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Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Strategy to win

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Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Strategy to win

The American people have taken far too much abuse from a minority of foul, loud-mouthed, far-left, anti-American ideologues

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Strategy to win

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By Lawrence Sellin Wednesday, July 20, 2011

image“Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

I think the American people have taken far too much abuse

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The Mid-Term Elections Of 2011: A Gentle Reminder

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The Mid-Term Elections Of 2011: A Gentle Reminder

Investor’s Business Daily ^ | November 5th, 2010 | Michael Ramirez

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Our Military’s Grim State: Armed Forces Under Stress

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This is the grim state of our military’s readiness: An Air Force F-15C that broke in half during flight, two F-18s that have caught fire aboard ships, every single cruiser with cracks in its hull, A-10C Warthogs with fuselage cracks, the UH-1N Twin Huey helicopter fleet that is regularly grounded, and over half the navy’s deployed aircraft not ready for combat.

That is the picture of the U.S. military in disrepair—what The Heritage Foundation’s Mackenzie Eaglen calls a “readiness crisis” among all U.S. military services, including the National Guard and reserves. Readiness is “dangerously lower,” she writes, leading to “delayed, shortened, and less diverse training; plugging personnel and equipment shortfalls in deploying units with resources from others; reduced maintenance for worn-out equipment; and shortened rest time before redeploying overseas.”

How did the military get here? A decade of constant combat and ever-increasing disaster relief and homeland defense missions has contributed to the decline in readiness, and Eaglen writes in AOL Defense that the navy is under particular strain:

While the fleet has shrunk by about 15 percent since 1998, the number of ships deployed overseas has remained constant at about 100. Each ship goes to sea longer and more often, resulting in problems such as the well-publicized shortfalls in surface ship condition. With no surge capacity left in the fleet, each new casualty ripples through the schedules of dozens of ships. With the end of supplemental funding, Navy maintenance funding will be cut by almost 20 percent this year. In this context, a relatively small additional reduction in maintenance funding could render a Navy with 250 to 280 ships capable of keeping only 50 to 60 ships at sea.

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Epic Fail: Cloward-Piven and Obama’s Engineered Destruction of America’s Economy

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We hear these same economic arguments all the time these days, to the point that these virtual and actual ideological skirmishes often take on an almost Ground Hog Day-ish repetitive cycle of nauseating repetition. The Political Right says “spend less,” the Political Left says “tax more,” so that, ultimately, many Americans are left feeling measurably unsure, if not completely confused, as to what the proper course of action should actually be for America as a nation, when in fact it’s not so terribly difficult.

Over these past few weeks, we have also further witnessed a depressing number of moderate Republicans, as well as an equally impressive number of middling Liberals, essentially second-guessing their own positions throughout these economic debates. Maybe not so much outwardly–but rather in a passing glimpse, a splinter of doubt in the the mind’s eye or even a certain identifiable hesitance in their verbal tirades. Both sides doubting what they have formerly held to be as sacrosanct and undeniable. Perhaps that doubt can be actively identified as where compromise begins taking form, or could this spate of heavily veiled penance also be where a correctable mistake begins to snowball into a ground-skipping comet of fiscal oblivion?

Put in another way, what if we as a Nation are looking in all the wrong places in order to find the true answers to the Nation’s economic problems? There is an old saying that goes something to the effect that “if everyone is thinking the same thing, then no one is actually thinking.” With some, it now appears that America has reached a sort of aggregated professional lunacy as to the true facts that may be in play. As we have alluded to increasingly throughout this current President’s term, there appears to be much, much, more to our economic morass than meets the proverbial eye.

A Bizarre Approach

When we realistically look at the performance of our Executive Branch up to this point, we see what could be termed as an ostensibly bizarre approach to all things economic and otherwise. When we should be doing one thing in reaction to some ever-present mushrooming dilemma, our leadership often takes an opposite tack that actually worsens a given situation rather than ameliorating it. Take for instance the subprime lending debacle that in large part placed our economy into this position in the first place. The Obama team’s reaction was to vastly over-regulate the mortgage industry and even add staff bank regulators to various bank branch offices in order to intensively micro-manage each and every loan.

So, at a time when our Nation’s building industry, which is one of the major engines of America’s economy, needed to be aided and fortified in every officious manner possible, the White House put forth draconian measures to essentially restrict and even hasten the down-fall of our residential builders, thereby also denying families needed housing…but then again, not exactly all families it would seem, as we are now given to understand.Even after the sub-prime lending scandal came to be understood as the forge by which our economy was hammered into submission, the Obama Department of Justice recently began enforcing a bizarre impetus to actually punish banks which are not making enough sub-prime loans. According to an Investors Business Daily July 8th article, the US Attorney General is even now launching a witch hunt in order to prosecute lenders who fail to originate loans to minorities with poor credit.

