Obama’s eligibility: whistling past the graveyard (Comments)

I think “birther” is a political pejorative used in the same way “communist” was used in the 50s and “racist” and “tea baggers” are used now. It is just a convenient and quick way to neutralize an opposing argument without having a logical response.

Basically, it is used as a means to prevent people from asking inconvenient questions or stating inconvenient facts, to shut people up through ridicule and personal attacks.

Don’t fall for these McCarthyite tactics anymore.

The bottom line is, as patriotic Americans, who believe that the Constitution is the foundation of our republic, we cannot allow it to be undermined.


If questions remain, then we cannot permit him to begin another election cycle without ascertaining the truth about his life and his true beliefs.


The situation will only change when the pressure from the people is stronger than the pressure from the main stream media and any political elites, who might have conspired or acquiesced to hiding the truth and potentially subverting our democracy.


Many in our current political leadership use the finances of government not for the good of the country, but to perpetuate their own power and privilege.

As Will Rogers once said: liberals used to be people who did good with their own money.

We now have politicians who start from the premise of considering themselves noble and possessing bound volumes of the truth. Any opposing views, therefore, are not only wrong, but they are evil.


It is time to stand our ground.

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via Obama’s eligibility: whistling past the graveyard (Comments).

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