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Marine Commits Suicide Following Hazing

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Santa Clara native was apparently prone to sleeping on guard duty; fellow Marines took to disciplining him.

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Harry Lew took his own life in his foxhole in Afghanistan after he was kicked and punched by fellow Marines, military officials tell NBC Bay Area news.

An investigation into the 21-year-old’s April death says Lew “leaned over his M249 squad automatic weapon as it pointed to the sky, placed the muzzle in his mouth and pulled the trigger.”

Lew wrote on his arm: “may hate me now, but in the long run this was the right choice I’m sorry my mom deserves the truth.”

The suicide came moments after fellow Marines attacked Lew for repeatedly falling asleep on guard duty. An investigation shows Lew, from Santa Clara, was caught asleep at least four separate times in areas where “enemy attack was considered imminent.” Military records show Lew, who was on his first tour in Afghanistan, was first counseled then disciplined by a sergeant for sleeping while on post.

At some point, Lew was forced to walk his rounds while carrying a single sandbag, symbolic of the weight of his responsibility to his fellow marines.

On April 3, Lew could not be raised by radio while standing post. A check of his foxhole found him asleep once again.

The unnamed sergeant then announced over the radio that “peers should correct peers,” according to military documents. That led to what appears to be a sad series of events.

Fellow lance corporals [whose names have been redacted in the report] ordered Lew to dig a new foxhole as a punishment, then informed Lew he could go to sleep once the task was finished. Those corporals, however, did not inform the sergeant they had given Lew permission to sleep.

At 1:00 a.m., that sergeant, whose name has also been redacted from the report, “angrily confronted [Lew] about why he had again fallen asleep.” Other Marines then demanded Lew to perform various physical tasks as punishment and would “stomp down” on Lew’s back and legs if he failed to do an exercise properly.

“Towards the end of the physical training”, the report says a “sandbag broke open at which point lance corporal [redacted] picked it up and poured the contents on Lew’s chest and face as he lay with his back to the ground.”

Convinced Lew was responding to his punishment with sarcasm and disrespect, fellow lance corporals then “kicked dirt on Lew, kicked him in the back of the helmet, punched him in the back of his helmet with a force that cut [his attacker’s] knuckle.”

At some point, a fellow Marine stepped in to stop the attack, saying he didn’t “want it on his conscience if Lew killed himself” — which is exactly what Lew did.

A sergeant is blamed in the report for giving responsibility for Lew’s discipline to fellow marines.

“Further, he failed to intervene while those peers undertook inappropriate corrective actions.” That sergeant faces court martial when the unit returns from Afghanistan, as does an unnamed lance corporal.

The military says unequivocally that Lew took his own life, though it the report does indicated more than one round was shot from Lew’s SAW.

“This command mourns the death of Lance Corporal Lew” reads the final report. “His family and friends have my deepest sympathies” says his commanding officer.

Lew is a 2008 graduate of Santa Clara High School and was assigned to the 2nd battalion, 3rd marine regiment, 3rd Marine division.

His obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle says Lew wrote “Brand new Marine, feels good” on his Myspace page shortly after he joined the military.

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Newspaper column: Obama a disaster, living nightmare ‘Leading the American empire – and rest of the world with it – into a dark abyss’ Read more: Newspaper column: Obama a disaster, living nightmare …

August 23, 2011 2 comments

An Israeli newspaper columnist is scorching Barack Obama as possibly the worst U.S. president in history, calling him “a living and breathing nightmare.”

President Obama campaigning for other Democrats in 2010

Yigal Walt of Ynetnews says Obama “is solidifying his status as the worst president in American history. The leader who promised us a bright future of peace and fraternity is leading the American empire – and the rest of the world with it – into a dark abyss.”

“Ever since he settled into the Oval Office, Obama has been hopping from one disaster to the next, making every possible mistake, boosting enemies and disregarding allies while ruining everything he touches in the process,” Walt writes.

“The Return of the Great Depression” warns everyone “it is not over. It has only begun” …

He says Obama was silent when the masses hit Iran’s street and threatened to topple the ayatollah’s regime.

“Why should he support a struggle waged by freedom-hungry citizens against a radical Islamic dictatorship and chronic human rights violator? And so, a rare opportunity to change the face of a state that today constitutes the gravest threat to world and regional peace slipped away.”

(Story continues below)

Instead, Walt says, Obama buddied up to Syrian President Bashar Assad and remained silent, again, when Assad started butchering his own people.

Daily Kos writer: We could use ‘global superplague’ to stop overpopulation

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August 21, 2011 ( – A prominent left-wing American political blog has come under fire after publishing one writer’s quip that the world needs “a global superplague” because “there are too many goddam people already.” Daily Kos contributor Jon Stafford’s August 10 post, in which Stafford described himself as “Not Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion,” drew immediate attention in the blogosphere.

