Congress Pimps Out the American People

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Congress Pimps Out the American People

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Washington’s Blog [1]
June 26, 2010

We’ve known for over a year that real financial reform wouldn’t happen [2].

We knew that the proposed bill wouldn’t do much [3].

We knew Congress was just pimping out [4] the American people, and partying at our expense.

But it is still disgusting to see Congressman Barney Frank, Senator Chris Dodd and the rest selling out the American dream [5].

Shahien Nasiripour writes [6]:

Bloomberg notes [7]:

Legislation to overhaul financial regulation [won’t] fundamentally reshape Wall Street’s biggest banks or prevent another crisis, analysts said.

The bottom line is that nothing has really changed … the government is continuing to strengthen the parasite and poison the real economy [8].

Congress is still continuing to pimp out the American people to Johns who have insatiable lusts[9].

After nearly 20 hours over two final days filled with backroom dealing, House and Senate negotiators struck a grand compromise to merge the two chambers’ competing bills to reform the nation’s financial system in a party-line vote. But the long hours of closed-door meetings also appear to have fulfilled Wall Street’s greatest wish: Many of the measures that offered the greatest chances to fundamentally reshape how the Street conducts business have been struck out, weakened, or rendered irrelevant.

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