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Alan Watt: The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity

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Alan Watt continues to divulge his fascinating in-depth insights into how culture is created from the top down and used by the elite to manipulate and pervert natural human instincts towards their own ends. Every change in culture, right down to fashion and music, points out Watt citing Plato, had to be authorized and promoted from the top.

This science of mass mind control is still taught today by the insiders and mediums such as television are used as weapons of social control to prevent humanity from ever realizing its full potential.Alan Watt: The Neo Eugenics War On Humanity alan2Watt talks about how the elite technocrats plan for the long term, in 50, 100 and even 150 year cycles in which to implement the different aspects of their agenda, and how each cultural shift was deliberately timed to be implemented at a certain time. The current cultural bombardment surrounds the emergence of neo-eugenics, with big foundations and organizations like the Optimum Population Trust pushing the idea that humans are superfluous, virus-like, and therefore worthless.

Alan Watt: The Neo Eugenics War On Humanity alan3Watt discusses how sperm counts across Europe and America have dropped at an alarming rate of up to 80 per cent over the past 50 years, and how the media’s complete ignorance of this crisis proves that it was authorized as a deliberate program of de-population. Watt traces the program back to its origins in the 1950’s, where synthetic female hormones like estrogen were put in baby foods by companies like Proctor and Gamble, as well as baby milk bottles washed with Bisphenol A, the very substance that attacks male genitalia and prevents it from developing properly. Watt also outlines how Bisphenol A in women’s cosmetic products contributes to toxifying their bodies, leading to an environment for male babies that leads them to have a reduced sperm count or even become sterile.The foundation of the agenda can be discovered in the writings of people like Bertrand Russell and the Huxley brothers, who talked about the need to sterilize the masses as far back as the 1930’s.

Watt also divulges how the elite’s ultimate goal for every human allowed to be born is for them to serve the state and be deceived into accepting this enslavement as a natural form of existence. The elite’s greatest fear is that the “inferiors” will out-breed the “superiors,” which is why they continually push neo-eugenics and are obsessed with inter-breeding to keep their own genetics intellectually pure.

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WAS AMERICA SOLD? WAS AMERICA SOLD? By Nancy Levant July 3, 2009 In 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, which gave D.C. the authority to sell America’s infrastructure. They called this authority “Infrastructure Privatization.” E.O. 12803 tells us this power cleared the way for the “disposition or transfer of an infrastructure “asset” such as by sale or by long-term lease from a State or local government to a private party.” E.O. … Read More

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Pro: Clinton’s the only Democrat who can win in 2012

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The writer is addressing the question, Should Hillary Clinton challenge President Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2012?The latest buzz flitting among the Georgetown salons is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will switch jobs with Vice President Joe Biden and take his place on the Democratic ticket in 2012.That’s one of the tidbits being peddled by Bob Woodward to promote his new book “Obama’s Wars” and it has Democratic loyalists desperate to salvage a rapidly failing Obama presidency atwitter with unbridled joy.As a rumor,

it’s intriguing. As common sense, it doesn’t pass Logic 101.Why, after all, would the world’s top diplomat want to chug from John Nance Garner’s “warm bucket” when she could be sipping a Pimm’s Cup in the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 2013? With the economy unlikely to have recovered the Clinton-era glow of the 1990s, it’s far more likely that Hillary will challenge Obama at the start of 2012. If she does, that smart money in the Democratic Party will flow into her coffers like water rushing over the Hoover Dam.

Ah, but what about Woodward’s prediction that Hillary will be a good team player and wait until she is 71 to make a 2016 quest for the Oval Office?

Throughout the years since he chronicled the Watergate scandal with Washington Post colleague Carl Bernstein, Woodward has been a font of delicious speculations—not all of them based in reality.

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The Jackie Robinson Theory of the Obama Presidency

October 23, 2010 2 comments

Ever since Obama has become president there has been a hyperracialization of every issue of mere politics. The climax came for me when I went to the Tea Party protest down at the Capital just before Obamacare was passed. When I got home I started hearing claims of some kind of racial incident.

