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October 31, 2010

Mortgage Mayhem and Mers, Hot Tubs, and the FBI
Disgusting disclosures that our financial services industry and our foreclosure courts are corrupt and have perpetrated fraud on the American populace are everywhere. In an October 17th article, David Dayen responds to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan who, supporting the Obama Administration, opposes putting a national moratorium on foreclosures until fraud can be weeded out of the…..
by Marilyn Barnewall
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My fellow Americans, do not be misled, we are at war. We are engaged in a war for the very survival of our great nation against those that would tear asunder the very fabric of our nation. We are at war with those that would fundamentally change this great nation from liberty and freedom to one of communist serfdom in a global war of dominance……
by Michael LeMieux

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The 911 Cover-Up: Same Song, Different Verse, Part 3
For what purpose would the police state apparatus be installed especially when it flies in the face of American traditions, civil liberties and Constitutional prohibitions? While the reader ponders the answer to this question, one should also consider that researchers (e.g., Gary Franchi, Campfema) have documented the elaborate construction of a multitude of FEMA prison camps…..
by Dave Hodges

The Importance of History, Part 18
We discovered in the last chapter that our schools originally were in the churches and that religion, morals and knowledge were the three main requirements for education established by the Founders. The book used most in our public elementary education aside from the Bible was a book called the New England Primer. All of our Founding Fathers used this book to learn to read, learn the principles of…..
by Pastor Roger Anghis

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