While Stafford said that his remarks are partly “facetious,” he went on to say, “nevertheless there is a seed of truth in it, because I believe that the world is wildly overpopulated and that we must take steps as a society to reduce it.

“This will undoubtedly be met with accusations of callousness, but we would could really use is a global superplague. The Black Death may have been horrible, but without it there would never have been a Renaissance.”

In the same blog post Stafford stated his belief in legalizing marijuana and homosexual “marriage” and his radical atheism. Just one day earlier, Stafford had said, “Rick Perry scares me. Michele Bachmann too. Not because they are crazy (although they are), but because they are charismatic and crazy. Because they tap into a strain of crazy that runs deep and strong in this country, a Christian fanaticism that is every bit as ugly as its Islamic counterpart. And every bit as destructive.”

Commenting on Stafford’s post, Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher said, “The world is by no stretch of the imagination, overpopulated.”

“Anyone who argues that the Black Death, which decimated Europe’s population for a hundred years, was a good thing, needs counseling,” Mosher said. “When did it come to be ‘socially liberal’ to espouse genocide? I thought that the Left was supposed to be opposed to such things?”

“Of course,” Mosher continued, Stafford “may think that by not identifying a particular group to be eliminated, he escapes the charge of genocide, but I don’t think so. The history of population control program is replete with examples of the majority ethnic, religious, class, etc., group using abortion, sterilization and contraception to reduce the numbers of the minority group. So, in practical terms, population control is genocide.”

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, American Life League President Judie Brown said, “On a practical matter having nothing to do with the avowed atheist, ‘overpopulation’ is not a problem at all.”

“The real problem is corrupt governments bloated with funds that are donated for the specific purpose of aiding the poor that never get to the poor,” Brown said. “The real problem is politics gone awry. You might summarize it as selfishness.”

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Military prosecutors withhold evidence yet the Court of Appeals has denied Army Ranger 1LT Michael Behenna a new trial. Please visit site, give them our support, and never let this die. We ‘MUST’ continue to fight for justice.



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United States Geological Survey ^ | 23 August 2011 | USGS

Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 6:00:46 PM by COBOL2Java

Since at least 1774, people in central Virginia have felt small earthquakes and suffered damage from infrequent larger ones. The largest damaging earthquake (magnitude 4.8) in the seismic zone occurred in 1875. Smaller earthquakes that cause little or no damage are felt each year or two.

Earthquakes in the central and eastern U.S., although less frequent than in the western U.S., are typically felt over a much broader region. East of the Rockies, an earthquake can be felt over an area as much as ten times larger than a similar magnitude earthquake on the west coast. A magnitude 4.0 eastern U.S. earthquake typically can be felt at many places as far as 100 km (60 mi) from where it occurred, and it infrequently causes damage near its source. A magnitude 5.5 eastern U.S. earthquake usually can be felt as far as 500 km (300 mi) from where it occurred, and sometimes causes damage as far away as 40 km (25 mi).


Earthquakes everywhere occur on faults within bedrock, usually miles deep. Most bedrock beneath central Virginia was assembled as continents collided to form a supercontinent about 500-300 million years ago, raising the Appalachian Mountains. Most of the rest of the bedrock formed when the supercontinent rifted apart about 200 million years ago to form what are now the northeastern U.S., the Atlantic Ocean, and Europe.

At well-studied plate boundaries like the San Andreas fault system in California, often scientists can determine the name of the specific fault that is responsible for an earthquake. In contrast, east of the Rocky Mountains this is rarely the case. The Central Virginia seismic zone is far from the nearest plate boundaries, which are in the center of the Atlantic Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea. The seismic zone is laced with known faults but numerous smaller or deeply buried faults remain undetected. Even the known faults are poorly located at earthquake depths. Accordingly, few, if any, earthquakes in the seismic zone can be linked to named faults. It is difficult to determine if a known fault is still active and could slip and cause an earthquake. As in most other areas east of the Rockies, the best guide to earthquake hazards in the seismic zone is the earthquakes themselves.

Earthquake Information for Virginia

Conservatives want SMALL government, not NO government…

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Conservatives want SMALL government, not NO government…

Conservatives want SMALL government, not NO government…:


“Once we get to where we all know we have nowhere near enough government…well, that’s something of a beginning, and we can start some major cutting from there…”


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Top politically themed earthquake tweets | Campaign 2012

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After Washington DC realized that the earthquake was nothing to worry about, they took to Twitter to joke about the cause. Some of the best ones below:

@TPCarney: Krugman says it wasn’t big enough.

@comradescott: Evidently the quake occurred on a little known fault line outside of DC called “Bush’s Fault“. #tcot #p2……………..


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