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We must now enact a Declaration of Independence from Obama Tyranny canadian free press ^ | 6/25/10 | Sher Zieve Posted on Saturday, June 26, 2010 11:25:38 AM by bestintxas Until recently, most people in the United States of America did not believe that Marxist Obama’s mission was actually to destroy our country. The majority of US citizens believed that—before all else—like other presidents of the United States, Obama would eventually place this … Read More

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Research shows that future Israeli premier asked for U.S. bombing of Nazi deathcamps

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Research shows that future Israeli premier asked for U.S. bombing of Nazi deathcamps Friday, September 02, 2011 By Martin Barillas

Seventy years ago today, the first gassing of prisoners by the Nazis was carried out in the Auschwitz death camp. Now researchers have found evidence that Golda Meir, the future prime minister of Israel, tried to persuade the United States government to bomb the camp.

On September 3, 1941, the Nazis gassed to death 850 prisoners in Auschwitz. During the next three years, an estimated 1.75 million prisoners, most of them Jews, were murdered in the gas chambers there. A number of Jewish leaders asked the Roosevelt administration to bomb the camp, or the railways leading to it, in 1944. What was not known until now is that one of those who sought the bombing was a young Zionist leader in Palestine who would later become Israel’s most renown prime minister: Golda Meir.

Researchers from The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, based in Washington, D.C., recently discovered documents in American and Israeli archives revealing the role of Mrs. Meir in the bombing controversy.

A report on the documents, “Golda Meir and the Campaign for an Allied Bombing of Auschwitz,” by Wyman Institute director Dr. Rafael Medoff, has been posted on See Medoff’s books here.

The documents have been provided to the TALI Education Fund in Israel, for inclusion in its forthcoming curriculum on Israel-Diaspora relations, “Friends Across the Ocean.” The curriculum will be used in 90 Israeli public schools, with 40,000 students, as part of a new educational track emphasizing the responsibility of Jews in Israel and abroad to help each other.

Prof. Henry Feingold, author of The Politics of Rescue: The Roosevelt Administration and the Holocaust, 1938-1945, and president emeritus of the Labor Zionists of America, provided the following statement to the Wyman Institute: “These documents shed new light on efforts by Labor Zionists in Europe and Palestine to bring about the bombing of Auschwitz. This information needs to be included in accounts of the Jewish response to the Nazi genocide.”

In the 1940s, Meir, known then as Goldie Myerson, was a senior official of the Histadrut, the powerful Jewish labor federation in British Mandatory Palestine. She and her colleagues received many harrowing messages from their Labor Zionist colleagues in Europe about Nazi atrocities. The authors of one such message located by the Wyman Institute described themselves as “separated from you by a sea of blood and continents heaped with corpses.”

In an exchange of correspondence uncovered by the Wyman Institute, Meir forwarded one of the European messages to the Histadrut’s U.S. representative, Israel Mereminski, in July 1944 together with an appeal to ask U.S. officials to undertake “the bombing of Oswienzim* [Auschwitz] and railway transporting Jews” to the death camp. Meir’s appeal was cosigned by another Histadrut official, Heschel Frumkin.

Mereminski replied that he contacted the U.S. government’s War Refugee Board, which in turn submitted “to competent authorities” the Meir-Frumkin request for “destruction gas chambers, crematories, and so forth.”

The August 1944 issue of Jewish Frontier, the U.S. Labor Zionist journal, featured an unsigned editorial calling for “Allied bombings of the death camps and the roads leading to them…” The editorial was highly unusual; almost all appeals for bombing the death camps were made through private channels. Although Mereminski is not known to have been involved in writing editorials for Jewish Frontier, he was a senior figure in Labor Zionist activity in America and was closely acquainted with its editors; it seems likely that his contacts with Meir, Frumkin, and the War Refugee Board on this issue played a role in bringing about the editorial.

Jewish leaders who requested the bombing of Auschwitz invariably received a stock reply from Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy, claiming it was “impracticable” because it would require “diversion of considerable air support essential to the success of our forces now engaged in decisive operations.”

Research by Prof. David S. Wyman, author of The Abandonment of the Jews, later revealed that, in fact, U.S. planes in 1944 repeatedly bombed German oil targets adjacent to Auschwitz–some of them less than five miles from the gas chambers–so it would not have been a “diversion” to have them strike the mass murder facilities.

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The great Obama cover-up

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We know every detail about other presidents and their families, why not this one?

Onyango Obama, U.S. President Barack Obama’s uncle, was charged this week in Boston with drunk driving. Turns out he’s also an illegal immigrant.

When he was arrested, he told police he wanted to call the White House. Why not? If President Obama bailed out General Motors, why not his own uncle?

In one of his autobiographies, President Obama talks fondly about Onyango, calling him “Uncle Omar.” So it’s not like they were long lost relatives. But Uncle Omar isn’t the only embarrassment in the Obama family. Uncle Omar’s sister — Obama’s aunt — is a newsmaker, too. Her name is Auntie Zeituni. She was once living illegally in the U.S. too, although she was granted asylum last year. Uncle Omar even had a social security number.

