(vanity) Obama May Call Lawmakers to Camp David (Mr. Big Stuff!)

This Jive Turkey actually thinks he can get away with acting like the Presidency gives him the ability to order The US Congress around like his flunkie Tsars. Summoning them to Camp David like errant children to be chastised in a “International Summit” forum.

The Repubvlicans should send him a one word reply: ‘Nits!”

Then send him a message, that not only will they not go to Samp David, they won’t waste their time going to the White House! If he wants to talk to Congress, he better request a meeting, and drag his bumptious ass overr to the Capitol Bldg!

Arrogant chump needs to be put in *his* place!

Congress is a *co-Equal* body!

via (vanity) Obama May Call Lawmakers to Camp David (Mr. Big Stuff!).

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