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How to Indict BHO for Criminal Cover-Up

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by Leo Patrick Haffey,


Richard M. Nixon had served twice as Vice President and President before resigning in 1974 after his role in the Watergate Hotel bugging was revealedMar. 3, 2011 — Justice Lewis Powell ruled: “Such an Grand Jury investigation may be triggered by tips, rumors… or the personal knowledge of the grand jurors.”Mark Levin:

“The possibility of impeachment does not immunize the president from criminal prosecution. He remains, at all times, a citizen of the United States who is answerable to the law.”Rush Limbaugh:

“Obama can’t complain if we go Egypt on him because he said that’s how democracy works, that’s what he said on Friday.

This is the way real democracy works, so he can’t complain if it happens to him, and it will.”On August 9, 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency rather than face impeachment and indictment for his involvement in the Watergate burglary cover-up.

President Nixon’s alleged crimes pale in comparison to the myriad crimes committed by Barack Hussein Obama, but like President Nixon, Obama will be undone not by his crimes but by his incompetent attempt to cover up crimes.

Obama has been implicated in many crimes committed by his regime: Murders and False Imprisonment of Opponents of the BHO regime, TSA Sexual Assaults and Illegal Searches, Election Fraud, Voter Fraud, Identity Theft, Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions, Aiding and Abetting of Muslim Terrorists, Poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, Theft of Private Property, Embezzlement of Government funds, WikiLeaks etc.

However, the crime with the clearest proof of Obama’s culpability is his cover-up of his birth document fraud.For over two years, Barack Hussein Obama and Robert Gibbs openly committed fraud.

Obama committed fraud when he had his forged COLB posted on the Internet and falsely alleged that his Long Form Birth Certificate was on file in Hawaii.

By posting Obama’s forged COLB on the World Wide Web, Obama and Gibbs perpetrated a fraud on every citizen in every County in every State in the United States of America……………….

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One Response to How to Indict BHO for Criminal Cover-Up| The Post & Email

  1. old1 says:

    When daddy was a Kenyan Brit, and you have a mind of evil chit, the office of POTUS you are not fit, so go ahead resign and quit, or a set of cuffs we’ll find that fit, tied with a “chain we can all depend on”!

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