You can recognize intellectually that politicians are liars, but to hear them lying about you is another matter, a real baptism. And it made me try to understand where this was all coming from.Now some of it is pure hucksterism. There is no two ways about it.But there is also an honest, albeit mistaken, belief that this is a racial issue. One honest, albeit misguided reason for believing that racism is behind it is that to many liberals, Obama is so self-evidently awesome one cannot rationally be opposed to his policies. But there is one other reason why liberals assume that the criticism that Obama richly deserves is based on race. I call it the Jackie Robinson Theory of the Obama presidency.Let’s go back to Jackie Robinson.


I take it as a given that you know that he was the first black player in Major League Baseball. But he was also something else: a test case. He was brought into the league first because they believed that he had the disposition, class, and intelligence to keep what was important in mind. So if some racist fool dug his spiked cleats into Robinson’s leg, Robinson couldn’t grab a bat and give the jerk the beating he richly deserved. He had to take it, play through the pain and never give back what they threw at him. It was unjust, but at that time it was necessary, and he got that. It wasn’t about him, it was about his whole race. Just as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, we can take a moment to recognize another man who suffered unjustly and did not strike back. What more in the name of love, right? And maybe that doesn’t merit a tribute song by Bono, but with his quiet courage, and dignity, Robinson opened the door so that people of all colors could play baseball together.

So is Obama the “Jackie Robinson” of the presidency? In the sense that he is the first black man to come into this position, undeniably. But what about in the second sense, that he is a test case?

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Conference on Obama to be held November 9-16 in Honolulu| The Post & Email

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“OBAMACON 2012″by Sharon Rondeau

Andy Martin has worked in media for almost 40 yearsOct. 23, 2010 — Mr. Andy Martin, JD, will be holding a “Third National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate, College Records and Religion” in Honolulu on November 9-16, 2010.

The announcement reads as follows:Honolulu, November, 2010: Obamacon 2012Third National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate, College Records and Religion, November 9-16, 2010 Honolulu

Anyone who donates $50 or more to this effort will receive an autographed copy of Andy Martin’s book, Obama:  The Man Behind the Mask, which is “not a biography; rather it is a work-in-progress, as we try to comprehend how Obama rose from the sewers of Chicago politics to being a serious candidate for President of the United States.”

The book can be purchased here.  A biography of Mr. Martin is found here and states that “He specializes in fighting judicial corruption and is unafraid to attack corruption in both the courts and legal profession.”

Martin states that his organization seeks to raise funds to “defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and adds:

We are dedicated to publishing only accurate facts and information about Senator Barack Obama, and raising what we believe to be are legitimate questions about his qualifications for the presidency.

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Will Barack Obama admit extent of Iran’s role in Iraq, laid bare by WikiLeaks?

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Much of the attention surrounding the WikiLeaks document dump will, predictably enough, focus on a single incident of two insurgents being killed after they tried to surrender to an Apache helicopter and, more disturbingly, the widespread abuse of detainees by Iraq forces, apparently with a blind eye being turned by the US military.Some of the reporting of the documents is distinctly tendentious.

Take for instance this from the Guardian. The headline states as fact that “Apache helicopters kill 14 civilians”. The source for this? A single Iraq informant, speaking to an interpreter for the US military. In addition, an Iraqi colonel said the number was 12.Any journalist who has worked in Iraq and I spent much of 2004 and 2005 there knows that casualty figures from Iraqis were extremely unreliable and often based on rumour, exaggeration or personal/political agendas and prejudices. In the US report, the figures are rightly described as “unconfirmed”.I’m not saying it’s not true that 14 were killed. Civilians die in wars, often in very large numbers, and they certainly did so in Iraq.

There might well have been that number or more killed by US forces that. But we just don’t know and things that we can’t be sure about should not be reported as fact just because we might like them to be true.Interesting to note also to that the Guardian has seen fit to name the interpreter in the incident report, which I won’t link to for that reason.

