Constitutional Emergency….”one of the most despicable displays of anti-America, treasonous action by a body of Congress ever witnessed…” (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

Constitutional Emergency A message to all members of Constitutional Emergency Patriots, The President of the United States stood nearly arm-in-arm on the steps of the White House with President Felipe Calderon of Mexico. Calderon arrogantly criticized the courage of the State of Arizona for passing a law, which mirrors federal law designed to protect Arizona citizens from falling prey to Mexicans or anyone else that crosses the border into the Un … Read More

via ~ The GUNNY "G" BLOG & E-MAIL ~


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GnySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952--'72 PC: History, Poly-Tiks, Military, Stories, Controversial, Unusual, Humorous, etc.... "Simplify...y'know!"
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