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Gunny G: History & Traditions…

May 31, 2010 1 comment

Gunny G’s History & Traditions USMC

Sea Stories~Customs~LegendsMyths~Controversy~Questions/Answers? Lon Chaney As GySgt O’Hara The 1926 film, “Tell It To The Marines!”


The purpose of this forum is to provide an Interactive Internet Site where Marines and others interested may list, view, and discuss various aspects of Marine Corps (and other history topics) history and traditions. Topics posted here may be information previously unknown or little-known, myths, legends, controversies, erroneous concepts still held as true by some, etc. Hopefully, this site will prove both an informative and interesting resource.

Topics in general should relate to the Marine Corps and allied subjects. It is emphasized that our most valuable information is the first-hand knowledge and experience of our individual old-time Marines; therefore, your feedback is invited.

This site is NOT an official site of, nor recognized by, the U.S. Marine Corps nor any other organization, government or otherwise.

This Is A Post Moderated Forum!
Please carefully consider before posting
–post only significant additional information, remarks of value.

R.W. “Dick” Gaines

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Gunny G’s
Sites & Forums
R.W. “Dick” Gaines
GnySgt USMC (Ret.)
1952 (Plt #437)–1972


T/Sgt Jim Moore
Jack Webb as T/Sgt (Gunny) Jim Moore
The D.I., 1957
Platoon #104, PISC, 1956

“Sea Stories:
The traditional means by which wisdom is passed down
from one generation of Marines to the next”
-Author Unknown

For Information regarding Ribbon Creek, Plt #71,
S/Sgt McKeon,  PISC, etc. CLICK HERE!!!!!

More Info Also On GyG’s History & Traditions Site HERE!!!!!
The Thread Re Plt #71, S/Sgt McKeon, Etc. is a very long thread–you may not reach all the posts via the top link (above)–you may have to go to the next link (above) and backtrack through the pages to find all the posts/responses/ remaining parts of that thread, if interested.

In order to more fully understand, and discuss, either The D.I. or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), I think, that information regarding that well known event in 1956 that preceded the making of the movie, The D.I. is in order. Thus, I have provided information regarding The Ribbon Creek Incident (above) to include my message board posts from Marines of Platoon #71, and others with information relating to that event.Marines have always argued among themselves as to how much tougher and better, etc. things were in “The Old Corps”! Nobody has recorded when this first began–best bet is 1775. When will it end? I would say, not as long as there is yet one Marine still standing!

And such it was and has been since one night in 1956 when something now referred to as The Ribbon Creek Incident occurred. Because of that, new arguments as to whether “boot camp” is as tough as it once was, or tougher, have gone on and on without ceasing. Many have always thought that this event of 1956 was a turning point in the way recruit training was to thereafter go for the Marine Corps, and much discussion has ensued as to what was right and wrong as a result of this. This webpage will not end such arguments, nor should it. But perhaps it can serve to bring out a few interesting points unknown to a now younger breed of Marines.

Most of us generally first learn of our Corps before we are Marines. That is when we first see a Marine movie–maybe John Wayne as Sgt John M. Stryker, in Sands of Iwo Jima; or, Retreat Hell, a movie of the first Marines to go to Korea in 1950, or maybe Battle Cry–or any one of dozens more movies about Marines. Whatever movie it was, most likely we never forgot it, nor did it leave us untouched as an individual.

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Gunny G: OOhRah! What Is It? Where Did It Come From?

May 31, 2010 2 comments


OohRah!Ever wonder where some of the most common items of our Marine Corps history came from? Things like the term “Jarhead,” etc.? Most of these things are pretty well known by all Marines. But, then, there are also numerous cases where our accepted history is just plain inaccurate. For instance, Major Devereaux’s last message from the besieged Wake Island in early World War Two–“Send Us More Japs”–or that the red stripe on the blue uniform trousers of officers and NCOs (sometimes referred to as bloodstripes) commemorates  the Marine blood spilled at the battle of Chapultapec in 1847. These two items are not true, and there are many more things like this that I have addressed elsewhere on my websites.

And then there are some cases where the origin of certain traditions are altogether unknown. Take for example, the case of the well known OohRah! What is its origin? What is its meaning? When and where did it start? Is it related to similar cries now in use by other military services? Nobody knows for sure. Yeah, most everybody has an opinion, but what is the straight scoop? Some of the more popular “opinions” on this include that OohRah comes from either (take your pick) a Turkish or a Russian battle cry, and was somehow adopted by U.S. Marines. For many years, I, myself, leaned in the direction that it may have originated with the 1956 film, The DI, staring Jack Webb as T/Sgt Jim Moore, who, in that movie, the “gunny” commands his recruit platoon (paraphrased), “Let me hear you GROWL, tigers!”

