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Shocker: TSA Has Been Molesting Children For Years

Prison Planet.comMonday, November 15, 2010

This video from nearly two years ago proves that the TSA has been molesting children for years, even before the “enhanced pat down” measures were announced.

The three year old girl screams “stop touching me” as the TSA goon feels up and down her legs and backside. The goon continues to grope her even after her mother picks her up and the child is clearly distressed.Is this the “risk-based” security procedure that Pistole and Napolitano are so proud of?

Is this really how we fight terrorists or, as the Drudge Report describes it today, have the terrorists already won?Now that rapists and pedophiles are being hired as a result of the TSA’s woeful background checks, the perverts will also be able to see a naked body scanner image of your daughter.

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via Shocker: TSA Has Been Molesting Children For Years.

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