Double Moon and Double Sun: Are chemtrails to blame?

Double Moon and Double Sun: Are chemtrails to blame?

Double Moon and Double Sun: Are chemtrails to blame?:

“In refuting a double moon viral email, NASA wrote in 2008, “There wasn’t a double moon back in 2003. And there won’t be one this year – whenever you’re reading this.”

Well, in the wee hours of Thursday, May 19, 2011, Ft. Lauderdale had a double moon. My cheap digital camera could not capture what my eyes – and those of my father – saw. I saw it at 2:30 AM ET; he saw it at 5 AM ET.

The “second” moon appeared as a ghostly superimposition on the real moon, but slightly lower and to the left, covering about 80% of the real moon. The perimeter of the ghostly moon was slightly darkly pigmented so that, even tho it lay atop the real moon, it could be clearly seen. The luminosity of the real moon was stronger, but not by much. We could see through the ghostly moon.

We just had a full moon a couple days ago, so the shape was slightly less than full.

I spoke with an octogenarian farmer up the road who has also never seen such a thing in his entire life. Searching the web, I found no historical mention of double moon sightings, but did find a few recent ones. So the source of the illusion is most likely not natural, instead being anthropologic in origin.”

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