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30 September 2010 | Mene Mene Tekel UpharsinPosted on Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:10:17 PM by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

Let’s start a new saying and a new movement tonight, 30 September 2010. Just say to everyone you can that your message for Obama is:

Shut Up!We don’t want to hear another word out of you, your wife or your daughters ever again.

We don’t care about another word you have to say ever again.

Just shut up. Do not pass Go and do not collect $200 or billion dollars.

Without profanity, Just Shut Up Obama!

Every time you open your mouth, you make the problem worse.Obama,

Shut Up!

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Feds radiating Americans’? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

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For many living in a terror-spooked country, it might seem like a great government innovation: Use vans equipped with mobile X-ray units to scan vehicles at major sporting events, or even randomly, for bombs or contraband


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The Invisible Militia

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America‘s liberal media routinely demonstrate a formulaic knee-jerk response to the threat of white militias no matter what disorganized, shapeless form any such rag-tag organizations may take. Any white lunatic who perpetrates a violent event is immediately cast unquestioningly by the mainstream media as possible new evidence of some vague, relatively unstructured but assuredly white threat to all those of a progressive persuasion.

By the way, for any aspiring liberal Journolistas, here’s the formula: Any white + any violence = probable white militia. See Time Magazine‘s new cover story this week!If you are Caucasian and mildly pleased with being so, then you are not only a racist in the eyes of the liberal media, you are, as well, a potentially violent threat to all people of color. Never mind the countless mainstream media articles praising those same people of color organizing in such a way as to proclaim their black pride or brown pride. In the eyes and minds of liberal America there is equal and then there is equal. If you are of Caucasian descent, you can forget about either term ever being applied to you and your offspring. Consider the New Black Panther Party and their extra-legal existence as a racial militia in contemporary America.

Look at this rather self-defining list of demands which constitutes their platform, taken from their website, and draw your own conclusions. If it doesn’t scare the hell out of you that people who subscribe to this sort of racist militancy are meeting with foreign leaders who have openly spoken of the end of America, then you aren’t tuned in, Bubba…


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D’Souza on Glenn Beck: Obama ideology based on father’s anti-colonial socialism

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Dinesh D’Souza appeared on Glenn Beck yesterday, and he made the point that Barack Obama’s ideology is based on the anti-colonial socialism of his late father. Dinesh D’Souza was a special guest in the second half of the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News Channel, on a show that centered around discovering just who in the heck Number 44 really is. And I fully mean who he really is, not the fake caricature the liberal media fabricated to make him appear more relatable to average Americans.

I mean the real Barack Hussein Obama, the man who thinks that raising taxes will spur economic growth, that states should be sued for enforcing federal laws against illegal aliens, and that enemies can be appeased by just bowing to them constantly.

The divulgence from Dinesh D’Souza was not pretty to say the least.


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Rush Limbaugh: “We Don’t Need A Birth Certificate To Know Obama Is A Foreigner….

September 30, 2010 5 comments

Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh said today that as far as loyalties go for Barack Obama, he is a “foreigner.””Let me put it this way,” Limbaugh said. “We don’t need a birth certificate to know that Obama is a foreigner, in this sense:

He’s born in the United States, but he doesn’t think like most of us think. He doesn’t look at this country and its people, its history, its accomplishments the way most of us do.

He doesn’t look at our history with pride.”Limbaugh, who on occasion has referred to the controversy over Obama’s eligibility, continued,

“There’s no American exceptionalism as far as Obama’s concerned.”

This has been the thing I’ve been trying to convince people of ever since just before the election,” Limbaugh said.


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LTC Lakin’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Supporting Brief

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^ | 09/30/010 | CorazonPosted on Thursday, September 30, 2010 4:25:24 PM

by Corazon

Links to LTC Lakin’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Supporting BriefExcerpt Read more at …TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Government; News/Current Events; Click to Add TopicKEYWORDS: court; lakin; martial; obama; Click to Add Keyword[ Report Abuse | Bookmark ]LTC Lakin’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Supporting Brief

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Ron Paul and Tom Woods Promoted Nullification w/videos

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News Link  •  Constitution
Ron Paul and Tom Woods Promoted Nullification w/videos
Ron Paul spoke at a John Dennis for Congress rally in San Francisco. Dennis just happens to be challenging Nancy Pelosi for her House seat. Here’s a three-minute video clip from Paul’s speech in which he expresses great satisfaction over the rapid

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