In any case, opinions on this abound–some ridiculous, some even humorous,  but like I already said, nobody seems to knows for sure. OohRah is now well-entrenched in Marine Corps tradition, and although I have found that it is generally disliked and its use disapproved of by many old time Marines, one thing is for sure–it is here to stay! Personally, I think that provided we could determine valid and meaningful historical origin, much of this disapproval  by old timers would soon be forgotten. And it seems like OohRah’s origin is not so far distant in our past that there should still be some old salts around even now who can clue us in on the straight scoop.

Somewhere I read….”The sea story is the traditional means by which wisdom is passed on from the older generation of Marines to the younger generation.”
-Author Unknown

That makes sense to me, and I have thought that if we’re ever going to get an answer on this it will be from Marines who were there and know. For at least a couple years now I have been using the resources of my e-mail and websites to seek information from Marines on this question, but the results have been disappointing. Up to now, that is.

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Gunny G’s
The Flag Raisings – Lest We Forget!

R.W. “Dick” GAINES
GySgt USMC (Ret.)

Iwo FlagWTC Flag
Lest We Forget!

Of the two photos above, the one of the NYC firemen raising the flag  at the site of the WTC after the 9/11 attack is now well known.

The other photo, however, is not so well known. That photo is one of the photos by Leatherneck magazine photographer, S/Sgt Lou Lowery, taken on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima on 23 February 1945, of the actual flag raising there at about 1020 on that morning.

Lowery had accompanied 1/Lt. Harold G. Schrier and his 40-man combat patrol (Easy Company, 2ndBn, 28th Marines), up the hill to raise our national colors; this was the first time in 2,000 years that a foreign flag had been raised on the Japanese homeland.

Later that same day, a larger, “replacement” flag was substituted for  the original, and was photographed at that time by Joe Rosenthal; and it was that photo that soon became famous as The Iwo Jima Flag Raising.

The WTC Flag picture, above, has recently appeared many times displayed  together with Rosenthal’s photo, but I have never seen it in combination with the genuine article by Lowery, therefore, I think that this combination of photos above is more appropriate, and each photo complements the other most fully. .


(The following is from the book, Iwo Jima…, by Marling/Wetenhall) The answer may surprise even long-time Marines who think they know their Marine Corps history…)

“…on February 24 when Schrier was notified, “Request you designate one member group of flag raisers report aboard Eldorado (AGC 11) early morning 25 February.Purpose news broadcast.

Schrier sent his second in command of the original patrol–PltSgt Ernest Ivy “Boots” Thomas.

At 0430 the next morning, Thomas found himself aboard the ship in the presence of Admiral Turner and General Howlin’ Mad” Smith. He was then interviewed by Don Pryor of CBS, who, microphone in hand, introduced him as “a modest but tough 20-year old fighting man from Tallahassee,” leader of the Marine platoon that captured Suribachi, “the first American in history who has ever raised Old Glory over a part of the Japanese Empire.”

A stunned pause. “No, Mr. Pryor,” Thomas interjected, “I don’t want to give that impression. The honor belongs to every man in my platoon. Three of us actually raised the flag–Lieutenant Harold G. Schrier, our company executive officer, Sergeant H.O. Hansen of Boston, and myself. But the rest of the men had just as big a part in it as we did.”

Thomas continued to point out that although he felt “mighty proud,” he did not consider himself a hero, or that he had done anything that the others hadn’t also done.”
(PltSgt Thomas, speaking to the media and Navy/Marine Corps top brass just a couple days after the flag raising on Iwo Jima!)


The following is from Tedd Thomey’s Immortal Images, A Personal History of Two Photographers and the Flag Raising On Iwo Jima, Naval Institute Press, 1996 ”

The Vandegrift revelations surfaced in a book about Iwo Jima published in the spring of 1995. Albee and Freeman present evidence that, over a period of 2 1/2 years, from early 1945 to September 1947, General Vandegrift laid down a policy that suppressed issuance or recognitionof any of the Marine Corps’ Iwo Jima photography that might have diminished the uniqueness of the Rosenhtal classic.1″ ”

…The man most affected by this policy was Sgt Lou Lowery, the Leatherneck magazine photographer who had shot the photo of the first flag raising. Genaust was also affected because the commandant’s office used the policy to reject all efforts to honor the sergeant posthumously for his motion picture achievement…” ”

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Glenn Beck – Too Stupid for Words

