Radio host Boyles: Birther Lakin no punk; O’Reilly a liar

Radio host Boyles: Birther Lakin no punk; O’Reilly a liar
Colorado Independent ^ | 4/14/10 | John Thomasic

Posted on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:44:32 PM by pissant

Denver talk-radio host Peter Boyles interviewed Lietenant Colonel Terrence Lakin’s spokesperson Margaret Hemenway Tuesday, the second day in a row as the “birther” showdown unfolds in Washington. Boyles has admitted he is fascinated by the story of Greeley native Lakin, a decorated 18-year Army medic who refuses to deploy for the second time to Afghanistan because he doesn’t fully believe Pres. Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States. Lakin is the latest and highest ranking of a handful of soldiers who have subscribed to the mostly right-wing theory that Obama has hidden or falsified the usual documents that would prove his citizenship and that he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars “lawyering up” to protect their secrecy. Boyles, at the very least a semi-believer in the conspiracy himself, clearly admires the man the media is now calling “Colonel Birther.”

“Lakin is risking everything… this guy, he’s hardly a punk, he’s done his [tours of duty] in the past and now he’s willing to call [the president] out on it. He throws it all away. He loses all his benefits and retirement pay and goes to prison for hard labor. It’s not a punk thing by any stretch.”

According to reports, the Army is considering charging Lakin with a host of crimes, including “missing movement,” for not appearing in Fort Campbell Monday as ordered to deploy overseas, and conduct unbecoming an officer. It is highly likely, given the precedent established in related trials, that Lakin will be stripped of his rank and hauled off to the military’s Leavenworth high security prison in Kansas, where he could be sentenced to hard labor for years.

Some see Lakin not as hero or martyr but as a tragic victim of the poisoned partisan

(Excerpt)


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