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Ann Coulter: Media ‘Will Lie About the Economy’ To Get Obama Reelected

Just how far are the media willing to go to get Barack Obama reelected? As conservative author Ann Coulter told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Friday evening, “He will have the entire mainstream media bucking for him and they will lie … Continue reading

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Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders

Elderly patients are being condemned to an early death by hospitals making secret use of “do not resuscitate” orders, an investigation has found. The orders – which record an advance decision that a patient’s life should not be saved if … Continue reading

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VADUM: Marxist mobocracy

Abraham Lincoln rightly denounced the “mobocratic spirit.” James Madison considered it the sa- cred duty of government to protect property rights from the violent whims of the mob: “That is not a just government, nor is property secure under it, … Continue reading

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Ending the Discussion of “Fair Share” (What is the maximum % of income someone should pay in taxes?)

Let’s talk about “fair share.” President Obama certainly wants to. He’s “all in” on the notion that “the rich” don’t pay their “fair share” of taxes in this country. Indeed, he’s wagering his re-election on the bet that a majority … Continue reading

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Cain Proposes Electrified Border Fence

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Saturday that part of his immigration policy would be to build an electrified fence on the country’s border with Mexico that could kill people trying to enter the country illegally… Mr. Cain added that … Continue reading

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Occupy Phoenix: Banks Are Evil, Government’s Evil, and Jan Brewer’s a “Lying Whore” With Alzheimer’s

“Legalize Marijuana. Gov. Brewer Has Alzheimers (sic). Lying Whore.” That’s what was written on the protest sign that welcomed us to the “Occupy Phoenix” demonstration in downtown Phoenix this afternoon — and at least that sign was spelled correctly (almost). … Continue reading

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YES.1984+ IS UPON US.RIGHT NOW! : The ‘Third Way’ Bubbles Are Bursting

The ‘Third Way’ Bubbles Are Bursting The ‘Third Way’ Bubbles Are Bursting: When the financial crisis hit three years ago, many gleeful leftists assumed that the long-anticipated failure of the free-market system had finally come and that this crisis would … Continue reading

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