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12 days to go: The election depends on you!From Communist Party USA

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12 days to go: The election depends on you!From Communist Party USACommunist Party USA

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CPUSA Political Action Commission

Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 8:56:20 PM

by starczar66

Need yet another reason to vote on Nov. 2nd?

Check this out…”12 days to go: The election depends on you!by: CPUSA Political Action Commission October 21 2010 tags: elections,If the grand alliance that elected Barack Obama comes out in full force to vote we can stop the Tea Party/Republican takeover, continue moving forward and push further for green jobs, union rights, health care and the safety net for the common good.

If voters fail to turnout, the Tea Party/Republican “Promise to America” alternative is clear: continued tax breaks for the top richest two percent which will increase the deficit, privatization of social security, repeal of health care and financial reform, no extension of unemployment compensation, outsourced jobs, increased racism and severe limits to democratic rights……

When the choice before our country is made clear, voters can be convinced to go to the polls.Everyone can make a difference. If you are not already connected, plug into one of the opportunities listed below, or find something in your own neighborhood to make your voice heard with door knocking, phone banking and helping line up others to volunteer as well.

Resources to help get out the vote:AFL-CIO Labor 2010One Nation Working Together EventsMoveOn — Stop the TakeoverOrganizing for America Call for ChangeHip Hop Caucus — Respect My VoteRock the Vote / Register to VoteElection Protection… Right to VoteNCLR — Vote for Respect”

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The SEIU, Harry Reid, And Voting Problems – Voting Machines are maintained by the UNIONS in Nevada!

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Did you know that the SEIU represents the voting machine technicians in Clark County Las Vegas, Nevada? Is it any surprise, as we noted earlier today, that there was a voting glitch in Clark County, Nevada? The glitch caused Harry Reid’s name to be automatically checked on the ballot before voters had indicated who were they were supporting.

According to Joyce Ferrara who was an eyewitness to this strange ballot ordeal, the problem was widespread, “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.”It is particularly troubling that Clark County has put the uber left-wing SEIU Local 1107 in charge of their voting machines.

The agreement between the SEIU and Clark County specifically puts all voting machines under the control of the SEIU. See the collective bargaining agreement:


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Court Halts North Carolina Internet Tax Scheme Court Slaps Big Brother.

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Taxpayers and First Amendment advocates won a huge victory yesterday when a U.S. District Court ruled that North Carolina could not collect detailed and private information about online shoppers to pursue them for tax collection.Beginning last year, the North Carolina Department of Revenue DOR sent letters to online retailer demanding that the company provide “all information” about in-state customers and their nearly 50 million purchases.

This included names, addresses, products purchased with descriptions, and more. The state DOR would then target those residents and force them to pay “use tax” on the purchased goods. Yet, a federal court in Seattle has now ruled such “reporting requirements” unconstitutional…


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Facebook’s Child Porn Subculture Baffles Executives, Challenges Parents

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Without doubt, the Internet has wormed its series of blissful tubes throughout our lives. It’s what we check in the morning, what we look at during the day, what entertains us at night. It provides news, products, business opportunities, conversation, relationships, self-promotion and endless distraction. An entire generation is growing up having never known a time without the Internet.

Parental reaction is swinging the pendulum of opinion from luddite to addicts themselves.One thing most involved parents will agree on is the unparalleled role this technology has in our kids’ lives, social networking sites in particular. With choices such as MySpace, Twitter, Xanga, Tumblr and the mother of all, Facebook–it’s rare to find an unplugged teen.Many parents are content to simply regulate time spent online, sometimes check content to monitor behavior. But, all should be concerned about online safety. Facebook specifically bills itself as a safe site.

Yet, after a series of busts and multi-state investigations, the underbelly of both MySpace and Facebook were exposed.While both attempted to scrub the sites of any child-exploitative material, Fox News revealed that child predators still thrive on Facebook after concluding an exclusive investigation.Currently, the site filters content by key words that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children NCMEC has found to be linked to child pornography. According to “cybersecurity experts,” this should flag most offensive material found on the site.

Most.Fox reports:During a 90-minute phone interview with Facebook spokesman Simon Axten and the company’s chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, the two executives were guided by through the site’s seamy subculture – an encounter that left Sullivan sounding dumbfounded, unaware of and unable to explain the extremely graphic content on the site.Excerpt Read more at …

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A Society of Beggars? Obama Battles Reagan

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Obama or Reagan.In the end, that’s the choice.As the country enters the final week of what may be the most important election in a lifetime, these two presidents and their starkly differing visions of America are at the center of what has become a political earthquake.Barack Obama, of course, would seem to have the advantage.

He is the flesh-and-blood sitting president of the moment, with actual, real-time command of the White House and all the accompanying assets that includes. Air Force One responds to his beck and call, along with the helicopters, shiny limousines, the staff and the entire executive branch of the United States government. Not to mention the total control his party has had over the House and Senate.

The seal may have fallen off his podium the other week, but no matter. As he accurately pointed out, everyone does indeed know exactly who he is.A bit late, some would say.

Amid all the exuberance about electing a man because of his skin color was a deliberate refusal to understand that this particular man was a hard-core radical leftist. For some, the knowledge of just what then-Senator Obama intended to do if elected president was apparently hard to discern. For others, electing a man who had sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright‘s church for twenty years and launched his first campaign from the living room of Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers was an appallingly dangerous mistake.

What else, they now ask, could America possibly have expected?The unexpected answer?


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Shots at Pentagon, Marine Museum From Same Gun

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“Authorities have determined that the shots fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps and the Pentagon earlier this month were fired from the same weapon, the FBI announced.

The FBI opened an investigation into those shooting and one that occurred overnight at the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Chantilly, Va.”

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White House Media Whores Caught In Rand Paul “Stomping” Cover-Up

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Media Matters and Think Progress – owned by group committed to “promoting the policies of Barack Obama,” completely fail to mention that Rand Paul supporter was also victim of assaultPaul Joseph WatsonPrison Planet.comTuesday, October 26, 2010

The establishment media and the George Soros-funded White House press whores Media Matters and Think Progress are raging about how a Rand Paul supporter stomped on a female MoveOn activist following last night’s Paul-Conway debate in Lexington, while covering up the fact that a female Rand Paul activist was also the victim of a stomping metered out by a Conway supporter just moments before.

An Associated Press video of the incident seems to go to great lengths to slow down the stomping in order to increase shock value, while conveniently failing to capture on film an almost identical incident moments before where a female Rand Paul supporter had her bandaged foot sliced open by a Conway fan who stomped her in a similar fashion.Lauren Valle, a liberal MoveOn activist, attempted to create a confrontation by moving towards Paul after the debate, only to be restrained by Rand Paul fans. The video shows one of them push his foot down on the woman’s upper back in a stomping motion. Other Rand Paul activists try to discourage the man from hurting the woman.The Rand Paul supporter who assaulted the woman is clearly a thug and should be criminally charged, but the establishment media and the George Soros-funded blogs have hastily exploited this unfortunate incident in an effort to prop up the flailing political campaign of Democrat Jack Conway, by attempting to demonize Rand Paul supporters as a mob of angry brownshirts.

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