efficiencies in the use of energy” — if only the current political process weren’t crippled by partisanship, special-interest agendas, a sensation-driven media, ideological attack groups and legislative gridlock.”

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