A couple of things to say about the detainee abuse. Clearly, a legacy of Saddam Hussein’s regime was a culture of astonishing brutality in Iraq. To expect that indigenous forces would somehow adhere to Western standards of due process is unrealistic.


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45-Car Convoy, 700 Hotel Rooms, 2 Jumbo Jets For Obamas’ Mumbai Trip

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Mumbai trip: The entire Taj Mahal hotel has been booked, the President’s team will have 570 rooms, including all banquets and restaurants, 125 rooms more rooms for Obama‘s security, the 2 jumbo jets are in addition to Air Force One

Since Obama is expected to arrive in the afternoon on November 6, and will travel by road to the Taj Mahal Hotel, the entire stretch from airport to the hotel will be under heavy security.To ensure fool-proof security, the President’s team has booked the entire the Taj Mahal Hotel, including 570 rooms, all banquets and restaurants. Since his security contingent and staff will comprise a huge number, 125 rooms at Taj President have also been booked, apart from 80 to 90 rooms each in Grand Hyatt and The Oberoi hotels.

The NCPA, where the President is expected to meet representatives from the business community, has also been entirely booked.The officer said, “Obama’s contingent is huge.

There are two jumbo jets coming along with Air Force One, which will be flanked by security jets. There will be 30 to 40 secret service agents, who will arrive before him. The President’s convoy has 45 cars, including the Lincoln Continental in which the President travels.”

Since Obama will stay in a hotel that is on sea front, elaborate coastal security arrangements have been made by the US Navy in consonance with the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard.

“There will be US naval ships, along with Indian vessels , patrolling the sea till about 330-km from the shore. This is to negate the possibility of a missile being fired from a distance,” the officer said.

The President will be accompanied by his chefs, not because he would not like to savour Indian cuisine, but to ensure his food is not spiked.

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Vision Leads Woman to Paint 1991 Portrait of… 911 Terrorist Attack

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In this Oct. 14, 2010 photo, “Saving Freedom” a 1991 painting by Mary Jane Jordan is seen in Roseburg, Ore.. Caryl Jordan Baum, 67, the daughter of Mary Jane Jordan, believes it prophetically depicted the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

She hopes to have the painting, which she said her mother painted after having a vision, made into a postage stamp that commemorates the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.AP Photo/The News-Review, Michael SullivanROSEBURG, Ore. AP –

Ghostly figures run across the roof of a skyscraper, smoke and flames reflected in the building’s window panes, contrasting with the brilliant blue sky.

The people, who have no faces or color, clamor on top of each other in their haste to get away from a man brandishing a knife. A large American flag stands in the midst of the pale figures, the red and white stripes smudging together as if the flag was drenched in a heavy rain.

The scene is from a watercolor called “Saving Freedom” painted by Roseburg resident Caryl Jordan Baum’s late mother Mary Jane Jordan in 1991.

Jordan Baum, 67, believes it prophetically depicted the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

She hopes to have the painting, which she said her mother painted after having a vision, made into a postage stamp that commemorates the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Jordan Baum plans to submit an application to the U.S. Postal Service soon and believes the painting’s significance makes a strong case for it being put on a stamp.

Prints of the painting have been sold to people all over the country, with former President George W. Bush being the most famous owner, she said.



See the Free Republic site for reader Responses/Original Post for infp, pics, etc.

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American Al Qaeda Spokesman Urges Attacks in U.S.

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Another Incredibly Racist Remark By Frequent TV News Comentator, Not Juan Williams!

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A frequent and highly sought-after guest on many MSM television news shows recently made another incredibly insensitive and racist comment.He said “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage of my life than to walk down the street at night and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery — then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

#1: Who was this incredibly insensitive racist?

#2; Where did he say it?

#3: Juan Williams was fired for speaking the truth about his feelings.

What happened to this nationally known analyst when he said he was glad people following him in a potentially dangerous situation were White, not Black?

