EDITORIAL: Anarchy in the USA

The Occupy Wall Street protest is reminiscent of the scene in the 1953 film “The Wild One” where a young woman asks a motorcycle gang leader played by Marlon Brando, “Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?” Brando deadpans, “Whaddya got?”

The New York demonstration is in its third week, and similar protests have sprung up in other cities. Other than some temporary traffic blockages, the movement hasn’t achieved anything tangible. It is a method without a message; rather, the method is the message. The protest is an exercise in creative anarchy, a statement against ill-defined and probably misunderstood power, a directionless movement claiming to represent 99 percent of America. It seeks to raise awareness, but where you go after that is up to you. It has no organization, uncertain goals, unlisted membership and lots of cardboard signs.

There is something for almost every type of radical in the occupy movement. It welcomes hard-currency advocates, opponents of water fluoridation, anti-war groups, anti-capitalists, anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-socialists, anti-Bilderbergers, opponents of the bank bailout, and chemtrail activists, among others. Their signs scream, “People over profit!” “Get out and shout!” “Eat the rich!” “End the Fed!” and “Dissent is patriotic!”

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One Response to EDITORIAL: Anarchy in the USA

  1. old1 says:

    It’s the new last minute rescue recruits of the now failing Communist coup to destroy Capitalism in our once free Republic. Emergency citizen troops to present a last ditch effort to push forward their Communist New World Order. Join them or fight them, your choice in a free society. Just like you can choose between freedom in Capitalism or slavery in Communism. Choose wisely my friends! Our future is in your hands. They have already started murdering Americans we all don’t like because they want to get us used to State Murder! Who will be next? You and me? They have planned this coup for over 50 years. They will not go away easy!

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