In Hill testimony, justices lift high court’s veil–Views diverge on Constitution

Partially lifting the veil that usually guards their actions, two Supreme Court justices on Wednesday painted the court as a bulwark for the Constitution and said some of today’s cynicism about government stems from the public’s scanty understanding of the founding document.

One of the two, Justice Antonin Scalia, said there are too many federal judges and they are too heavily taken from the ranks of lawyers, which he said has watered down the quality of judges.

He and Justice Stephen G. Breyer appeared before the SenateJudiciary Committee in an unusual hearing. The branches of government usually strive to keep their spheres separate, but the two justices agreed to testify on the role of judges and the Constitution because both said they take a keen interest in trying to educate the public on the critical importance of the document.

“I feel that we’re not teaching it very well,” Justice Scalia said.

Justice Breyer said the Constitution “creates a structure for democracy” that has served the country well and said judges aren’t there to substitute for legislators, though he said they do bring their personal experiences to bear.

“This is a very big country. We have 309 million people, 308 million of whom, to everyone’s surprise, are not lawyers,” he said. “And they have many different views. And it’s a good thing, not a bad thing, that people’s outlook on that court is not always the same.”

Justice Scalia was nominated by President Reagan and confirmed in 1986, while Justice Breyer was a pick of President Clinton’s and began serving on the high court in 1994.

The judiciary is the most closed of any of the three federal branches of government, and the workings of the Supreme Court are somewhat shrouded.

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via In Hill testimony, justices lift high court’s veil–Views diverge on Constitution.


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