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Waiting for the King’s Return
By Judi McLeod Full StoryimageOne week ago today the Tea Party Movement brought real Hope and Change back to America on Election Night.

Midterm elections are over.  The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and even improved their standing in the Senate.

In post-election reality, it does not really matter how many seats the Republicans won, it matters only if they will do something meaningful to halt the progress of the Socialist Transformation of America to One World Government.
Finally the Truth Catches Up With AARP
By Jerry McConnell Full StoryBarack Hussein Obama began his illegal assumption of our presidency in January 2009 and his assault on America long before that date.  In the months following his “inauguration” he formulated plans on how to destroy our country and he has been working on them ever since.
He Won’t Be Ignored!
By Joy Tiz Full StoryTo be a member of the lap dog media is akin to being a badly hungover woman in a Vegas hotel room.  OMG, Who is this guy?!

They should have known better.
Ten Commandments for the Next Two Years
By Daniel Greenfield Full StoryimageWith the 2010 election, the game has changed. Republicans in congress are no longer powerless to do anything, but cast mostly symbolic votes against another piece of the radical Obama agenda. There will be pressure on the Republican congress to engage in bipartisan compromises and blame for inaction if they don’t. The grass roots needs to keep the pressure on Republicans, while maintaining their opposition to the Obama agenda, and preparing for 2012. With that in mind, here are ten commandments to keep in mind for the next two years.

Cover Stories, News

Time to Tackle Right to Work

By Bruce Walker
The Taft-Hartley Act allows each state the option of enacting right to work laws, which allow workers to not join a labor union as a condition of employment

IPCC Climate Science Is Fundamentally Wrong: Carbon Footprint is All Wet

By Dr. Tim Ball
It was corruption of science to support a political agenda

The SEIU Assault on American Colleges and Universities

By Al Kaltman
If the SEIU has its way, America’s colleges and universities will find themselves in a headlong free-fall to the bottom

Caruba’s Crystal Ball: The 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee

By Alan Caruba
Republican Party could likely embrace Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey

Skeptics Demand Live TV Debate in Global Warming Showdown

By John O’Sullivan
Will Warmists Brave a Hot TV Debate?

Shut Down Government if Necessary!

By Dr. Don Boys
If Obama is as socialistic as I think, he may not be willing to cooperate, so the House will have to refuse to fund the massive bills that no one read before they were passed

Who is Really Distorting Islam?

By Daniel Greenfield
But while liberals assail Judaism and Christianity, condemn America and Israel, their choirs of academics and politicians sing the praises of Islam

Taking back our government

By Michael Oberndorf, RPA
Multiple violations of law by Obama and his Chicago Democrat thugs

The 28th Amendment, the Ruling Class, and Patrick Henry

By Jim O’Neill
The liberals have become a de facto front for the Marxist/Fascist Globalists

Let’s hope Obama’s “defining moment in history” remain in India

By Judi McLeod
“Due to security concerns”, the White House was unable to put an actual price tag on the trip

American Politics

National Right to Life sets legislative strategy conference to capitalize on state election victorie

By Online
Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

OUTRAGE: Dems could have already cut unemployment by 50 percent

By Carmen Reynolds
Implement immigration-reduction programs now

Redistricting Reality Ahead for Cocky G.O.P.

By News on the Net
Illinois Redistricting

Illinois: We can’t certify Mark Kirk’s win until after Thanksgiving because of “pa

By News on the Net
Lame-duck Democratic legislation

Bill Brady’s Loss To Pat Quinn: Was The Illinois Gubernatorial Election Stolen?

By Daniel T. Zanoza
Or Did Failure To Adequately Energize Pro-Family Conservative Base Play A Role In His Defeat? Did Voters Chose To Continue Democratic Legacy Of Corruption In Illinois? Or Did Brady Lose Because He Did Not Distinguish Himself From His Democratic Foe?

U.N. Pushing Card Check on U.S.?

By Warner Todd Huston
AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, the United Steelworkers and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

What About All Those Military Ballots, Mr. President?

By John Lillpop
State of Illinois, Disenfranchised military voters

Pelosi Channels Stalin to Retain Leadership Post

By Steve Milloy
The self-resurrections of Stalin and Pelosi have two key elements in common – an absence of conscience and the bully’s situational awareness for coward exploitation

Soros Bets on U.S. Financial Collapse

By Cliff Kincaid
Media Matters recently received $1 million from Soros so that it could try to mute the effectiveness of conservative media organizations and personalities, some of them critical of Soros

Pelosi Vows to Ignore Will of the People

By Joy Tiz
If Republicans fail to govern as the anti Pelosis, we’ll throw them out as well.

American Freedom

Tea Parties’ next challenge

By Henry Lamb
Freedom-robbing policies in the name of comprehensive planning, smart growth, sustainable development, environmental protection

American Life

Is Walt Disney Polluting Our Culture

By Christian Newswire
Company is pro-actively, and somewhat stealthily, promoting an anti-family agenda

Why I Left California

By Nancy Morgan
The blatant media malfeasance, the lack of intellectual diversity and the continuing reign of liberal politicians guarantees that California will remain mired in failed liberal policies for the foreseeable future

Canadian Politics

Stephen Harper speaks on anti semitism and anti Israel politics

By Online
A leader make a stand on principle, on what is right as opposed to what is fashionable

Harper will defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’

By News on the Net
“As long as I am prime minister, whether it is at the United Nations, the Francophonie or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost.”

Remembrance Day

Maple leaves and Poppies

By William Bedford
Remembrance Day

Border Security

Border “virtual fence” project a costly failure

By Jim Kouri
Secure Border Initiative Network

American Healthcare

In the end, anger over ObamaCare swamped Dems with a massive voter’s revolt

By Grace-Marie Turner
It will become even more of a liability in 2012 when the mandates, costs, and regulations will become even more apparent

Domestic Terror, Security

Obama Remembers Mumbai: What About Fort Hood, Sir?


“I Honor Back”

Global Warming – ClimateGate

If Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Suffers Total Failure, Does the MSM Make a Sound?

By Steve Milloy
Global warming-inspired cap and trade is dying a quiet death

Amazing !  New ! Wrongco’s Proxy Crock ! ! !

By Joseph A Olson, PE
Proxy Crock is the finest data manipulator on the market

Alarmist spammer unleashes Twitterbot to stifle climate debate

By News on the Net
An Australian software developer grew tired of debating climate realists on Twitter so he created spambot to wear down his opponents

Energy – The Environment

NYT Comes to Grips with Wind and Solar Costs

By Institute for Energy Research
Only way wind and solar energy can compete is if the government forces consumers to purchase renewable energy

Greenwashing America

By Alan Caruba
Misleading Claims on ‘Green’ Labeling

The Marcellus Shale Gold Mine

By Institute for Energy Research
Natural gas exploration has become a modern-day gold rush, spurring development across the United States

Five Foolish Food Policies.

By Viv Forbes
Statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition, Climate alarmism and green extremism

Media, Media Bias

NPR’s Liasson Compares Pelosi to Churchill

By Don Irvine
Underscores the liberal mentality of the mainstream media

MSNBC’s Schultz Ignores Facts, Attacks Palin

By Don Irvine
Just admit it Ed, Palin cleaned the Democrats’ clock and you just can’t handle it

World News

Middle East News

Palestine, UNESCO and Legal Realities

Gun Control

Guns on campus mean safer campuses 2011

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