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Glenn Beck – Too Stupid for Words
Bible Wheel Blog ^ | May 29, 2010 at 8:48 pm | R. A. McGough

Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 7:54:56 AM by CalvaryJohn

Here’s a snippet from Glenn Beck’s radio show 5/27/10 – this one clip should eternally disqualify Glenn Beck as a commentator on religion in the eyes of all informed listeners:

Here is a transcript provided by RazorKiss that starts at about 38 seconds into the clip (link):

Glenn: “…the Dead Sea Scrolls, you know what they are? Stu, do you know what the Dead Sea Scrolls are? Stu: Well, of course I do… Glenn: Now, c’mon, most people don’t. Stu: Well, I heard of them, I don’t really know Glenn: You don’t really know. You have no idea why they were there. Sara average person doesn’t know. Any idea, take a guess on why the Dead Sea Scrolls were there, or anything else. Sara(?): Something religious. Glenn: Okay, good. Even though I’ve explained this on this program a couple of times, I’m glad to see that even the people that work with me don’t even listen. So here’s what happened. When Constantine decided that he was going to cobble together an army, he did the Council of Nicea, right, Pat? Pat: Yea. Glenn: The Council of Nicea, and what they did is brought all of the religious figures together, all the Christians and then they said, “Ok, let’s put together the Apostles’ Creed, let’s you know, you guys do it.” So they brought all their religious scripture together, that’s when the Bible was first bound and everything else. And then they said, “Anybody that disagrees with this is a heretic and off with their head!” Well, that’s what the Dead Sea Scrolls are. The Dead Sea Scrolls are those scriptures that people had at the time that they said, “They are destroying all of this truth.” Whether it’s truth or not is up to the individual, but at that time those people thought that this was something that needed to be preserved and so they rolled up the scrolls and put them in clay pots and they put them in the back of caves where no one could find them. They were hidden scripture because everything was being destroyed that disagreed with the Council of Nicea and Constantine. That’s what those things are.”

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Was economic collapse a planned power grab? Europe clamors to expose Bilderbergers, alleged masterminds behind money woes

May 31, 2010 1 comment

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Was economic collapse
a planned power grab?

Europe clamors to expose Bilderbergers,
alleged masterminds behind money woes

Posted: May 30, 2010
8:12 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn


For years, whispers of the secretive organization of world leaders known as the Bilderberg Group were considered fodder for conspiracy theories, but in the wake of massive economic upheaval, Europe’s mainstream has joined the clamoring to find out what kind of financial wizardry has been going on behind the Bilderberg curtain.

Daniel Estulin, author of the hot-selling book,  “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” has even been invited to present an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament in Brussels June 1 on the subject of the secretive cabal.

“In Spain, Bilderberg is the ‘it’ topic,” Estulin told WND. “The attention this is getting in the European mainstream press is equivalent to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal publishing extensively on it.”

The attention, Estulin said, has come as his predictions on the cost of oil and other economic factors – based on investigative reporting into the Bilderbergers – have proved more accurate than other economic models in Europe’s financial meltdown.

“Economists cannot explain it without acknowledging the shadow masters working to manipulate economies,” Estulin said. “There is a general awakening taking place in people and the national press. This is no longer the domain of conspiracy theorists. Especially in Europe, we’re seeing enough cracks to have hope that this dam will break and more and more people will demand to know what the Bilderberg Group has been doing.”

Here’s your opportunity to get the full report: “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin

The Bilderberg Group is an annual, invitation-only conference usually with more than 100 of the globe’s most influential leaders, such as heads of state and business tycoons. It always is closed to the public and press, a privacy frequently ensured by armed agents.

WND reported attendance at last year’s event included U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner; Larry Summers, the director of the U.S. National Economic Council; Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan; World Bank President Robert Zoellick; European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet and European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.

Look at the financial players involved, look at the Bilderberg Group’s history, then look at the world economy, Estulin says – you don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to recognize elite, powerful forces at work.

(Story continues below)

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Exposing Corruption At US Postal Service…

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Exposing Corruption At US Postal Service
Black Star News ^ | 5-30-2010 | Eric L. Wattree

Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 7:23:09 AM by Colonel Kangaroo

The time has come for postal employees to start flexing their political muscle.

The record is clear. The United States Postal Service has been abusing, bullying, and robbing their employees blind –through forced unpaid labor– all over the country for years now, and with complete impunity. So it’s time for both Postmaster General John E. Potter and Inspector General David C. Williams to go.

By overlooking the blatant corruption that has been clearly evidenced on their watch, they could both easily be charged with malfeasance at the very least.

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