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By Lynn Stuter

April 14, 2009

Fifteen years ago when I tried to tell people where the transformation of America was heading, I either got this “deer in the headlights” look of “I don’t care don’t bother me I don’t want to know” or people laughed and said, “that’ll never happen because the American people won’t let it!”

On November 4, 2008, sixty-six million Americans let it happen; they voted for a candidate they knew absolutely nothing about; they voted their feelings for a man who has great voice inflection and tone but who, in reality, said absolutely nothing of substance, and certainly nothing that would tell anyone who he was and is.

Today, the United States of America lays in shambles. In 77 days since usurping the Oval Office, the Also Known As AKA Obama Administration has done more damage to this nation than any president before him.In that short time-frame, AKAhas signed into law legislation that will, in one year, put this nation $1.8 trillion further into the hole, bearing in mind that the total deficit spending of the Bush Administration, in eight years, was $400 billion!waits to sign into law the GIVE Act HR 1388 which begins the process of establishing the “national security force”; the brown-shirt goon-squads needed to assert control over the American people!has, through bailouts the illegal and unconstitutional taking stealing of money from the American people moved tonationalize banks!nationalize private enterprise!moved to bring the 2010 census under his power and control!begun the move to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to global governance via the Financial Stability Board FSB, a body of central bankers mostly European from each of the G20 states and the European Union; the purpose of which is a global economic union with uniform regulations and bylaws for all participating nations “with [the] authority to intervene in U.S. corporations by dictating executive compensation and approving or disapproving business management decisions.”

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Jerry Brown Mocks Vet’s Concern About Code Pink Fundraiser

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Democrat California gubernatorial nominee Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown mocked as “silly” the concerns raised by a retired Marine Corps colonel about Brown attending a fundraiser at the home of terrorist supporter and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday evening at a campaign rally at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building, Brown labeled the call by Col. Bucky Peterson to return the money from the fundraiser “dishonest” and “the sillies[t] thing I’ve ever heard.” Peterson’s statement was released by Brown’s opponent, Republican nominee Meg Whitman.

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How can you rev up grandmothers coast to coast to clobber Democrats in every race this November?

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We’ve identified Democrats’ fatal Achilles’ heel in the upcoming elections: it’s Bubbies.Nannas.Gammas.Irmas, Emmas, Constances, Heloises, Josephinas, Katherines, you name ‘em.GRANDMOTHERS.

If grandmothers, coast to coast, many of whom have blind-voted Democrat for decades, can be convinced that the Democrat Party as it exists currently under Obama is a grave danger to the nation’s future…and the future of their beloved GRANDCHILDREN…we believe there will be no force on Heaven or this great Earth that can stop an army of motivated, sassy, ass-kicking blue hairs from decimating the Left in the elections to come.Not just in November, but in 2012 as well…where we believe a grandmother from Wasilla will become our 45th president, with many a grandmother cheering her on to that win.

We’re not downplaying the importance of grandfathers. Or men in general. Heck, we’re all guys here ourselves. But, any man with any sense about him realizes the most powerful force in any family is its grandmothers. The lucky amongst us get two of these powerhouses to guide, mentor, smuther, and dote on us as we grow up.

Some are as sugary sweet as the cookies they bake. Others are more sass than molasses, and “tells it like it is”, whether you “wants to hears it or not”. Some grannies are ribald and saucy; others are quiet, frail, and kind.


The best way is IF the grandmas have figured out that we have to sh!tcan the Democrats without voting the Republicans back in to do us in again so that people finally throw up their arms in despair and vote the rats back in again.

The two-party system is a humbug—always has been—there is no lesser of evils, they are both evil as they come!
Vote for Mr FLIM or Mr FLAM—same result, only one is more obvious than the other…to some.

Take control by voting only (i)ndependents in!

Now is the best time, now that the usurper has run things so far into the ground that this should be obvious to all—this may be our last chance—IF indeed we get just one more NOvember!

How many chances do y’all think we are gonna get?

Read the following and it responses, links,etc.

Then THINK!!!!

-Gunny G



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Sag Harbor Baggy Pants Fad Reaches All Time Low, As Does Our Nation

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The Nation’s PulseSag HarborB

y Christopher Orlet on 8.26.10 @ 6:07AM

The sign on the door of John English’s store reads “No shoes, No shirt, No service. And pull up your pants!”

Waiting in the checkout line, I ask the proprietor if he is still having trouble with shirtless and shoeless customers with sagging trousers.

“It’s worse,” John moans, shaking his head despondently. “I don’t know what the world’s coming to.”John has run this little corner grocery for 35 years. He’s seen nonconformist fashion trends come and go: ultra-miniskirts, hoodies, backward baseball caps.

Who can forget that brief period a few years ago when girls wore those incredibly low-cut jeans with the highly visible thongs?”I didn’t think it could get worse than the saggy pants,” John says. “Boy was I naive.”I remember the sagging pants. They were all the rage in the 1990s. At first the trousers sagged only somewhat, barely enough to identify the color and make of the boxers.

As the years advanced, however, trousers continued their downward progression.In those days, there was much debate about the significance of “jailin’,” as the trend was called. Berkeley grad school students even wrote dissertations on the phenomenon. One popular theory had the fad originating with prisoners’ ill-fitting clothing. Ex-cons brought this fashion statement to the ghetto where it was popularized. Wearing droopy drawers became a symbol of solidarity with convicts past and present.

Today we can look back on the era of the sagging trousers as a relatively enlightened period. Some of the younger male mostly customers coming into John English’s store now wear long tight-fitting gym shorts that they position well below their buttocks.Excerpt Read more at …

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Trust on Issues – Voters Now Trust Republicans More On All 10 Key Issues Rassmussen

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Rassmussen Reports ^ | 8/26/10 | Scott RassmussenPosted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 3:08:57 PM by The G ManThe GOP has consistently been trusted on most issues for months now, but in July they held the lead on only nine of the key issues.

Republicans lead Democrats 47% to 39% on the economy, which remains the most important issue to voters. Those numbers are nearly identical to those found in June.

Republicans have held the advantage on the economy since May of last year.But for the first time in months, Republicans now hold a slight edge on the issues of government ethics and corruption, 40% to 38%. Voters have been mostly undecided for the past several months on which party to trust more on this issue, but Democrats have held small leads since February.

Still, more than one-in-five voters 22% are still not sure which party to trust more on ethics issues.Excerpt Read more at …


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Blogger Faces Racism Charges for Warning Glenn Beck Rally Visitors to Stay out of Some DC Neighborhoods

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Openly gay, conservative blogger Bruce Majors provided a visitors’ guide to Washington DC for people coming to town for Glenn Beck’s rally. He advised travelers of which neighborhoods to avoid and now he faces charges of racism.It should be noted that Jesse Jackson once said: “I hate to admit it, but I have reached a stage in my life that if I am walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved”.

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Philly Mayor Defends Tax on Bloggers

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Philadelphia has become a target online now that people are learning that bloggers have to pay a fee just like businesses do.Should the city really be going after the little guys for making money online?

The mayor says yes.The city’s recent tax amnesty program brought to light Philadelphia bloggers and others who had reported income to the IRS – meaning they were telling Uncle Sam they had made money – but had never purchased the business privilege license required to do business in the city.

That license runs $50 a year or $300 for life.ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW

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