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Only One Reason for Joint Session–Resignation

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The request by President Obama to speak to a joint session of Congress simply to give a speech on the economy seems inappropriate and unprecedented. But is that what he really wants to achieve?

I think that he will actually offer his resignation to save the country from deteriorating further since he took office. It will be his grand gesture…his martyrdom…that will allow him to avoid a bitter defeat in 2012.

If you don’t think this is true, then spread the word of this idea, and maybe it will take hold!

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Limbaugh: “If They Ever Do a Colonoscopy on Obama They’re Gonna Find Richard Wolffe’s Head There”

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RUSH. I say to you, ladies and gentlemen: I once again have become a titular head of the Republican Party, calling the shots. (chuckling) Did you hear Sharpton say “Rush Limbar”? Al Sharpton. It wasn’t finished there on MSNBC. On the Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell speaking to the author Richard Wolffe who’s just a… If they ever do a colonoscopy on Obama, they’re gonna find Richard Wolffe’s head there. Richard Wolffe is a big author and just a big Obama apologist. Anyway he’s talking to Lawrence O’Donnell about me saying yesterday that Boehner should tell Obama that he can’t have September 7th to speak before a joint session. O’Donnell says, “Is this the night I have to begin this program by saying, ‘Rush Limbaugh is right, the president was trying to upstage a Republican debate’? Is there any real working theory to the contrary?”

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Obama makes Trump’s case on affirmative action

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In April of this year, after persistent badgering by MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews, veteran commentator Pat Buchanan said the obvious about President Barack Obama: “I think he’s affirmative action all the way.”

Matthews had been goading Buchanan to defend similar comments made by Donald Trump in his short-lived shot at the presidency. “How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?” Trump had asked. “Let him show his records.”

“By charging that Obama was not admitted based on merit,” the Nation fretted in an articled headlined “Confronting Trump’s Coded Racism”

…Had any of the above critics checked with Barack Obama, however, they might not have been quite so quick to cry “ugly strain.” In a 1990 letter to the Harvard Law Record defending the Harvard Law Review‘s affirmative-action policies, Obama openly confessed to being an affirmative-action baby.

In a rare honest moment, Obama described himself as someone “who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative-action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review‘s affirmative-action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year.”

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How About a Black Self-responsibility Caucus?

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There is increasing evidence that the far left is becoming ever more panicked by the thought of tea-party motivated Republicans taking control of the executive branch and both houses of Congress in 2012. That would be just four years after the nation celebrated the anointment of the Manger Baby from the mean streets of Chicago.

It all seemed so other-worldly and leg-tingling at the time — warmup performances by Stevie Wonder and Sheryl Crow, followed by the historic teleprompter speech, and all framed by those unforgettable Styrofoam Greek columns befitting the ascendancy of the Son of Saul.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Obamessiah’s quest to calm the oceans and heal the planet. Like in a science-fiction thriller, he morphed from Kenyan Manger Baby into the King of Cons before our very eyes. Admittedly, it took at least fifteen minutes after he was sworn into office for many Americans to realize they had been bamboozled.

Now, the jig is up, as fickle Americans are deserting the King of Cons in droves. Basically, he is now clinging to the life preserver (or is it a death preserver?) thrown to him by the far left — communists, socialists, progressives, union nastys, and big-business types who share in the benefits of the scam (e.g., Jeffrey Immelt), as well as a variety of other political maggots.

Fortified by an army of clueless but angry useful idiots, lefties who are petrified by the thought of losing power have pulled out their never-fail Marxist playbooks and revved up the smearing, the lying, the hate mongering, and the blaming in a desperate effort to ward off an election holocaust in 2012.

The latest example of the left’s panic-stricken rhetoric came at a Congressional Black Caucus event in Miami last week, when an obscure…

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Never Fight a Land War in Asia

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U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, speaking at West Point, said last week that “Any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should have his head examined.” In saying this, Gates was repeating a dictum laid down by Douglas MacArthur after the Korean War, who urged the United States to avoid land wars in Asia. Given that the United States has fought four major land wars in Asia since World War II — Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq — none of which had ideal outcomes, it is useful to ask three questions: First, why is fighting a land war in Asia a bad idea? Second, why does the United States seem compelled to fight these wars? And third, what is the alternative that protects U.S. interests in Asia without large-scale military land wars?

The Hindrances of Overseas Wars

Let’s begin with the first question, the answer to which is rooted in demographics and space. The population of Iraq is currently about 32 million. Afghanistan has a population of less than 30 million. The U.S. military, all told, consists of about 1.5 million active-duty personnel (plus 980,000 in the reserves), of whom more than 550,000 belong to the Army and about 200,000 are part of the Marine Corps. Given this, it is important to note that the United States strains to deploy about 200,000 troops at any one time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that many of these troops are in support rather than combat roles. The same was true in Vietnam, where the United States was challenged to field a maximum of about 550,000 troops (in a country much more populous than Iraq or Afghanistan) despite conscription and a larger standing army.

