What’s Holding Americans Back? by Gerald Celente

What had happened to that rebellious Yankee spirit and the American mind? Could it have been the food that overstuffed and immobilized them?The Pop-Tarts® and Egg McMuffins® washed down with Coke® for breakfast? The Baconator® Triple, The Whoppers®, The Big Macs®, the $5 Foot-Long Subs, the bucket-of-chicken and 32oz.

Big Gulp®? Too many trips to the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet or The Never Ending Pasta Bowl®? Or was it the Slurpees, tubs of ice cream, or boxes of donuts grabbed at the convenience store?Could it have been the factory-farmed, battery-raised, hormone implanted, antibiotic-laced, pesticide sprayed, genetically modified beef, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, vegetables, grains that were used in the highly processed, synthetic, ultra pasteurized, artificially sweetened, colored and flavored “product” passed off as food?What drove a nation with a relatively well-off and well-educated population to inflict such suicidal behavior upon itself? It was easy to point to the poor for buying cheap and eating stupid. But what excused the smartest of the smart and the richest of the rich from buying cheap and eating stupid?A case in point: celebrated for “powering his way through the day with a punishing Diet Coke regimen,” even Obama’s chief economic advisor – the always “brilliant” Larry Summers who brilliantly jumped the sinking ship of state when his “brilliant” economic strategy to rescue America failed brilliantly – was too stupid to eat smart.A look around the cabinet, survey of Capital Hill, AMA, ABA, PTA or powwow of American Indian chiefs proved he was not alone.

America had become one big “Mike & Molly” sitcom. Yet, even though just about everybody knew better, just about everybody made the same excuse for abusing the body and deadening the mind: it was cheap and/or it was convenient.

Sure, money was tight and time was precious, but plenty of people were still going to the malls and spending big on hi-tech, high-end running shoes, taking vacations, eating out and buying new cars. Even low-end shoppers at Dollar Stores – while saving a buck – were filling their carts with junk snacks, junk soft drinks and junk “Made in China” bric-a-brac.Or was it something in the polluted air and fluoride-treated water that deadened individual pride, courage, passion and self respect? Could it have been the quadzillions of tons of chemical mix poisoning the planet that made everyone susceptible?

via What’s Holding Americans Back? by Gerald Celente.


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One Response to What’s Holding Americans Back? by Gerald Celente

  1. old1 says:

    It was that 60 year old evil box that is now so big and thin it fits anywhere even in your pocket – THE TV! Propaganda box supreme! We eat the lies as truth and spread the chit they produce to everybody we know! Show me one sitcom or drama with “normal” people on it! WE are led by the nose to our own slaughter. The most evil things on the planet come out of your TV! Including the craving for that Big Mac, 84oz Coke, and that little foreign Communist puppet that is now living in our White House.

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