Couric Lauds Birth Control as ‘Preventive Medicine,’… (Latter Day Margaret Sanger)

Couric Lauds Birth Control as ‘Preventive Medicine,’… (Latter Day Margaret Sanger)
Newsbusters ^ | 5/14/2010 | Lachlan Markay

Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010 1:43:49 PM by markomalley

The birth control pill was invented 50 years ago this month. CBS Nightly News anchor Katie Couric was all set to “break out the cake and streamers.” But first, she wanted to inform her viewers of a pressing national need: federal subsidies for the pill. Seriously.

Couric was distraught during her “Notebook” segment last night that, in her mind, not enough women have access to birth control. Her solution? Classify it as “preventive medicine” so that federal funds can be allocated to distributing it under the new health care law. Calling birth control “preventive medicine” seems to assume that pregnancy is a medical disorder of some sort, but I digress.

The segment runs like an infomercial for the liberal position on birth control. It lauds Planned Parenthood, the “need” for publicly funded birth control, and even throws in a dash of anti-insurance company populism. Couric caps the segment off by saying, “We’ve come a long way, baby, but not far enough.”

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