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Ron Paul Drives the Republican Debate Agenda

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Ron Paul stood alone in his positions on economic and foreign policy issues during the presidential election cycle of 2008. Many establishment candidates — and even debate moderators — openly mocked his views; many even laughed at him. But as national and world events have proven Ron Paul’s economic and foreign policy predictions correct, other GOP presidential aspirants are now echoing his statements.

Ignoring Ron Paul

In 2007 and 2008, all of the establishment candidates for the Republican nomination asserted that the economy was on a sound footing.

Asked about the status of the economy in an October 9, 2007 presidential debate by CNBC commentator Maria Bartiromo, Kentucky Senator Fred Thompson, a former movie actor who had just entered the presidential race as the presumed frontrunner, said: “I think there is no reason to believe that we’re headed for a recession. We’re enjoying 22 quarters of successive economic growth…. I think if you look at the short term, it’s rosy. I think if you look at a 10-year projection, it’s rosy.” Fellow frontrunner and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney followed, agreeing with Thompson. Although Romney acknowledged in a nod to the local audience that “Michigan is undergoing a one-state recession,” he added that “the rest of the country is growing and seeing low levels of unemployment.”

Only Ron Paul claimed during that debate that…..


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Do Not Allow President Obama To Impose Martial Law by Scott Lazarowitz

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Some people are predicting that there will be a major economic collapse, caused by unsustainable debts and other government intrusions into private economic matters, and by central banks’ excessive money-printing.

In America, the Federal Reserve’s continued irresponsible and reckless actions will result in further devaluing the currency and huge increases in price inflation, especially in food and energy prices. Some are predicting that there will be food shortages, looting, rioting, and civil unrest and violence in America.

There are some people who believe that such events will be followed by President Obama imposing a nationwide martial law. Recent terrorism drills, such as the major drill last week in Denver, are believed to be part of the U.S. government’s preparation for either terrorism or false flag events, or part of preparation for planned martial law. Obama was recently in Denver. One hopes that what former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has documented, a possible huge underground government or military facility at the Denver airport, and other similar places, are not true.

But the subject of martial law needs to be discussed, because it’s important that the people of the U.S. states have an understanding of this before Obama imposes martial law, which is essentially a presidential-military-rule dictatorship.

Obviously, any imposition of martial law by the U.S. government would be not only a gross violation of state sovereignty, thus making the states even further subservient to the authoritarian rule of the federal government, but martial law goes against the Founders’ ideas of inalienable rights and liberty.

Martial law includes the suspension of civil liberties, such as freedom of speech and dissent, the right to bear arms and self-defense, the right to freedom of movement, and the right to…..


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Facebook Building ‘Shadow Profiles’ of Non-Members, Experts Allege

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Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, is now building profiles of non-users who haven’t even signed up.

The sensational claim is made in a complaint filed in August by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner. It alleges that users are encouraged to hand over the personal data of other people — including names, phone numbers, email addresses and more — which Facebook is using to create “extensive profiles” of non-users.

Facebook categorically denies the allegation, but experts tell that it could well be true.

“There can be little doubt that Facebook collects from its current users information about individuals who are not currently Facebook users, and collects from its current users information about other Facebook users,” said Kelly Kubasta, who heads the Dallas law firm Klemchuk Kubasta’s social media division. [snip]

“The allegations are false,” Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes told “We enable you to send emails to your friends, inviting them to join Facebook. We keep the invitee’s email address and name to let you know when they join the service. This practice is common among almost all services that involve invitations — from document sharing to event planning.”

“The assertion that Facebook is doing some sort of nefarious profiling is simply wrong,” Noyes added.

Furthermore, Facebook says that no information it receives from users is employed to target ads, and that it does not resell information from users to third parties. The company prominently posts its established privacy policy on its Web site.

But that isn’t what they’re thinking in Ireland. The complaint makes clear that it believes Facebook is doing just that — and enumerates several scenarios that would give any social-networker shivers.

“Facebook Ireland is gathering excessive amounts of information about data subjects without notice or consent by the data subject,” the complaint states…”

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Australia to ask Britain to pardon two ‘Breaker Morant’ soldiers executed in Boer War

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The Australian government is calling on Britain to pardon two of its soldiers executed more than a century ago for war crimes in South Africa.

The intervention comes after the British government rejected in June a petition to pardon Lieutenants Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant and Peter Handcock, who were killed by firing squad in 1902 for murdering prisoners during the Boer War.

