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President Community Organizer excels in revolutions

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Who ever would have believed back on January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day, that the long upheld office of the American Presidency would soon devolve into a Marxist Government through the determination of a radical Community Organizer?

Who ever would have believed that the office of the American Presidency would join up with the world’s top technological giants to actively manufacture a life-taking revolution in Egypt?

Who ever would have believed that a 25,000-person protest abandoning school students with empty schools would, within weeks, follow Egypt in Madison, Wisconsin and then spread to Milwaukee, Ohio and Michigan?While a president whose only real work experience comes from the profession of Community Organizing was meeting the CEOs of Google, Apple and FaceBook among others at a San Francisco house where White House press were banned yesterday, 14 of his Democrat disciples were fleeing the scene of union-inspired chaos in Wisconsin in a school bus?Violent uprisings and instability are no longer just the preserve of the Middle East. In an upside-down world uprising leaders become heroes.

But that’s what Marxists do.

On an even playing field, people like the arrogant president and his overbearing wife would be booed out of Dodge.But Dodge is no longer an even playing field. The Marxist tools of the fight are stacked up against the people. With a mainstream media applauding from the sidelines, a radical community activist in the Oval office teamed up with the CEOs of the biggest tech companies in the world; the `i’s’ have been dotted, the `t’s’ all crossed in a pact with the teachers unions to advance the Marxist cause.

All the while, younger generations are controlled starting at the elementary school level through indoctrination in the classroom.The tragedy is that the President and First Lady who got all the way up to the top rung of the political success ladder by pretending to represent the underdog, have, in reality, always been People of Privilege.

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Alex Jones’ Prison ~ Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Is A Tool Of Class War…

February 18, 2011 2 comments

Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Is A Tool Of Class WarObama’s new budget is a continuation of Wall Street’s class war against the poor and middle class. The effect of the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” on inflation, interest rates, and the dollar’s foreign exchange value are yet to hit. When they do, Americans will get a lesson in poverty.12 Comments

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Joel Skousen On Election 2012 – Deception & War

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Political scientist Joel Skousen predicts what’s in the pipeline for 2012

Joel Skousen On Election 2012 Deception & War skou5Paul Joseph WatsonPrison Planet.tvFriday, February 18, 2011

Author and political commentator Joel Skousen gives an in-depth discussion on how the election process is controlled by the establishment, with a particular focus on the 2012 election and the co-opted Tea Party movement. Skousen gives a detailed explanation of how he thinks the 2012 election will play out, with either Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin emerging as the victorious Republican candidate.Looking back to 2008, Skousen notes how Rudy Giuliani was promoted early on as one of the top Republican candidates when in fact he was a cross-dressing hardcore liberal. Judging from the poll numbers that Giuliani was going down in flames, the establishment had a big problem on their hands, especially given the candidacy of Ron Paul, and it was then that six major newspapers endorsed John McCain even though he was polling at only 2-3 per cent.Knowing that McCain did not have a good record with conservatives, he was reviled in some quarters for promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants under the Bush administration, Sarah Palin was brought in to make conservatives bite the bullet and acquiesce to having John McCain be the candidate. Palin was picked because she would be very easy to manipulate, explains Skousen, and although initially Palin proved difficult to influence, she did finally succumb. Palin is now used to co-opt the Tea Party movement, and will be just as easily manipulated as was George W. Bush if she ever becomes President.Joel Skousen On Election 2012 Deception & War skou2 Joel Skousen On Election 2012 Deception & War skou1


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Obama’s Mission Impossible, To Destroy America.

February 18, 2011 4 comments

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Obama‘s Mission Impossible, To Destroy America

.Posted on Friday, February 18, 2011 4:12:20 PM by Armaggedon

Obama The Islamo-Marxist-Chicago Mobster is organizing and supporting violent radical groups both domestic and international, dedicated to the destruction of America as we know it. In place of free America, Obama wants a big government, socialist dictatorship, which controls every facet of its peoples lives. From soup to nuts, light bulbs to happy meals, big brother tells you what you can and cannot do, down to every last detail and breath.Obama does not respect the American people, he views himself as a pharaoh not a president.

When the people, or the courts, or Congress rule against him, Obama ignores them. Obama sends his organizing America thugs to the homes of those who oppose him, to intimidate and harass freedom loving American citizens. Pray for the true freedom loving people of Wisconsin. We must look beyond the self serving radical puppets Obama controls and incites for his ends.

Obama supports violent radical left wing Marxists and revolutionary Islamic terrorist groups both domestic and international. Obama is a liar and a traitor. We are in the final days of the establishmeent of a one world order dictatorship on earth. The pot is being stirred by those who manipulate from the shadows.

The few nations who stand in the way of this horrific outworking, are being eliminated one by one with the help of Obama.When the final push comes to shove, will America cast off the heavy yoke of Obama and stand with Israel?

Pray that the true lovers of freedom in America and the world can wake up to the challange at hand and choose to serve God and not the Satan spawn.

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Obama White House to Judge Vinson: Please tell states to obey law you just struck down

February 18, 2011 2 comments

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Obama White House to Judge Vinson: Please tell states to obey law you just struck down

Hotair ^ | 02/18/2011 | Ed MorrisseyPosted on Friday, February 18, 2011 10:59:19 AM by SeekAndFind

Last month, a federal judge in Florida struck down ObamaCare in its entirety due to the unconstitutional nature of its individual mandate and lack of severability. The ruling technically freed 26 states from compliance on ObamaCare, at least until an appeal is heard at either the 11th Circuit or Supreme Court.

Last night, however, the Obama administration asked Judge Roger Vinson to please tell all of the states to comply with the law he just threw out: The Obama administration, in a Thursday evening filing in a Northern Florida federal court, is asking the court to clarify that the 26 states who successfully challenged the law are still required to comply with it.

U.S. District Judge Henry [sic] Vinson ruled that the law’s requirement for individuals to purchase insurance is unconstitutional, and therefore, the rest of the law is unconstitutional because the provision is too central to making the law function.

The administration points out that the so-called individual mandate does not go into effect until 2014, while other parts of the law have already gone into effect. “[A] contrary understanding would threaten serious harm to many Americans currently benefiting from provisions of the Affordable Care Act that are already in effect and would significantly interfere with defendants’ statutory duty to implement the Act as Congress directed,” the Justice Department wrote in its court filing.

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For the Love of Liberty by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

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For the Love of Libertyby Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Recently by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.:

A People’s Uprising Against the Empire When the Egyptian protests first broke out, most Americans celebrated. Though Mubarak’s military must still be circumvented or overthrown, the revolt has spread, like a cleansing fire, to Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, and beyond.What is all this all about? Thanks to Western rule since WWI, this is a region of dictators and domination. Regardless of the spark, that is the issue. This might just be an old story and exactly what it appears to be: a struggle between the liberty of the people and the criminal power of the State.

Somehow, however, this is not obvious to many conservatives. Never mind that the people are denouncing the dictators, the jails, the political persecutions, the torturing and brutality, the disappearances and murders, and demanding the freedom to speak, publish, and live. Surely there must be some nefarious plot behind it all.

The liberty theme was clear enough in Egypt. Here we had multitudes of educated, young, tech-savvy, pro-freedom activists taking a brave stand against a national socialist dictator of 30 years – and the bad guy lost, thereby giving hope to all peoples in the world who struggle against tyranny.

hTe role of the military in the future of the country is still up in the air, and who doubts that another government will have to be overthrown again in the future? Still, victory is victory.

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Free Edgar Steele

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