It’s Term Limits or Certain Slow Death for America

“Gravy train” of graft, corruption, bribes, and becoming a wealthy, career government leader with power; it must end or the country willIt’s Term Limits or Certain Slow Death for America

By Jerry McConnell

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Most, if not all, the grief, antagonism, misconduct, lies, corruption, cheating, intimidation, bribery, and other ailments short of hang-nails and diarrhea on the political scene here in our country can be solved by doing just ONE thing: Pass TERM LIMITS. Unfortunately, it can only be done with Congress’ cooperation. That’s why I pray that the conservatives really do clean house and Senate so a Constitutional Amendment changing the Articles that pertain to service in Congress can be done without unnecessary tinkering and manipulation.

There should be no Constitutional Conventions that are mighty dangerous just by having them, with multitudes of people with axes to grind sitting around thinking of ways to CHANGE our entire governing process. We have just gone through a period of CHANGE proposed by the POTUS that has brought this country to the brink of dissolution or worse, a takeover by foreign and domestic anti-American interests.

Congress must propose the initiation for adoption of amendments to the Constitution with the necessity for a two-thirds concurrence of both the House of Representatives and the Senate which would then be proposed to theLegislatures of the full fifty states of our country requiring a three-fourths ratification of those Legislatures to make the Amendment as valid as part of our Constitution.

This is not a strange nor overly complicated process; witness the fact that such procedure has been done twenty-seven times before in our illustrious history, the first of which occurred in just two years and eight days after the initial passage on September 17, 1787 when the Bill of Rights, Amendments One through Ten, was sent to the state Legislatures on September 25, 1789 for ratification that then occurred on December 15, 1791.

It will require a truly honorable Congress overwhelmingly dedicated to making our country stronger and less prevalent to the urges of greed and self enriching. They will have to adopt the mentality of those great gentlemen who gathered in the Summer of the year of 1787 to forge and press for adoption of the world’s greatest and most enduring Constitution. But it can and it must make that effort as the divisive climate that prevails today will only worsen and cause more harm to the cohesiveness of our great country.Properly constructed, with Term Limits, the Congress people will not be in office long enough to figure out how to get corrupt.

And I am suggesting ONE term for all, not two as many others are saying.


via It’s Term Limits or Certain Slow Death for America.


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