Then there’s Obama’s grandmother Sarah. She still lives in Kenya. And until a PR firm gave her electricity as a publicity stunt, she lived in a hut without power.

Have you ever heard of any of these members of Obama’s family?

These aren’t distant relatives. They’re aunts and uncles and his grandma.

How could Obama have let his own grandmother live without even electric power? How could he not help his uncle and aunt come into compliance with America’s immigration laws?

OK, how about this: What do you know about Obama’s brothers and sisters? He’s got as many as eight half brothers and sisters — some in the U.S., one in China, some in Africa. Can you name one?

How about his parents? Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was a Kenyan foreign student in Hawaii when he met Obama’s mom, Stanley. That was her name, Stanley. She was just a teenager. Obama Sr. already had a wife and baby back in Kenya, but he married Stanley anyways. He was a polygamist.

How did you not know that? Easy, the Media Party didn’t tell you.

We know every detail about other presidents and their families — especially their goofy relatives. Jimmy Carter’s brother, Billy, actually worked for Moammar Gadhafi. Bill Clinton’s half brother, Roger, served time in prison for cocaine.

Sarah Palin ran for vice president, but we know everything about her — and her daughter Bristol’s ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston. There are more than two million Google hits about him — just 20,000 for Obama’s half brother Mark.

The real point is we know less about Obama than any other president in modern times.

A polygamist dad is exotic. Obama then followed his mom and his new stepdad to Indonesia, where he went to a Muslim school for two years. That’s exotic, too.

His mom and dad originally met because of their love of Communism, revolution and third world-ism. That’s unusual. It also informs Obama’s beliefs today — in everything from the war on terror to foreign affairs to capitalism.

Never before has an American president been subjected to so little scrutiny, or had such an empty resume with so many gaps in his life. He truly is the Manchurian president.

We don’t know about Obama, or his values, or his history, or even his family.

And the reason we don’t know any of this is because the Media Party doesn’t want us to know.

They realize this is all too exotic and problematic, and would lead to just too many questions about their candidate. So they dispatched dozens of reporters to Wasilla, Alaska, to scrutinize Palin, but not to Indonesia or Kenya.

Obama is alien. Not because he’s black, but because his beliefs are alien, and were formed in a crucible of radical student activism. If anything, Obama isn’t black in the traditional U.S. political sense — he is not descended from slaves. His adult life was one of charmed privilege, a Harvard lawyer-millionaire.

Barack Obama is going down as the worst president in American history. American voters may fix that next year. But the Media Party’s cover-up of his faults — and even the basic facts of his life — is a problem that will surely continue for years to come………………

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NORAD Intercepts Plane Near Camp David

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NORAD Intercepts Plane Near Camp David

NORAD Intercepts Plane Near Camp David:

A fighter jet has intercepted a small civilian airplane in restricted airspace near the presidential retreat at Camp David, Md., and escorted it to at an airport in West Virginia.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command says the Piper plane was out of radio communication when it was intercepted by an F-15E fighter at about 4:45 p.m. It was diverted to the airport in Martinsburg.

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The Curse of Obama: What does it mean a “civil discussion”?

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The Curse of Obama: What does it mean a “civil discussion”?

The Curse of Obama: What does it mean a “civil discussion”?:

2010 – Obama tells Latinos to ‘punish our enemies,’ the GOP

2011 – House Dem: Tea Party is the ‘real enemy’

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Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America (NY Slimes Mega-Barf)

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MORE than a dozen American states are considering outlawing aspects of Shariah law. Some of these efforts would curtail Muslims from settling disputes over dietary laws and marriage through religious arbitration, while others would go even further in stigmatizing Islamic life: a bill recently passed by the Tennessee General Assembly equates Shariah with a set of rules that promote “the destruction of the national existence of the United States.”

Supporters of these bills contend that such measures are needed to protect the country against homegrown terrorism and safeguard its Judeo-Christian values. The Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has said that “Shariah is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it.”

This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.

The suggestion that Shariah threatens American security is disturbingly reminiscent of the accusation, in 19th-century Europe, that Jewish religious law was seditious. In 1807, Napoleon convened an assembly of rabbinic authorities to address the question of whether Jewish law prevented Jews from being loyal citizens of the republic. (They said that it did not.)

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Speech of Geert Wilders in Berlin

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Much has happened since my last visit. In the Netherlands we were able to achieve many amazing things. We have successfully started to roll back the process of Islamization in the Netherlands. We have done so in a peaceful way and through the democratic process. Recently, a deranged narcissistic psychopath from Norway committed a horrible crime. In cold blood he murdered nearly eighty innocent fellow citizens. The assassin pretended to be a concerned European. He said that he had committed his atrocity because “It is meaningless to participate in the democratic process.” But he is wrong! The mass murderer from Oslo murdered and maimed, and he justified his heinous crime by denying – I quote – “that it is remotely possible to change the system democratically.” – end of quote. But he is wrong! The Oslo murderer falsely claims to be one of us. But he is not one of us. We abhor violence. We are democrats. We believe in peaceful solutions.

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