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Deadlier Than Irene (Oliver North)

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WASHINGTON — Some have described Hurricane Irene as “the most over-hyped event in history.” Americans in the Northeast who were flooded out of their homes and businesses and those without electricity, fuel or water don’t agree. But a U.S. official I spoke with this week told me, “The next storm coming from down south is already deadlier than Irene, and nobody is paying attention.”

My source wants to remain anonymous because he is not authorized to talk about these matters with the media. He doesn’t work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the National Weather Service — and he isn’t talking about Hurricane Katia, now approaching the U.S. mainland from the Atlantic Ocean. He works for the Drug Enforcement Administration, and he says, “Our government has helped to create the ‘perfect deadly storm.'” Sadly, his forecast is likelier to be right than anything from our weather guessers.

According to The Associated Press, Hurricane Irene claimed more than 40 lives and caused an estimated $7 billion in damage. That’s just a fraction of the number of American lives already lost this year to overdoses on illicit substances and in drug-related violence. Estimates of the financial costs associated with illegal drugs — criminal activity, lost productivity, medical treatment, rehabilitation and incarceration for those convicted — are more than $215 billion per year. According to my source, “that’s nothing compared to what’s coming. It’s about to get a whole lot worse.” The facts bear out his dire prediction.

In the 1980s, Nancy Reagan was famous for telling kids, “Just say no to drugs.” Today’s first lady is on an anti-fast food campaign. In the 1990s, the Clinton administration increased funding for the DEA and started Plan Colombia to deal with the tons of cocaine coming into the U.S. The Obama administration has reduced funding for both. As president, George W. Bush enforced a zero-tolerance policy for federal workers using illicit drugs. Now the White House and Justice Department refuse to enforce federal narcotics laws against those with a “prescription” for medical marijuana or for “user amounts” of drugs in the possession of criminals. And now Americans’ insatiable appetite for mind-altering chemicals, psychotropic substances and hallucinogenic vegetation is threatening the stability of entire nations.

Illicit drug trafficking and human trafficking across our southern border have reached unprecedented levels. Violent criminal gangs directly connected to Mexican drug and extortion cartels kill and maim nearly 1,000 Mexican citizens every month — a level of violence well beyond that experienced in Iraq or Afghanistan. The carnage is wrecking any hope for normal life or economic activity in Mexican society and prompting a new flood of desperate “refugees” across our border.

Last week, members of the vicious Los Zetas cartel firebombed a casino in Monterrey, Mexico’s second-largest city. The attack incinerated 52 people inside the building. Mexican counter-narcotics officials say the attack was intended to “scare the casino’s owners into making payments for protection.” This week, more than 130 schools in Acapulco did not open because teachers have been threatened with “execution” by drug gangs if they show up at school without paying the cartelistas 50 percent of their salaries for protection.

But it’s not just Mexico. Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica in Central America are now under siege, as well. All of these countries are enduring a dramatic spike in violent crime — particularly unsolved homicides and kidnappings — and, of course, government corruption. In Honduras, the Sinaloa cartel perpetrates gruesome “extortion murders” to impress upon reluctant farmers and businessmen the “necessity of paying their protection tax.”

Chuck Holton, my friend and fearless cameraman who has accompanied me on multiple trips to cover our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, has just returned from Guatemala, the scene of grisly violence against farmers who refuse to plant the “specialty crops” demanded by gun-wielding drug dealers. Holton said: “The Guatemalan government is struggling to mount a response against the infiltration of hyper-violent Mexican cartels that have moved into the northern reaches of the country, where they cultivate marijuana for export to the U.S. Often the drugs are shipped in Agency for International Development grain sacks in a truly surreal form of recycling.”

The Obama administration, so proud of its “contingency planning” for Hurricane Irene, appears blind to the growing “drug storm” already overwhelming our southern neighbors. The U.S. Justice Department, paralyzed by allegations of complicity in allowing thousands of firearms to be “gunwalked” into Mexico, is busy trying to deflect blame for an “operation” gone terribly wrong. We can only hope that the O-Team looks south to the darkness on the horizon.

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Fox News Poll: 51% Expect Major Political Uprisings in U.S. in Next Ten Years

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Most American voters think the U.S. political system is broken, and more than half think major political uprisings like those recently seen elsewhere around the world are likely to happen in the United States in the next decade.

These are some of the findings from a Fox News poll released Thursday.

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