Banner over San Diego calls for impeachment

San Diego’s own Impeach Obama Tea Party has joined forces with the city’s Stop Obama Now!! – San Diego and a flying banner company to call for the removal of Barack Obama from office.

The stunning stunt, flying a banner overhead just hours before Obama was expected to visit the USS Carl Vinson to watch a college basketball game scheduled on its deck, rattled more than a few individuals, as the pilot for the banner company reported the tower told him to “depart the area,” because there were “a lot of telephone calls” coming in.

National Sky Ads, which flew the banner, reported to WND, “Our pilot was told to move even though we were not in restricted air space.”

The impeachment clause in the U.S. Constitution, and what it means: All here in “The Case for Imipeachment.”

The company added, “We circled North Island until the tower moved us out due to phone calls.”

The banner:

The banner

The event was scheduled to coincide with announced plans for Obama to attend the Carrier Classic game on the deck of Carl Vinson in San Diego Bay. Those plans were announced earlier this week.

The banner said, “Impeach Obama” and then included an announcement for a 3 p.m. protest at North Island.

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via Banner over San Diego calls for impeachment.

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6 Responses to Banner over San Diego calls for impeachment

  1. Love it! Did you see any coverage of the Vets in DC yesterday? I looked for it but couldn’t find anything!

  2. old1 says:

    Obama, the illegal ineligible foreign Muslim Communist usurper can not be impeached! He has never actually been President! He has
    always been ineligible for that office! He is a treasonous traitorous foreign invader trying daily to totally destroy our America! He simply
    needs to be arrested! Put him in chains! Chains We The People can depend on! If the Federal Marshals can’t do it get our Military to
    remove him! They all swore an oath to defend our Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. He is our enemy and quite
    possibly he is both foreign and domestic! We deported his father, let’s deport him after a lengthy stay in federal prison along with every
    man and woman in our House and Senate that never stood up to call for his removal! This is War! There actually is a Communist coup
    at war against American Capitalism! Can’t you see it? It is the biggest enemy America has ever faced! It is world wide, financed by the
    worlds banks, led by the worlds richest men, designed to destroy American power to allow the New World Order to take control and
    enslave us all. This is the war of Freedom against tyranny we have always feared and that war is taking place today as the 99 sleep in
    their bed of lies and propaganda! Time to get up, stand up and once again fight for our FREEDOM! How many true Americans are left?
    Are you one? This is WAR! What do “YOU” plan to do? Just sit there? Come on, you’re still an American aren’t you? Americans used to fight for their FREEDOM! Are those days forever dead? OR, are we getting reborn as a country? Join the New America! We can own the World!

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