NWV News – Regulatory agencies destroying U.S. economy and freedoms

However, with President Obama Democrats and the news media call statements he makes in a speech “a plan.” Recall the Obamacare battle: The President toured the nation pushing a takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy before the actual plan was written.

“So too on Monday, Americans were told by the elite media that Obama unveiled his “jobs plan.” The problem is: if one wishes to read the actual Obama plan, it’s not yet possible. Why? Because there is no plan. There are a set of goals,” said Dr. Stephen Goldman, a former economics professor now a financial advisor.

Topping Obama’s jobs plan is the age-old liberal goal of “taxing the rich.” Truth be told, not everyone is a George Soros or Bill Gates. Most of the Americans who will be soaked by the IRS are men and women who make $200,000 to $250,000 per year. Have the Democrats tried to live in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago on $200,000 per year? A $250,000 family-income is hardly putting on the Ritz, Goldman pointed out……….


via NWV News – Regulatory agencies destroying U.S. economy and freedoms.


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