The Manchild President Cracks Up


RUSH: The Republicans remain very nervous, ladies and gentlemen. These idiots at Moody’s, or as Stuart Varney says, “Moodis,” the rating service clearly joining with the Democrats to put pressure on the House Republicans, the Senate Republicans as well by claiming if we don’t raise the debt limit then all is lost, the US reputation gone forever. So the pressure mounts on the Republicans in the House, and so far they’re standing firm. I think Obama‘s cracking, folks, I think he’s cracking up. The way I interpret this, this guy’s had the road paved for him from the get-go, he’s turned C’s into A’s or had people do that for him. He believes this messianic business. “Hey, look, I’m gonna take the case to the American people.” Please do. You got about 30% of them who agree with you on this.


RUSH: I thought this guy was Mr. Calm and Cool, and I thought this guy was the one who was the adult in the room. He’s none of what they told us he is and I believe Obama is starting to crack.

Look, Snerdley is right, I had him pegged when I called him man-child at the very beginning. Look, I hate to say this, but if I don’t, who will? I’ve had him pegged since before the election. Michael Daly in the Daily News had a column a couple days ago, which you heard on this program two years ago. Which is good, don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying, where were you two years ago? Why did it take you two years to figure this guy out? It’s a great column by Mr. Daly. He says, (paraphrasing) “I can’t watch anymore. I turned off that press conference after 15 minutes.” I don’t have the column in front of me. I’ll get excerpts here in just a second, but it was everything you’ve heard here on this program for the last two, two and a half years, can’t be trusted, immature, childish, boring speaker, not honest, doesn’t have the economic answers, stubborn, childish, all these things, and, as I say, that’s good.

And Mr. Daly was featured all over television yesterday as though he’s written a masterpiece. And that’s good, too. My question is why has it taken a bunch of bloggers, and even, I guess, before the petulant walkout yesterday at the White House, this week and last week I’ve noticed some conservative bloggers starting to, “Yeah, this guy is an abject failure.” Everybody’s now calling him a failure and proudly and happily. And they’re talking about how the guy is dishonest and he’s this and that. Where was this two years ago? Why has it taken two years for everybody to figure this guy out? And please don’t misunderstand me here. It’s a little frustrating because I believe everybody that’s writing now about what a failure, what an abysmal embarrassment, what a bore, all these things that Obama is, they knew this, at least the conservatives did on our side two years ago.

Now, maybe they didn’t want to believe it, maybe they were trying to impress people with their open-mindedness, let’s give the guy a chance, after all, he was elected. But none of what’s been learned about Obama this week or last week is unknown. It wasn’t just revealed about this guy. Where was all this two years ago? Do you realize the aggravation and damage the country could have been spared if people had the guts two years ago to write what they’re writing now, and to say what they’re saying now? I mean it’s practically everywhere.

Eric Cantor has his version of what happened. Obama says, (imitating Obama) “Okay, Eric, don’t make me call my bluff.” Now, folks, I don’t want to nitpick here, but I’m gonna nitpick because we’re told this guy’s smarter than everybody else in the room. We’re told for three years that nobody could keep up with this guy, he’s so far ahead of us that it’s pointless to even try to understand. We should just try to position ourselves so that we bask in the glow as well, right? “Don’t make me call my bluff.” I thought that the whole point — and I don’t play poker. I know how, but I haven’t played poker in a long time — but I always thought that the point of a bluff was to hide that you’re bluffing. “Don’t make me call my bluff”?

The Republicans called Dayton’s bluff. Dayton was bluffing, the governor of Minnesota. Cantor would be the one to say, “Don’t make me call your bluff, Mr. President.” That’s who shoulda made the statement. But Obama making it, “Don’t make me call my bluff”? (laughing) Like Glenn Reynolds wrote, “I’d love to pay poker with this guy tonight.” He doesn’t know what he’s doing. But I think, probably being charitable, what Obama meant to say was, “I’m not bluffing, Eric, I’ll go to the American people.” That’s what he meant to say. “I’m not bluffing, Eric.” I don’t know why he didn’t say it right. We’re living off an image. We’re living off of a crafted, manipulated image of the guy. You take the teleprompter away and he’s lost, you don’t know what the next word’s gonna be ’cause he doesn’t.

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