Obama—The Most Happy Fella’

The money men who give Obama his marching orders continue to reign supreme

Obama—The Most Happy Fella

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By Joan Swirsky Monday, September 12, 2011

Over the past almost-three years, I’ve had to laugh—in contempt—when the so-called intelligentsia have shaken their collective heads in bewilderment and seeming incomprehension as they’ve watched Obama and his essentially Communist regime plunge our nation into:

* A disastrous economy.

* Escalating unemployment (25 million at last count, with minority communities suffering the most).

* Zero job growth.

* Constant end-runs around our Constitution, including unconstitutionally creating a 12-member Super Committee which bypasses the other 523 members and places extraordinary powers of decision into a clique that in no way represents We the People..

* The systematic sabotage and undermining of our military.

* The alienation of trusted allies around the world.

* A curare-dipped machete into our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Israel, and the manipulation of regimes in that region once led by friends of the U.S. but now led in Libya by al Qaeda terrorists and in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood….both jihadist, virulently anti-American enterprises.

* The purposeful destruction of our energy-independence sources, particularly coal and oil, despite two contempt-of-court orders.

* The use of tyrannical unconstitutional Executive Orders to demolish quintessential iconic American institutions, for instance the U.S. Light Bulb Factory, in order to send American jobs to Mexico.

* The usurpation of almost 20 percent of our economy with a draconian healthcare plan that is more reviled today than when it was jammed down our throats on Christmas Eve of 2009.

And what have our most seasoned commentators and political writers said about all this?…………………


via Obama—The Most Happy Fella’.


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