They are the only Australian soldiers ever executed for war crimes.

Australia said today that it would tell Britain that the pair were likely denied fair trials under the British military justice system.

The case has become folklore and underscores lingering anger among Australians over their former colonial master’s treatment of the pair, who are variously regarded as either scapegoats or murderers.

The story became famous globally in 1980 through the award-winning movie ‘Breaker Morant,’ directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Edward Woodward.

The pair were executed in Pretoria on February 27, 1902 – 18 hours after separate British courts-martial convicted them of murdering 12 prisoners a year earlier during the Boer War.

Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland said he was preparing a submission to British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond outlining alleged defects in the court-martial system, including that the defendants received inadequate legal representation and were denied access to some evidence.

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APNewsBreak: [AZ Gov Jan] Brewer’s case against feds dismissed

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PHOENIX (AP) — A federal judge Friday dismissed Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s lawsuit that accused the Obama administration of failing to enforce immigration laws or maintain control of her state’s border with Mexico.

The dismissal by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton comes in a counter-lawsuit filed by Brewer as part of the Justice Department’s challenge to Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement law.

The Republican governor was seeking a court order that would require the federal government to take extra steps, such as more border fencing, to protect Arizona until the border is controlled.

Bolton said Brewer’s claim that Washington has failed to protect Arizona from an “invasion” of illegal immigrants was a political question that isn’t appropriate for the court to decide.

The judge also barred some of Brewer’s claims because the issues were dealt with in a 1994 case by Arizona and can’t be litigated again. Court precedent also requires the dismissal of some claims, Bolton wrote.

“While Arizona may disagree with the established enforcement priorities, Arizona’s allegations do not give rise to a claim that the counter-defendants (the federal government) have abdicated their statutory responsibilities,” Bolton wrote.

Brewer said in a written statement that she wasn’t surprised by Bolton’s ruling.

“It is but the latest chapter in a story that Arizonans know all too well: The federal government ignores its constitutional and statutory duty to secure the border. Federal courts avert their eyes….

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Judge fires back: I’m serious about no guns for blogger

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A federal judge is standing by his guns not to allow a blogger to have any – guns, that is.

The summary suspension of 2nd Amendment rights for Mike Palmer, a 55-year-old Christian missionary from Phoenix, was issued in a complaint by Melody Thomas-Morgan of Prescott, Ariz., who charged that an online discussion was a threat to her life.

The discussion concerned the “wages of sin is death,” and the reader claimed that Palmer was threatening her with “death,” with that word in quotes in the legal filings.

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Palmer explained, “It is true that the blog, ‘That Woman Jezebel,’ talks about spiritual life and spiritual death. … Spiritual ‘death’ as in ‘The wages of sin is death.’ (Romans 6:23) … It is not true that the blog ever mentions the ‘death’ of Miss Thomas-Morgan.”

He asked a federal court for a temporary restraining order against the state court actions, but District Judge G. Murray Snow refused to even recognize that there was an issue on which federal courts should intervene when a state court system is accused of violating the U.S. Constitution.

Now, in response to a motion for reconsideration from Palmer, Snow has dismissed him with a terse three-sentence statement that was mailed to him.

“Pending before the court is plaintiff’s emergency motion for reconsideration or alternatively motion for clarification of judge Snow’s denial of TRO. For the reasons already stated in the court’s order …, the motions will be denied. Accordingly, it is hereby ordered denying the motions,” Snow wrote.

(Story continues below)

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Is Lawlessness the wave of the future?

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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’

A recurring theme used in the Bible to describe the state of man in the last days is “lawlessness.” Now, I know that “lawlessness” as referred to on many occasions in the Bible means much more than small-time hoods knocking over liquor stores or mafia dons running numbers and prostitution rings.

I believe the “lawlessness” that is prophesied to characterize the last-days will be a general state of disregard and disdain for the righteous and holy, the good, the right, the lawful, even the civil. It goes without saying that we’ll see a rise in crime as the end approaches and Satan expands his influence in this world. But the Bible indicates we’ll see other expressions of “lawlessness,” too.

We Americans have been blessed to live our lives in this Republic that is founded on laws, not the whims of men. This “society of laws” is guaranteed by our Constitution, perhaps one of history’s grandest, most unique documents.

But we are witnessing a continuous erosion of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. As our leaders display less regard for the authority of the founding document, our society suffers…..



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