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Rush Limbaugh: Operation Reverse Chaos

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Rush Limbaugh is back with another version of Operation Chaos…Operation Reverse Chaos!!Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

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Bill Clinton urges Americans to control their anger as ugly campaign enters last leg – Telegraph

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The public’s anger has demonstrated itself in numerous hot-tempered campaigns, many involving novice candidates from the insurgent Tea Party. The stinging rhetoric and personal insults of some races has reflected the increasingly bitter and rigid divide between Left and Right.”Americans are worked up and angry,” said Matt Bennett, a vice-president of the Third Way think tank.

“In addition to the economic pain there is a sense that we will not come out of this slump the same country we were before. There is a profound fear we have begun to see the end of American domination [of the world] and that is a profoundly scary proposition.”In the most bitter high profile contest, Sharron Angle, the Tea Party-backed Senate candidate in Nevada, told her opponent Sen Harry Reid on live television to “man up” and face the country’s realities.It was one of several indecorous challenges to manhood that have brought dismay about declining standards of political discourse, Christine O’Donnell, a much derided Tea Party favourite who secured the Republican nomination to run for the Senate in Delaware, told her party rival Mike Castle:

“This is not a bake-off, get your man-pants on.”

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Weekend Edition, October 23-24, 2010
Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic
Ron Holland on the ridiculous 2010 elections.
The Tea Parties Are Worse Than Useless
Karl Denninger on how Republicans made the TPs part of the bankster regime.
The Economic Standoff To Save the Neighborhood
The Mogambo Guru reminds us: don’t ever to talk to the cops.
Heads You Win, Tails You Win
Jim Rogers on commodities, but not on Fed crimes.
You Can Laugh at Your Country
Joe Sobran on being a patriot as versus a nationalist.
In Praise of the Naked-Scan Rebel
A liberal pilot agrees with our own Michael Roberts.

Angle Targets Obama, Not Reid, in New Ad

October 23, 2010 1 comment

Republican challenger Sharron Angle rolled out a harsh welcome for President Obama, who dropped into Las Vegas last night in a desperate bid to save Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The ad features Obama two years ago lamenting the crumbling economy.“In 2008, we were promised change we could believe in,” the ad says starkly as a crowd can be heard chanting “Obama! Obama!” in the background.

“Then Harry Reid and the president got to work,” the ad says, as scenes flash on screen showing Reid and Obama yukking it up, campaigning together, waving to audiences, smiling and embracing.

Since then, things have only gotten worse — especially in Nevada, which now suffers the highest bankruptcy and foreclosure rates in the country and 14.4 percent unemployment.In Las Vegas, unemployment is 15 percent.

Full story here.

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PDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power ~ Last roadblocks to martial law in the United States eliminated (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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PDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power ~ Last roadblocks to martial law in the United States eliminatedPrison Planet.comhttp://www.prisonplanet.comPDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power Posted By admin On January 18, 2010 @ 5:34 am In Featured Stories, News In Focus, Paul Watson Articles | 60 Comments Last roadblocks to martial law in the United States eliminated Paul Joseph Watson Prison [1] Monday, January 18, 2010 An Obama executive order that creates a council of state governors who will work with the fed …

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2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic by Ron Holland

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2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic

by Ron Holland

Previously by Ron Holland:

Yes, There Is Gold at Fort Knox

“Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”

~ H.L. Mencken

By Ron Holland


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Freedom’s Phoenix Newsletter…

