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The Illegal Obama fired a real hero

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The Illegal Obama fired a real hero
Atlah Media Network ^ | June 22, 2010 | michael master

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 9:57:45 PM by bronkburnett

The Rolling Stone article about General McChrystal is attached to this article. If you accept the media spin about it without reading it yourself, then you are making a big mistake and you are letting the liberal media cartel influence your opinions way too much. Read the article, make your own opinions about it, and then listen to how the pundits and news anchors present it. Then you will understand how this liberal media cartel in the USA is harming America by how it presents information, what it presents, and what is omitted.

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“I agree with Clyde Wilson that America can’t be saved or returned to its roots until the Republican Party is destroyed.”

June 23, 2010 43 comments

“I agree with Clyde Wilson that America can’t be saved or returned to its roots until the Republican Party is destroyed.”

Thomas DiLorenzo

The Real DiLorenzo

R. W. “Dick” Gaines (Gunny G)
The “G” WebLog @Network54

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General Was A Bad Choice For A Fool’s Errand

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General Was A Bad Choice For A Fool’s Errand
IBD Editorials ^ | June 23, 2010 | GEORGE F. WILL

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 8:39:51 PM by Kaslin

In 1932, during a lunch in Albany with Rexford Tugwell, an adviser, Gov. Franklin Roosevelt paused to take a telephone call from Louisiana Gov. Huey Long. When the call ended, FDR referred to Long as the second-most dangerous man in America. Who, Tugwell asked, is the most dangerous? FDR answered: Douglas MacArthur.

As Army chief of staff, MacArthur had just flamboyantly conducted the violent dispersal of the bedraggled “bonus army” in Washington. Nearly 19 years later, he was to become most dangerous to himself, as another commanding general has now done. But Stanley McChrystal is no MacArthur.

MacArthur had some of the genius and much of the egomania of a former artillery captain, Napoleon. This made MacArthur insubordinate and got him cashiered by a former artillery captain, Harry Truman.

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Jacques Vallee: Of Crop Circles, meme wars and web-based flypaper

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Jacques Vallee: Of Crop Circles, meme wars and web-based flypaper
Boing Boing ^ | June 21, 2010 | Jacques Vallee

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 8:50:16 PM by shibumi

Based on the three earlier posts I have made on this subject, an objective reader might be justified to conclude either that crop circles are the product of hoaxes or the result of experimental military developments. In both cases he or she would also have to admit that they represent a masterful project in social engineering. If they are hoaxes, the authors have succeeded in capturing the attention of the world in a way that few works of art even achieve. Their productions are surrounded with mystery and the breathless suggestion of Alien contact or ancient druidic magic. The designs even hint at a cosmic signal about the future of our species.

If they are military experiments hidden in plain sight, then the social manipulation of information that serves as camouflage is a remarkable achievement. It shows that the most open form of public communication in the world, namely the web, can be used as a device to hide the reality of a massive technological effort and to distort the debate about the tools it uses and the goals it pursues. Those of us interested in the evolution and future of the Internet should take notice.

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Obama’s faith: Christianity or Islam?

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Obama’s faith: Christianity or Islam?
World Net Daily ^ | June 23, 2010 | Pieder Beeli

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 6:09:08 PM by all the best

By his eponymous father and by his Indonesian rearing – where both his school records and the predominant culture was Islamic – Barack Obama has an Islamic heritage.

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“You don’t want to let a good disaster go to waste.”

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“You don’t want to let a good disaster go to waste.” ^ | June 23, 2010 | Dave Weinbaum

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 5:20:17 PM by AnotherDayInParadise

Commentary from conservative talk show host Dave Weinbaum’s weekly radio program.

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The Real DiLorenzo A ‘Southern Partisan’ Interview….

June 23, 2010 38 comments


The Real DiLorenzo
A ‘Southern PartisanInterview

How did you get on to Lincoln?

I was real interested in the War, and I started thinking about how I could combine my profession with this hobby of mine: the history of the War.

More and more, as I read about Lincoln, I realized he was a tyrant. He was all about money and power. He was the political water-carrier of the Northern big business interests. Of course, he was a centralizer. I’m sort of a libertarian, although Clyde Wilson would say “Jeffersonian.” Jeffersonian is pretty much the same thing to me. Most people hear the word “libertarian” and think of people who advocate taking drugs, and that sort of thing. Jeffersonian is more like it.

It really struck me that the War destroyed the Jeffersonian ideal of government. I started writing a few articles about this, and turned it into this book.

What do you think will happen?

It seems to me that the American public has been dumbed down so much by the government schools that they’re just going to go along with this until it either bankrupts us all or we make enough enemies out there that September 11 will seem like child’s play. You can’t do this without making a lot of enemies in the world. That’s my biggest fear – that we won’t get rid of these Sons of Lincoln who run the Republican Party.

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