Captain May: OBAMA-RAHMA! Windy and Bayou cities await false flag

OBAMA-RAHMA! Windy and Bayou cities await false flag

By Captain Eric H. May

Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

HOUSTON, 10/9/10Barack Obama needs a quick fix in a big way. Earlier this month, Iran spoke the unspeakable 9/11 truth at the United Nations. The United States led a walkout of two dozen nations who agreed that this was anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. The same two dozen nations are currently engaged in war against the Middle East for oil and Israel, under U.S. leadership.

His approval ratings are plummeting just three weeks before the mid-term elections, inviting Republicans to run against him and Democrats to run away from him. His cabinet has been partly purged, and his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel has gone to Chicago to run for mayor. Pakistan is under attack and in revolt, as Afghanistan crumbles. The Jewish Nation’s renewed settlement of Palestine has derailed his regional peace plans, if he ever had any. In short, the Obama presidency is doomed – unless something changes.

For the last four years The Iconoclast has rated Houston and Chicago the most likely false flag terror targets in the nation. Recent events in the two cities have us especially worried about them now. The departure of Rahm Emanuel from Washington D.C. may be the arrival of the false flag supervisor to Chicago. The extended closure of the Houston Ship Channel resulted in the arrival of hundreds of federal officials and military members to BP’s backyard. We urge all Americans to consider this danger, which they can explore through our early summer article:

Captain Eric H. May-Chicago, Houston “Treason Season” Begins 6/14/10

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