The penalties against the banking industry thus far have amounted to over $ 20 million in loan subsidies and set-asides by banks which have elected the cases to be settled out of court, rather than being branded with the dreaded racist label. An additional 60 banks are even now under investigation. One of the main themes at play in the underwriting of these loans? No job, no problem…and here we go again, but at the worst of all possible times.

In fact, the theme at play when we look at almost every problem that exists, speaks to an administration that seeks to take an existing problem, whatever it may be, twist it around and then needlessly complicate that same problem into an unsolvable nightmare of epic fail proportions. We could look at Obama’s failure to drill and the blocking of oil leases and permits with regard to our often dour energy situation as evidence.

If we see the spectre of hyper-inflation staring us down, the administration establishes quantitative easing exercises, which, in effect, prints even more money, thereby lowering the dollar’s value, while intensifying inflationary trends magnitudinally the world over. If we worry over the world’s establishing a new reserve currency other than the US dollar, our treasury chief actually seconds and even approves of the notion– sparking a go-ahead for the UN to seek the possible alternatives thereby dooming current efforts.

The Problem Exacerbated….

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Judge Says BP Can’t See White House Emails on Gulf Oil Spill

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A federal magistrate refused Wednesday to order the White House to provide BP PLC with emails by a former top adviser to President Barack Obama about the administration’s response to last summer’s massive Gulf oil spill.

A lawyer for the oil giant had argued that emails by Carol Browner, Obama’s former adviser on energy and climate matters, and three other officials in the Executive Office of the President could shed light on the White House’s role in estimating the rate of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from the company’s blown-out well.

But U.S. Magistrate Sally Shushan wrote that BP failed to show that it needed the White House’s internal documents.

In a letter to Shushan, BP said it should be allowed to review the White House communications on the spill’s flow rate because the data will help determine the company’s financial liability.

“There is compelling evidence Ms. Browner was personally and substantially involved in the decision-making process that produced the United States’ estimates of oil flow rates and oil spill volumes,” the company wrote.

The Justice Department said BP’s request was overly broad. BP’s proposed search of White House emails would collect nearly everything that mentions BP or the blown-out well that triggered a deadly explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, a government attorney argued.

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Progressivism: Socialism and Democracy are one in the same

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Ann Coulter recently wrote a book regarding the left’s mob mentality. Well, what does the mob want? Other people’s money. Watch them riot. What do they do? They try to grab as much of other peoples’ money as they can.

In 1887, Woodrow Wilson wrote an essay titled “Socialism and Democracy”. It’s very short, I recorded the entire thing in 13 minutes. Here is what Wilson has to say:

Roundly described, socialism is a proposition that every community, by means of whatever forms of organization may be most effective for the purpose, see to it for itself that each one of its members finds the employment for which he is best suited and is rewarded according to his diligence and merit, all proper surroundings of moral influence being secured to him by the public authority. ‘State socialism’ is willing to act though state authority as it is at present organized. It proposes that all idea of a limitation of public authority by individual rights be put out of view, and that the State consider itself bound to stop only at what is unwise or futile in its universal superintendence alike of individual and of public interests. The thesis of the states socialist is, that no line can be drawn between private and public affairs which the State may not cross at will; that omnipotence of legislation is the first postulate of all just political theory.

Applied in a democratic state, such doctrine sounds radical, but not revolutionary. It is only an acceptance of the extremest logical conclusions deducible from democratic principles long ago received as respectable. For it is very clear that in fundamental theory socialism and democracy are almost if not quite one and the same. They both rest at bottom upon the absolute right of the community to determine its own destiny and that of its members. Men as communities are supreme over men as individuals.

It gets worse:

Democracy is bound by no principle of its own nature to say itself nay as to the exercise of any power. Here, then, lies the point. The difference between democracy and socialism is not an essential difference, but only a practical difference — is a difference of organization and policy, not a difference of primary motive. Democracy has not undertaken the tasks which socialists clamour to have undertaken; but it refrains from them, not for lack of adequate principles or suitable motives, but for lack of adequate organization and suitable hardihood: because it cannot see its way clear to accomplishing them with credit.

Seeing this, now it becomes so clear as to why so many modern progressives have as their rallying cry – “democracy”. If they can just re-organize society so that it tells you what to do, how, when and so forth to do it, and it’s all passed into law in a democratic way, then they can justify their beliefs because they’ve been enshrined into law.

As if anybody can truly argue that the rule of law has triumphed here.

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