Reader Response: Ron Paul Takes Third in Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll


Again, these polls are bullshit.

Take this one for example. It shows Romney with 23% and Paul with 13%. The poll has a listed margin of error of 5% (rounded 2 tenths). That means the actual results could easily in reality be 18% for both.

None of these polls publishes their methodology and none of us sit in those rooms where they supposedly do their surveys. Therefore tell all these poll places to kiss your ass–you’re not buying anymore!

Why do we even NEED polls except as a way for TPTB to tell you what “everyone else” is doing as a way to psychologically influence your behavior. It’s one of the most basic forms of mind control ever devised since they know most people do nothing more than follow the herd.


via Prison » Ron Paul Takes Third in Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll.


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