What Did Obama Know of Blago’s Selling of Senate Seat And When Did He Know It?

What Did Obama Know of Blago’s Selling of Senate Seat And When Did He Know It?
Publius Forum ^ | 07/14/10 | Warner Todd Huston

Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 2:06:59 PM by Mobile Vulgus

The National Republican Committee wants to know the answer to a few questions…

Once again the exculpatory memo issued by the President-elect’s lawyer, Greg Craig, in December of 2008 is finding itself in conflict with testimony coming out of the Blagojevich Trial in Chicago. First we learned through the testimony of SEIU boss Tom Balanoff that President Obama actually played an active role in promoting Valerie Jarrett as a candidate for his old seat, despite no mention of that in the memo. Now we are learning of another call, this time by Rahm Emanuel that violated Obama’s supposed neutrality policy and again failed to be reported by Craig. Here are a couple of questions for a White House that clearly wants to avoid this topic:

1) How do explain the inconsistencies between Craig’s memo, which said “the President-Elect had ruled out communicating a preference” and John Wyma’s testimony that he received a call from Rahm Emanuel with a message from the President-Elect?

2) How do you explain the reoccurring pattern of omitted or inaccurate information included in the memo, in this case the call from Emanuel to Wyma, and how does that reflect on the veracity of the document as a whole?…

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