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News Link  •  WAR: About that War
The Iraq Archive: The Strands of a War
10-22-2010 NY Times
A huge trove of secret field reports from the battlegrounds of Iraq sheds new light on the war, including such fraught subjects as civilian deaths, detainee abuse and the involvement of Iran. The secret archive is the second such cache obtained by
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News Link  •  Economy – Economics USA
7 banks closed in Fla., Ga., Ill., Kan., Ariz.
10-22-2010 AP
Regulators shut down 7 banks in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona, lifting to 139 the number of US banks that have fallen this year as soured loans have mounted and the economy has sputtered. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over
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News Link  •  Housing
Title insurers seek to insulate themselves from foreclosure losses
10-22-2010 Washington Post
The title insurance industry is maneuvering to protect itself from losses if courts rule that banks have played fast and loose with the foreclosure process. But people who buy foreclosed properties from banks may face some degree of loss despite havi
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News Link  •  Voting – Election Integrity
Dispute over New Black Panthers case causes deep divisions
10-22-2010 Washington Post
Among those who saw the video was J. Christian Adams, who was in his office in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division in Washington. “I thought, ‘This is wrong, this is not supposed to happen in this country,’ There are arme
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News Link  •  Economy – Economics USA
New Jersey governor to re-examine tunnel funding
10-22-2010 Reuters
NJ Governor Christie will examine a report on an $8.7 billion rail tunnel after the federal government urged him to reconsider his cancellation of the project. The tunnel between NJ and Manhattan would be the largest US public-works project and has b
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KFNX The Libertarian Solution Nick Coons Jim Iannuzo
News Link  •  Central Intelligence Agency
US seeks $2 billion in military aid for Pakistan
10-22-2010 Reuters
The US announced $2 billion in military aid for Pakistan as the countries sought to dispel doubts about Islamabad’s commitment to uprooting Islamist insurgents from safe havens on its soil. “The United States has no stronger partner when it
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News Link  •  Media: Television
NPR gets earful from listeners on Williams firing
10-22-2010 AP
NPR and its public radio stations around the country got an earful from listeners and angry citizens in the middle of pledge season Friday over its firing of commentator Juan Williams, receiving thousands of complaints and scattered threats to withho
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News Link  •  Iran
Iran Seized U.S. Hikers in Iraq, U.S. Report Asserts
10-22-2010 NY Times
Iran has accused 3 American hikers of illegally crossing into Iranian territory and is still holding 2 of them in prison. But a classified American military report made public by WikiLeaks, asserts the hikers were on the Iraqi side of the border when
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News Link  •  World News
Horror disease hits Uganda
10-22-2010 AP
A disease whose progression and symptoms seem straight out of a horror movie but which can be treated has killed at least 20 Ugandans and sickened more than 20,000. Tthe epidemic causes parts of the body to rot. They often enter through the feet. O
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News Link  •  Torture
The New York Times Torture Euphemism Generator!
10-22-2010 Boing Boing / Rob Beschizza
It turns out the NYT has a reputation for studiously avoiding the word, to the point of using bizarre bureaucratic alternatives.
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Beat s&p gold and silver stocks
News Link  •  Currencies
Scary: DXZ Flash Crash Detonates Entire Currency Complex
And now, for that Friday night bomb, when nuking stocks has a tad too much of a Waddell and Reed ‘amateur hour’ aftertaste, the only alternative – destroy the entire currency market.
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News Link  •  Housing
Foreclosure-Gate: Who’s Your Daddy 101 – Multiple Pledged Notes
A woman goes to a party or is promiscuous and sleeps with 6 men in a night or week. The following week she is pregnant. There is one man who is the best looking, strongest, in best shape and richest of them all, so she wants him to be the daddy.
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Get Ready for a New Muslim Invasion-Obama authorizes 80,000 “Refugees: to enter the country

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President Barack Hussein Obama, in a determination letter to Congress, has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – – mostly from Islamic countries – – to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.Mr. Obama says that the increase in Muslim immigrants “is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”The following “goals” for new immigrants has been set as follows:

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Best political ad yet! by SWAMPSNIPERSWAMPSNIPER

Better yet,call her ex-Senator.

I like the sound of that.

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The Other F-Word

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In an article adapted from his debate last week with Peter Singer and Maggie Little on the moral status of the “fetus,” Professor Finnis explains that outside of medical contexts use of the word “fetus” is offensive, dehumanizing, prejudicial, and manipulative. It obscures our perception of moral reality. Moral status is not a matter of choice or grant or convention, but of recognition, of someone who matters, and matters as an equal, whether we like it or not.

