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WALK OUT and STAY OUT! Last Chance for Republicans to Save Themselves and a Nation Under Siege… (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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WALK OUT and STAY OUT! Last Chance for Republicans to Save Themselves and a Nation Under Siege Monday, December 21, 2009 12:27:41 AM · by crosstimbers · 28 replies · 966+ views Canada Free Press ^ | December 20, 2009 | J. B. Williams This morning on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) conceded that Republican senators won’t be able to stop Democratic health care reform legislation from passing the Senate before Christmas. “W … Read More

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…, who as Army Chief of Staff, played an important part in traitor Roosevelt’s mass murder at Pearl Harbor he couldn’t remember where he was, boasted that “with a stroke of the pen” he disarmed 39 Republic of China divisions.

What he was talking about was the fact that the U.S. Congress had voted arms for the Republic, but Marshall withheld them, thereby spitting in Congress’s face.For a big part of the story, see America’s Retreat From Victory, by American hero Senator Joe McCarthy, who even far left Washington Post pundit Nicholas von Hoffman now says was right after the Venona Papers. If you can’t find the McCarthy book, or any of the books I recommend, call Lady Patricia, at the American Opinion Bookstore, 800 470-8783. Now that we have the advantage of retrospect, please answer a couple of questions: who was more humane, Chiang or Mao? Which one would have been better for China?

Remember that Mao killed between 60 and 100 million people.It was one of the foulest traitors in American history, slime bag Jimmy Carter, who canceled diplomatic relations with the Republic of China and transferred them to Red China, which we had fought in Korea.

that because of still more Carter treason, Red China now controls both ends of our Canal in Panama. Carter arranged that by lying to the U.S. Senate about what the treaty really said.And finally – the envelope, please – Fact #10: Cuba. We have been reading a lot lately about Cuba because of the serious illness of international drug racketeer Fidel Castro, the mass murderer.

Castro has been in power since January 1st, 1959, closing in on fifty years, which doesn’t seem to bother liberaloid scum bags here who complained about the Shah. Where did Castro come from? How is it that a Communist dictatorship is located 90 miles from Key West?………



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Alex Jones Culture Jams The View

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Alex Jones blasts the truth to The View’s audience of 30 Million, bringing up the slaughter of a million innocents in Iraq, TSA grope down abuse, as well as the collapse of Building 7.Watch below for a higher quality clip.

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Libya: West ready to use force against Col Gaddafi amid chemical weapon fears

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read the first responses…human nature is truly amazing…

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by gunnyg

“A Constitution changed from Freedom, can never be restored; Liberty, once lost, is lost forever…

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Alan Stang — John Sidney McCain and Perestroika Sunset

February 28, 2011 6 comments

…But when I say “McCrud,” or “Hillary,” you don’t know where to start. In both cases, there is a lifelong train of unspeakable crime. In the womanoid’s career, for instance, there are those dozens of corpses, including the women and children who died in the massacre at Waco.

There is the rape victim she intimidated, to protect Attorney General husband Bill, the rapist. It continues today. As I write, she must testify in a trial for fraud in Los Angeles. And has she hired dozens of private detectives, just in case any of those 800 super delegates have anything in their pasts they could be blackmailed about, like bareback Client No. 9, who has just resigned as Governor of New York?In McCrud’s case, there are the fellow Navy pilots who died because of the information he gave the Communist enemy. Indeed, there are the some 132 men he killed himself on the U.S.S. Forrestal. Of course we shall go through all of this in pieces to come. We shall certainly cover Hussein, but he is not old enough to have done anything resembling the exploits of these others.

Right now, a few loyal readers tell me that Hat Halstead, one of the main characters in Perestroika Sunset, is a dead ringer for John McCrud. This is especially remarkable because when I wrote that book – one of my six novels – I knew very little about the putative Republican nominee, so he certainly was not in my mind. Yet, according to these readers, Perestroika turns out to immortalize him.

Perestroika Sunset is a novel about a decades-long Soviet scheme to seize power in the United States, using as pawns the POWS our government let the Soviets keep in Vietnam. A couple of readers tell me it brought them to tears, maybe because it is based squarely on the history. For instance, people who were present at some of the incidents it portrays, kindly corrected my version of the events. Perestroika was published in 1999.

One of those Perestroika readers says Congressman Hatton “Hat” Halstead “so closely resembles John McCain that it isn’t funny.” Here is her comparison, proving the point I was completely unaware of. Does this prove that “life imitates art,” or does it prove the opposite?……………..

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Why Did the Vatican Name It’s New Arizona Telescope “Lucifer”? « 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative

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Did Larry McDonald Survive The ‘Shootdown’ Of KAL 007? (Gen. Patton’s cousin, Congressman Lawrence McDonald )

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According to JBS material I found on-line: In 1979, Gen. Patton’s cousin, Congressman Lawrence McDonald, founded the Western Goals Foundation in Arlington, Virginia as a front for the JBS intelligence network. McDonald directed the organization until his untimely death in the downing of the Korean airliner, KAL 007 in 1983, the year he also succeeded Robert Welch as JBS Chairman. Western Goals was discontinued in 1986 following a power struggle for McDonald’s position.


“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and communism under the same tent, all under their control. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” –Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets


“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.


Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieve/review by the authorities.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR member, founding member of the Trilateral Commission, National Security Advisor to five US presidents…………………………..


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