New poll shows what “all enemies foreign and domestic” means: Democrats put party over country The Collins Report

New poll shows what “all enemies foreign and domestic” means: Democrats put party over country
The Collins Report ^ | April 28, 2010 | Kevin “Coach” Collins

Posted on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 9:28:09 AM by jmaroneps37

When Obama sold us out with his dangerous proclamation that America won’t use nuclear weapons against countries unless they have nuclear weapons to fire back at us, patriots who love America were shocked. Now newly released information, from a Wenzel Strategies survey of likely voters provides shocking data about America’s domestic enemies living among us: They’re Democrats; America be damned!

Here’s a description of who’s with us and who puts party over country.

Question: “Do you agree or disagree with the new Obama administration policy that rules out our using nuclear weapons against enemies who attack the United States with biological or chemical weapons?”

Democrats agreeing either strongly or somewhat were 65%; 17% disagreed strongly or somewhat.

Republicans agreeing with this idea were 9%; Republicans disagreeing were 86% while 37% of Independents agreed but 61% disagreed.

Minorities still don’t get it

Listed by race, Blacks Hispanics and Asians showed strong inclinations toward party first.

While 36% of Whites agreed with guaranteeing our enemies an edge in any nuclear war, 49% of Blacks 39% of Hispanics and 56% of Asians liked the idea.

Other sharp disagreements about Obama’s new policy were the responses from Democrats and Republicans on the premise that it will “encourage disarmament.” 25% of Democrats felt this way while only 2% of Republicans agreed!

When asked if Obama’s actions make America look weak and encourages attacks, the numbers were shockingly different. Only 12% of Democrats could understand this but 72% of Republicans and half of Independents answered yes.

Saving America is not made any easier by having to deal with these domestic enemies but we have no choice. To save ourselves we will have to save even these ingrates. Our forefathers had to fight fellow Americans as well as the British. They won, and we will too.

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