The last time I had the opportunity of discoursing with Peter Singer was in May 1998 in the Philosophy Society at Oxford, right behind the College where we were colleagues for a while in the 1970s.

The topic in 1998 was “Brain Death,” and we had a fair measure of agreement that the contemporary tests and criteria for brain death are an unsatisfactory guide to…

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Canada Free Press Mailout…

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Canada Free Press Mailout

Canada Free Press | CFP RSS Feed | World RSS Feed | Medical RSS Feed | Automotive RSS Feed | Business Feed

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Latest News Headlines…

Cover Stories, News

Juan Williams: Victim or Enabler?
By Arnold Ahlert Full Story

image“Well, now that I no longer work for NPR let me give you my opinion. This is an outrageous violation of journalistic standards and ethics by management that has no use for a diversity of opinion, ideas or a diversity of staff (I was the only black male on the air). This is evidence of one-party rule and one sided thinking at NPR that leads to enforced ideology, speech and writing. It leads to people, especially journalists, being sent to the gulag for raising the wrong questions and displaying independence of thought.”—Juan Williams on his firing from National Public Radio
Obama’s Boss Buys NPR
By Joy Tiz Full Story

imageJust days after declaring himself “helpless” to stop the Republican avalanche coming next month, George Soros paid $1.8 million to purchase NPR.  The money is supposed to be used to hire 1oo “news” reporters for his Impact of Government project.  Soros’s OSI is using the project to target state governments, as he is doing with his nefarious SoS campaign.  Obama’s boss is conniving to install regime-friendly operatives in Secretaries of State offices nationwide.
Dem Congressman: 24 years in military not public service
By Online Full Story
Soros-Funded Documentary Embraces Left-Wing Terrorists Who Plotted To Kill Republicans
By Matthew Vadum Full Story

I have my debut at Big Hollywood. It’s a piece on George Soros funding leftist documentaries.

Here’s the top of it:
NPR: Nuanced Partisan Reportage
By William Kevin Stoos Full Story

imageReposted from October 1, 2009

National Public Radio—financed partially with public funds and partially through individual and corporate donations—in theory has a rule that its reporters may not engage in politics.  Having listened to NPR and a variety of other news outlets for years (in order to attain some semblance of perspective and balance) and having admittedly donated money to my local NPR station in the past, I have noticed a disturbing trend in their national reportage.
Biodiversity: Replaces Climate Change As The Weapon For Political Control
By Dr. Tim Ball Full Story

imageThe reality that global warming and climate change are natural and current patterns are within historic patterns is taking hold. Fundamental common sense embedded in the majority of people joined with truth pursuers and the healing perspective of time to bring reason. As always, those who profit politically, financially, or both, fight a rearguard action. Partly to defend the misdirection, but often to move the focus, while maintaining the target. Some of these different foci hover around the edge of the main battleground, but most are unaware how they’re interconnected.
Western Jihad, Anwar al Awlaki & “the Saudi Factor”
By Doug Hagmann Full Story

As Americans, we were promised by President Bush that everyone responsible for the wholesale murder of nearly 3000 of our family members on September 11, 2001 and those harboring or aiding them would be brought to justice. Sadly, that promise was only partially true under the Bush administration, and demonstrably untrue under the current Obama administration. It is currently hindered by an unprecedented level of conflicts of interests within the Holder justice department.

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News With Views…

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News with views header

October 23, 2010

Carly Fiorina is the Real Deal
Watching and listening to the frothing Barbara Boxer campaign duplicity is sufficient to gag any self respecting maggot. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer has served a long time and performed poorly. Beyond her routine arrogance and abuse of power under the color of authority she has proven herself to be a mean spirited partisan hack content to vilify anyone and everyone who does not subscribe to the gospel according to……
by Geoff Metcalf
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If You’re Not Reading This Article, Please Don’t Vote
It has become apparent that most Americans simply don’t take voting very seriously. This is especially true of those who encourage voting. They’ll tell us that walking into a polling place and pulling a lever is our civic duty, but this isn’t true. Our civic duty is to cultivate wisdom in ourselves and become conversant with the issues; the walking and pulling part is just a natural by-product of that. Yet so many try to pull others to…….
by Selwyn Duke

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NAACP Report Says The Tea Parties Are Racist
The Associated Press reporter confronted me with the NAACP’s accusation that Tea Party Express is paying me, a black tea party patriot, to say the Tea Party Movement is not racist. In essence, the NAACP is calling me a characterless paid “mouth piece” traitor to my race. Fun how characterless people project their sins upon others. The modern day NAACP have abandoned the…..

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WHY ARE INTERNMENT CAMPS BEING BUILT? ~ By Chuck Baldwin By Chuck Baldwin Additional Titles August 11, 2009 The Internet is abuzz with news about the construction of internment camps all across America. Of course, “mainstream” media outlets refuse to touch the subject; or if they do, they pooh-pooh the story; they do what Glenn Beck recently did: try to debunk the story as fallacious and impugn people who speak of it as “conspiracy nuts.” The fact that the Becks, Hannitys, Limba …

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Barack Obama, Marxist student

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A fascinating interview with someone who knew Barack Obama at Occidental College, and was a fellow Marxist at the time, can be heard here.

Dr. John Drew is interviewed by frequent AT contributor Paul Kengor, as he guest hosts the Glen Meakam Show.Drew was founder of the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance at Occidental – basically, the Marxist club, as he describes it in the interview.

He got to know young Obama fairly well, and notes that Obama described himself at the time as a Marxist-Lenninist, and anticipated a revolution in the United States.


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FBI informant to Congress: Investigate Ayers, Dohrn now

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A former undercover FBI informant who once spied on 1970s anti-war radicals who bombed government offices is calling on Congress to set up a committee or task force to bring “terrorists” – including those who may be in high and influential positions today – to justice.

The request comes from Larry Grathwohl, whose book “Bringing Down America – An FBI Informer with the Weathermen” alleges Bill Ayers, a friend of President Obama, told Grathwohl that Bernardine Dohrn, who later became Ayers’ wife, placed a pipe bomb outside a San Francisco Police Department building Feb. 16, 1970.

The shrapnel from the anti-personnel bomb’s explosion killed Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell. Another officer, Robert Fogarty, was wounded in the face and legs and left partially blind.


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‘White House seeks to remove Obama’ Consider the source but still amusing

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A US analyst says some officials in the White House and the administration are considering legal action to remove Barack Obama from presidency.”Right now, there is discussion in Washington and within the government of using the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove Obama from office,” Edward Spannaus from Executive Intelligence Review said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

The amendment allows for removing the president if he/she has incapacity either physically or mentally.

“In this case, Obama is mentally incapable of fulfilling the office of president,” Spannaus went on to say.Referring to Obama’s plummeting popularity, mostly due to the recent economic collapse in the US, Spannaus said, “There is no way that his presidency could be salvaged at this point and it does not really make any difference who wins the congressional elections.”


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Peter DeFazio D: investigate impeachment of Chief Justice John Roberts.

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With Democrats increasingly outraged over the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision that allowed unlimited corporate spending in elections — a change conservatives have been more successful at taking advantage of — a Democratic congressman is raising the prospect of impeaching the Supreme Court’s chief justice over the issue.

“I mean, the Supreme Court has done a tremendous disservice to the United States of America,” Rep. Peter DeFazio D-Ore. told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. “They have done more to undermine our democracy with their Citizens United decision than all of the Republican operatives in the world in this campaign. They’ve opened the floodgates, and personally, I’m investigating articles of impeachment against Justice Roberts for perjuring during his Senate hearings, where he said he wouldn’t be a judicial activist, and he wouldn’t overturn precedents.

“In his 2005 confirmation hearings, Roberts famously said, “Judges and justices are servants of the law, not the other way around. Judges are like umpires. Umpires don’t make the rules; they apply them. The role of an umpire and a judge is critical. They make sure everybody plays by the rules. But it is a limited role. Nobody ever went to a ball game to see the umpire.”According to DeFazio, Roberts hasn’t stood by his own doctrine. He pointed to former Justice John Paul Stevens’s dissent in the case, in which he said the Citizens United case was not properly brought before the Supreme Court. “This procedure is unusual and inadvisable for a court,” Stevens said of the process.

“Our colleagues’ suggestion that ‘we are asked to reconsider Austin and, in effect, McConnell,” ante, at 1, would be more accurate if rephrased to state that ‘we have asked ourselves’ to reconsider those cases.”


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Moran Dem Candidate to Veteran: Military Service Isn’t Public Service

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Twenty-four years in the military doesn’t count as public service, at least according to Virginia Democratic Congressman Jim Moran.In a video that’s gone viral online, Moran is heard telling a Democratic gathering earlier this month that his opponent, Republican Patrick Murray, is just another unqualified GOP candidate.

“What [Republicans] do is find candidates, usually stealth candidates, that haven’t been in office, haven’t served or performed in any kind of public service,” Moran said. “My opponent is typical, frankly.”The trouble is, Murray is a retired Army colonel with 24 years of service–including combat in Iraq.

The idea that such an extensive military record doesn’t qualify as “public service” has left a sour taste in Murray’s mouth.


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Issa: ‘Not a chance’ of Obama impeachment under GOP House RINOs betraying us already?

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If Republicans take control of the House, there is “not a chance at this point” that they will try to impeach President Obama, a top Republican lawmaker said this week.

Rep. Darrell Issa R-Calif., who would helm the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee if the GOP wins on Election Day, said that his party will not try to bring impeachment charges simply because it disagrees with the president.

“Not a chance at this point. I don’t see it happening,” Issa said when asked if there is a chance of impeachment on Bloomberg‘s “Political Capital,” which airs over the weekend.


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November 2010: Will Humans Finally Begin Retaking Their Country from the Marxists?

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Oct. 21, 2010 — With all of the anti-American and anti-human legislation that they have recently passed in order to control We-the-People and destroy OUR country, it’s increasingly difficult to ascertain why any viable polls–whatsoever–would show the population returning to a strong Marxist-Democrat vote.

But, that’s what the polls seem to reflect with the latest results many former Republican leads shifting to Dems? from most of the well-known pollsters. In fairness, the vast majority of these polling organizations are leftist aka Marxist leaning.

But, does the majority really want a totalitarian government? Really? Are the polls heavily weighted for the polling companies’ favorites or are they bogus–entirely? Are some within the electorate still not aware of the more recent events the true ones that led up to the current debacles facing the United States of America?


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Washington Post Blockbuster Confirms Worst Fears About Holder Justice Dept. Race Policies

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Congratulations to the editors at the Washington Post.

Seventeen months after the Eric Holder Justice Department dismissed a slam-dunk case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation, the Post gets around to printing a thorough vetting of the dismissal.

The story is slated for Saturday’s print edition. While other media like Breitbart/The Bigs, Fox News, the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Investors Business Daily, Pajamas Media, and Drudge have had dozens of stories on the corrupt New Black Panther dismissal, the Washington Post at last is in the game.The story is a shocker too.

The shock comes from the middle of the road and factual nature of the story.There are small problems with the story. For one, the Washington Post is the only outlet that calls King Samir Shabazz by his old “slave name” Shabazz’s own words of Maruse Heath. Even Heath doesn’t call himself Heath. Of course this takes some of the sting off Shabazz’s rants against Jews and calls to kill “cracker babies in their crib.”

The Post’s decision to change a man’s name for him is controversial. It has no place


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